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Jun 8, 2022

Her decision to leave for the wetland was mostly spurred on by the thought of the river - not so much what had happened between the pine group and the marsh group. No, she had felt grief and of course the lingering sadness, but then again, she had something more important to take care of. Her family. Her brother. Her sister. Her kit. Her mate, Mud. And now also their unborn kits. Unabashed, the calico dawdled by the river, sticking one paw, then the other into the swirling depths, wondering what was to happen in the future. With a small sigh, Ice sat down, then dropped onto her side, protecting her tummy between her paws. The river was beautiful today.

// hiya, I'm finally here with Ice! This is short just to make sure I don't get overwhelmed!
Ice wasn't in the fight and is pretty friendly with most cats although probably most friendly with those who came from the pine group since they'd have known each other! But yeah, anyone can join her and chat about stuff ^^


Living in an abandoned barn wasn't exactly the best way to socialize with cats in the colonies he had heard about through word of passing mouths. Most were rumors about how they were cannibals and ate their fellow colonymates if they didn't go with whatever they believed, others were rumors of a split into five because of starry creatures that came to visit them. Corvid didn't believe in either, really.

But, as he had come to RiverClan, he'd been proven wrong on one of those points. He'd found a nice home to settle down in with his grandchildren, after all.

Spotting a certain calico in the distance, round with kits and comfortable in the swishing water of the river. Corvid smiles, thankful for the shining sun that helped cover the blemishes in his fur that were light enough. His eyes, bulging as always, seemed to squint in consideration. Should he approach her? He didn't want to step on any toes, nor scare the molly with his appearance. Mustering up his own confidence, the elderly tom walked close to the water, waving his tail in greeting as he slowly lowered himself onto his rear to sit, wincing at the creaking of his joints.

"The water is nice, hm?"
Gull spots the calico she-cat dawdling on the riverside, although the thick-headed tom is too daft to know whether her round stomach was from pregnancy or just being fat. But he doesn't give a shit either way; he still joins her and Corvid on the bank, dipping his own forepaws into the cool water with a content sigh. "Much better than sweatin' my ass off in the sun, that's for sure," Gull barks a laugh, lips peeled into a smile that reveals yellowed teeth.


Frost could not imagine living anywhere else, the river has always been her home and these strangers had decided to claim it as theirs, which was frustrating and the only way she could have stayed within the lands were to join, so that was least of her worries now, however she wondered if this was the right choice to go through. Spider hadn't been too happy at the idea of them joining in with these other cats but, here they were.

Wondering about near the riverbed her gaze drifted towards the others as she approached with a hum, curled ears twitched a slight bit before wrapping her tail around her paws as she watched them. The tortoiseshell looked a bit round and she wondered why that would be and the other two seemed to greet the she-cat with their own fancy ways.

"I heard that leaf-bare is tough during the winter" she said softly, making a comment towards what Gull had said, her tail thumped slightly on the ground before looking over at Ice with curiousity on her face. "You seemed to be quite...uh how do I say it? Like lost, happy lost, are you okay?" she asked quizzically towards Ice.

"Oh, hm?" Lulled by the flowing water, the molly hadn't registered the presence of the elderly tom but at his inquiry she raised her head to flash a smile at him. "The water - yes, it is very soothing. I have found a particular fondness for floating in the shallower parts. Let's the legs rest a bit!" Her eyes twinkled as she glanced about, the voices of others joining them.

Her newest companion was a cat she recalled from the pine group – Gull? Yes, that was his name – and she could not help but wish to join him in the water. But moving herself, that was a challenge these days! So she stayed, lying on her side as she watched the white tom cool his paws in the depths. "Yes, I can't imagine what it must be like on the moor. Imagine, the sun beating down upon one's head!"

Next, the voice of a cat she was certain she hadn't met before piqued her interest. A young molly, her pelt the colour of steel - she could blend in with the rocks that lay around, Ice mused - speaking so softly that the tricoloured queen had to strain to hear what puzzled the younger cat. "Oh, do I seem so? It must be the thought of what has happened. I - I'm just glad that my family is safe." She closed her eyes for a moment, basking in the hot sun. "What's your name, dear?" Eyes open again, she smiled warmly at the grey molly.


it's a long way forward, so trust in me

Ash was not supposed to be out of camp, but she didn't think there was a rule about it or anything. Lots of times, the older cats and the queens would tell her to stay close to camp because it was dangerous outside. But camp was boring. Grown-ups were very silly. They did not know about the most important thing in life: having lots of fun. So unfortunately, little Ash would have to take matters into her own hands.

The tiny orange tabby had crept away from the nursery and away from the safety of camp, through reeds and underbrush toward the raging riverbank. One day, when she got big, Ash was gonna swim and fish in it. And she'd need to practice! So she'd practice today. Ash had never swum before, but that was fine. She was good at everything, so she'd be good at swimming too.

But this amazing awesome plan was thwarted by the presence of clanmates. Lots of clanmates! Well, some of them were clanmates and some of them were just, like, here. They were all grown-ups, and they were sitting by the riverbank and chatting. Ash crept closer through the reeds, crouched close to the ground, a ball of orange fluff hidden in the reeds. She got close enough to identify them. A queen! And the barn person! And an old man! And that girl who likes the mean Spider guy! Closer still, and Ash recognized the queen; she knew Ice well enough. Ice was gentle and soft and had a kit that Ash played with sometimes, and spent a lot of time in the nursery because she was going to have even more kits.

"HI!" Ash yelled, unable to keep quiet any longer. She was a good hider, but she was a little less good at sitting still. She tumbled out of the reeds and up to Ice and Corvid and Gull and Frost, bouncing around between the four grown-ups. She caught what Gull and Ice said and agreed, nodding her head so hard it might fall off. "Yeah, the river is way better than the moors. It's the bestest river ever. Actually I'm gonna go in the river right now. Are you guys going swimming too?"

It hadn't occurred to Ash to ask anyone's permission about swimming. Permission was not the sort of thing that ever occurred to Ash.

i'll give them shelter like you've done for me

  • i added a little implied history if that's ok. i think since ash is a kit and ice is a queen, if ice has been here any amount of time, it's reasonable to think they might've interacted?

    she's really lovely and i look forward to interacting w her more!
  • - three moons old
    - will bite you
    - will put nettles in your nest
    - latches onto anyone who shows her affection
    - she's trying her best, i swear
Gull grunts in agreement with the young calico, his half-tail thumping the ground. The sun had been ruthless on a ship in the middle of the ocean, but at least he had dens to cool off in. The moors? They don't have a lick of shade, yet they still choose to live there! "You've got that right! No water to cool down in or trees to rest under... Batshit crazy, that's them."

The shrill voice of a child catches him off-guard. The silver tabby swings his head around to stare, dumbfounded, at Ash. When did she get here?

She's young, too young to be allowed outside of their makeshift camp... Most cats would be concerned, or upset with the little shit for disobeying. But Gull couldn't care less. She's with adults, so he doesn't see the big issue. These clan cats coddle the kids way too much. He gives a nonchalant flick of an ear when she claims that she's going to swim. Once again, something that a responsible adult would take issue with. Gull? Not so much. The river is lazy today, and there's no better way for the kit to learn than jumping right in.

At least, that's how he learned after his father threw him into a lake.

"Knock yourself out, squirt!" Gull flashes a yellowing grin to Ash. "Try not to drown, alright, kiddo?" Of course, he wouldn't let that happen... He'd jump in and help her if she needs it.