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Oct 1, 2022
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Perhaps Snow was right, maybe their parents really weren't coming back for them. Patrols, as this group's leader called them, came and went without so much as an ounce of luck. She would remain optimistic, or try to anyway as the days continued. In the meantime, the curly furred femme continued to watch the interactions of clan life. She noticed that all of these cats were rather systematic and well organized in the way they did things. Older cats always left to go get food and bring it back like mama and papa used to. But they also seemed to take younger cats with them as well who usually looked dog tired by the end of the day. After taking some time to think it over she assumed they were apprentices, or at least thats what Granitepaw called himself the other day. There was so much to learn. While she could have tried to figure it all out by herself she knew it would be faster to ask someone. Tornadokit allows her eyes to fall upon a black and white cat across the way minding her own business.

Standing to her paws, Tornado makes her way over, parting her jaws to call out to the other female. "Hey." Her voice is low and coarse as she stops short, lemon hued eyes taking a moment to skim over Starlingpaw. She's even prettier up close and Tornado internally fights off the rising jealously bubbling beneath the surface. "I wish I was that pretty..." The intrusive thought zips across her mind faster than she can lasso and wrestle it down. Her jaw tightens while her gaze takes a moment flicker away only to return. Just a second, she only needed a second to recompose herself. "Where am I?" She begins, allowing a low defusing sigh to slip past her lips. "My siblings and I were brought here but I don't even know where here is." She knew practically nothing about this place outside of the few things she'd seen. "What do you guys do here?"
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The new kits in the clan, Starlingpaw watches them from a distance, watches the patrols come and go, even joins a few themselves as they search for their parents. She doesn’t loathe their presence like some do, Granitepaw included though his thoughts were of the good of the clan. She understands what its like, to be left an orphan. She would take pity on them but she knows it is not what they need and so she saves the looks and the hushed murmurs to her clan mates with less decorum.

At least they had hope of their parents still being alive.

She is on her way to the fresh kill pile to pick something out for herself, a reward for a days hard work when she hears a strange voice call out to her. She spins around to face the child, her light green eyes flicking to the curly pelt of the one she recognized as tornado, though she had had no previous interaction with the kit. She knew all their names from overheard conversations.

Tornadokit was not much younger than Starlingpaw and her brothers and sisters. If they couldn’t locate her parents, if they stayed, she would be set to become an apprentice soon. "Hm?" the black and white she cat hums lightly in response. A question. Where am I? It was a valid one. "Thi-this i-i-is sha-shad-shadow cl-clan" she stammers gently. Hadn’t anyone told her? She offers the other young cat a friendly and warm smile, though inside her heart beats like a thousand mice matching across a field at the thought of having to interact with a cat outside of her established social structure. Her eyes look around, searching for Granitepaw or Ghostpaw or perhaps even one of her siblings. Anyone who could explain the next part of the question better than she could with her broken sentences and words. "we-we-we’re we’re li-like-like a a fam-family " she does her best to explain when it is apparent no one else is coming to "we-we-we ta-take ca-care of ea-ea-each each other an-and I-I’m le-learn-learning ho-how to hu-hunt an-and fi-figh-fight." this is probably the most words she’s spoken in her life and she’s nearly exhausted from the effort. She just hopes it’s enough.
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He hears Starlingpaw speaking to someone, and it's enough to settle like a burr in his short gray pelt, an itch of curiosity that somehow burns his insides. Who is she talking to? She doesn't normally talk this much -- what's going on?

Her voice, thin and soft like a bird's, interrupted by her stutter, calls to him from across the clearing. Granitepaw sits and curls his tail around his paws, watching her attempt to speak for herself. She doesn't stop, at least, but her words are so stilted. He flicks an ear, pity burning in his eyes. She's not a bad cat. He should speak for her, save her some trouble. By the time he pads to her side, she's nearly out of breath from the exertion.

