show me what you can do (swimming lesson)

// @iciclepaw @DARKPAW I know this was supposed to be when they were still kits so I figured we could backwrite!

Mudpelt had been patient with his kits, never throwing them into anything they weren't ready to do. He'd allowed them to test the shallow water outside the nursery, to splash and play and wade around if they so desired. Fernkit wasn't a fan, he already could tell. It worried the father. Lily had taken to the water so swiftly as a kit! And today, Iciclekit and Dark-kit announced they were ready to try their paw in the deeper water. The chocolate tom stands out in the river, too deep for his kits to stand but at a safe enough level to where he could easily help them if they sink like stones. "Okay, you two. Remember what I told you! Just keep paddling your legs and keep your head above the water. I'll be right here next to you if you need me." He smiles at them hopefully, eager to see just how much they take after him in this skill.