private sibling banter [ flan ]

It's been a couple days since Flan had gotten accepted in to Skyclan amongst the same rank that she held: daylight warrior. Daylight warriors meant that they could return home each night, but its a lazy morning and Churro has decided to delay her adventure to Skyclan till later. For now shes lazily sprawled out against the grass in the back of their den, belly high to the sky and a loud purr rumbling in her throat. Its a good day and she knows that here soon the leaves would begin to turn orange, so why not soak up the last bit of warmth the sun had to offer?

An eye cracks open as she hears pawsteps, but go figure its only Flan. She stretches out once more, a yawn coming from her lips as she turns to smile lazily at him. "Hola, hermano!" she greets him with a loving purr. "What do you think about Skyclan? Oh, I should really introduce you to Red!" she thinks back on her pride, of Blazestar's coy smile as he asked her who the lucky cat was. Perhaps she did love him, but its a fickle thing and shes not entirely sure yet. "Settling in well?"
// @FLAN
With still yet quite a lot to learn, the daylight warrior would take a seat beside his sister, attempting to lick the top of her head affectionately. Not truly having the ability to consider much thought beyond having that much additional time with his sister. She seemed to really enjoy Skyclan, and he could see himself growing used to life inside the clan. “Considering the fact that I get to spend more time with you? I’d say it’s pretty nice!” Would he have ever considered it if Churro hadn’t pushed him to at least try it, he doubted that he ever would have joined them.