[ BASED ON THE QUESTION OF THE DAY IN UR DISCORD write ur character as the opposite of themselves feel free to have the most shit writing ever I'll be entertained still tbh. this is duskgrin the bestest and nicest medicine cat in all the land and he absolutely does not condone violence!!!]

It's a perfectly normal day outside. The sun hangs at a normal level at an absolutely regular level of brightness. There are clouds in the sky - not too many, but just enough. An average amount, he thinks. Even if there have been a few run ins with polite, non-aggressive feral cats lately, he's not worried about it in the slightest. Rockdrop has it under control. He believes in her judgment, she is the deputy after all.

Even if his den was perfectly clean - spick and span, cleaned to the utmost degree by him every morning, he'd come out of his den for some air today. Of course, Duskgrin took his work as a healer very seriously. His love for each of his clanmates ran deep, and thus, he's always keen to check up on them. His gaze scans the clearing, focused, though he'd offer friendly blinks to any who locked eyes with him.

"Does anyone need any help?" he calls into the clearing, raising a paw that was wrapped tight with cobweb. He was extremely knowledgeable when it came to infection, of course. No one should have any fear of approaching him.

Of course... he really hoped that Mermaidflight would appear, they were practically best friends! But a part of them hoped... it could be something more. A single tear falls from his eye (sad), but its polite and nondramatic because he hates causing scenes!!
Darkstar's medicine cat Duskgrin is, as usual, going around to all of the useless and annoying members of FloorClan and attempting to help them with their needs. Tch. Pathetic. Darkstar has never seen anything so foolish. The tiny black tabby has nothing but contempt for anyone who isn't strong enough or smart enough to pull their own weight.

Darkstar has more important things to worry about than the weaklings in FloorClan. He leaps onto the Highbranch, though he struggles to make it - he almost misses, though he isn't embarrassed at all. So what if he's short? He has a big, beautiful woman in FairweatherClan who loves him just the way he is.

"Attention, FloorClan! I have some news. We will be conquering FairweatherClan tomorrow." He glares at his Clanmates. God, they're disgusting.


Long, silken fur cascades around her paws as the she-cat strides around the camp. Duskgrin, the kindly soul that he has always been, is inquiring about injuries. She stares across camp at all the cats gathered around speaking with one another, but she hasn’t been spoken to yet, so she can’t begin a conversation.

She runs into a clanmate in her distraction—keeps walking in place for a moment, then frosty white paws stick in place and she stands still. She utters no apology, and turns on her heel to walk off in another direction.

Dark star’s voice cuts through the air, calling for their attention. A demure smile settles upon her snow-white muzzle, and she looks up at the leader with nothing but respect in clear blue eyes. She dips her head low to her leader as he announces their soon to be conquest of FairweatherClan. Anything he says, she will do. It just makes sense.
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Rockdrop lay panting on the clearing floor, tattered tabby pelt messy as hell and legs splayed with no shame. Hunting that afternoon had been tricky, the disgusting green of the forest hurting her pallid yellow orbs. At least she had managed to crunch on a few spiders on the way. Not for the first time she thought of her boyfriend, Mousequiet, back home in the alleyways. He might be down on himself most days, but at least he listened to her.

Wonky steps rocked the deputy forward, a pebble almost ending her life with a trip, until she was a few fox lengths from High Branch. Duskgrin's offer caught her, and quickly her trajectory changed. A crooked smile met him, an ugly look that stitched an unnatural warmth to her demeanour. The medicine cat was the only one she liked in this camp. At the drop of a hat, any ailment she suffered would lead her to him. Often, Rockdrop would invent illnesses in order to spend more time with him. "I think maybe I need some of that starclan healing... I-I'm finding it hard to breath lately." The pathetic display was highlighted by the exaggerated rise and fall of her chest, throat twisted high into the air in order to show off her 'sickness'.

At Darkstar's call she startled, swinging her rump around to give her a view of the leader. A crooked tooth slid from her maw as Rockdrop watched, a sure sign of her wavering concentration. She was deputy, but man. She didn't know why. Darkstar was plenty capable on his own, and she could barely stand to look the tom in the eye let alone organise the clan with him. His short stature was so... intimidating.

"Right- yep- 'course sir!" The tabby's blind agreement came in a cracked tone, a keening wail already beginning in her voice. Immediately the slimy reaches of her mind were plotting ways to slip away from the attack patrol. She could offer to look after camp- ooh, nope. That would mean tending to the kits and well, they might end as bloody sacks by the time Darkstar came back. Insufferable, limp rats that they were, they'd surely tempt her to violence.

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Eggplantkit looks up at Darkstar, a very bored expression plastered on his face. Uh... taking over FairweatherClan? That sounded boring and lame... like who even cared? She didn't... Sucks to be any warrior who had to go out and do that tomorrow, Eggplantkit guesses, because all she was going to do tomorrow was sleep and laze in the sun. That was the only thing in the world that sounded the slightest bit entertaining to her, yup.

"I never want Darkstar to make me an apprentice. I don't want to have to do boring stuff like take over other clans..." She meows to literally anyone listening, and if not, to herself. It was okay to verbally narrate your thoughts sometimes.
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Dimpaw was nearby when the chatter commenced. Sat upright as always, a frown was plastered on her sharp and serious features.
"Preposterous… but I’m in!" She exclaimed, "I must work on my combat skills anyhow!" Even though she was only six moons old, she was very talented, and always ready for a battle.
She scoffs at Eggplantkit. "How silly, who wouldn’t want to be the coolest, strongest warrior, ever?" She said with a roll of her serious eyes, ( she was very ambitious and serious, of course.)

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