"ShadowClan," he says, voice stern and clipped in comparison to Starlingpaw's. "We are born to fight for our Clan and hunt for those who can't. Every cat who is able is trained to become a ShadowClan warrior. If you wouldn't give your life for the Clan, then you aren't welcome." He levels Tornadokit with his dark green gaze. "Starlingpaw and I are apprentices. Pitchstar is our mentor. That means he teaches us to be warriors." He shrugs. "If you stay and he accepts you, for whatever reason, you'll do the same." There's obvious doubt in his voice, and he doesn't hide the gleam of disapproval shining in his eyes.

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chilledgaze had been on their fair share of those patrols. maybe it's because they felt guilty for bringing more mouths to feed, but either way they couldn't leave the kits to starve. shadowclan were a lot of things, but heartless? not at all. at least... not to their own. stepping back into camp, ears twitching back and forth, and back again, their head tilted starlingpaw who was trying her hardest to explain, and then granitepaw who was pretty much right on the money with it. still, he was talking to kits. children. and he is so disappointed with the idea that these kits couldn't live up to it.

"loyalty and strength is very important as well. as much as starclan hates us, we have to have it. we fight for our own and not with our own. anyone that is disloyal isn't welcome either. so, what do you say, kit? do you think you're worthy enough to become a warrior?"
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The child fights the frown that threatens to creep across her face the longer she listens to Starlingpaw as the apprentice speaks. Tornado's expression remains neutral, placid. However, she cannot help but to wonder why Starling's words came out in short sporadic burst, free from the true flow of regular speech. "Perhaps she's just cold..." The child thought to herself, watching as the older female offered her a soft and sincere smile. The temperatures did seem to be dropping and she was glad to have a thicker and slightly longer coat than most. Regardless, the young laperm was able to make out make out what was said to her, more or less. "Okay, I think I get it."[/b] She murmurs in a low tone. This sense of family did not seem too different from her own. The only difference being more cats and a higher social structure than just mom and dad.

Her ears rotate and soon enough her gaze follows, locking onto Granitepaw as he approaches the pair. The monochromatic male explains things in greater detail, offering her more information to work with. But she does not disregard the doubt dripping from his tone nor the clear lack of disapproval in his eyes. Tornado straightens herself, her posture becoming more erect as if standing before a military officer as she levels her own gaze with him. Was that another challenge? Her head then tips ever so slightly to the left, her competitive gaze still holding his own. "I intend to be all that and more."[/b] While she spoke to him, it was more of a promise to herself. A declaration that she would prove herself worthy of remaining in this clan.

Another voice makes itself known and she recognizes it as one of the first she'd stumbled across. Chilledgaze, if it were not for them she would not be here right now. Their assistance was a blessing in disguise. "Of course."[/b] She would put in extra training and hunt longer than any other apprentice when she came of age if it came down to it. But confusion contorted her expression once more, causing her to ask one last question. "I keep hearing about this...starclan, who are they?"[/b] She asks whilst taking a seat.
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Seeing a grouping of his clanmates catches the youth's eye but he almost turns around at the sight of Granitepaw. The other young tom's distaste for his mother is enough for him to feel similarly but there's not much he can do for it. He's not irrational enough to attack someone for a grudge when he hasn't done anything specifically (as far as he knows) nor does he have the option to say anything. Doesn't mean he has to like him though. Fogpaw strains his ears to catch as much of the conversation as he can but only catches something about Starclan and being worthy. They must be explaining some things to this child. He remembers a similar talk in the past with his birth parents and thankfully he could speak then to ask questions.

His ears tilt, tail swishes in thought as he elects to answer Tornadokit's next question and he hopes that he can be clear enough with his own language. Fogpaw taps the ground for Tornadokit's attention then drags his paw across his throat. He exhales a mighty deep breath and drops his head, tongue sticking out and fish eyed to try to emulate something dead before he then reaches his paws up as high as he can reel it toward the sky itself. It might look silly in all of the exaggeration but he is trying to be as clear as possible for a kit. On second thought, that might not have been clear at all... He sighs and offers an apologetic smile.