Silver Lining [Spring]

♥ Indigorain ♥


✵ ღ ☾ I'D WALK THROUGH FIRE - He couldn’t help but feel proud when he was given the responsibility to show Spring around, as if it was a clear sign that his father trusted him with such tasks… and it didn’t hurt that the molly was beautiful either.
It had been early in the morning when Indigo fetched her for their tour, concealing his over-eagerness with a cool smile and a sweet tone as he led the other out of camp.
❝ Okay, I won’t lie- there is a lot to see, but luckily you have one of the best tour guides in the forest. ❞ He hummed playfully as he began to lead the duo towards the infamous Tall Pine. ❝ First, I was thinking the Tall Pine, and then of course the best hunting places and such. I would show you the Twoleg place, but it’s not recommended ❞ he explained in a carefully paced tone, taking the effort to slow his usual long strides to keep in place with Spring. ❝ So, where are you from? ❞ A basic question, but always a good ice-breaker in Indigo’s book. Curiously he gave his companion a side-glance before looking back towards the well-trodden path before them.

❝ Speech. ❞

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In truth, Spring had hardly slept. Her paws tingled with excitement as she waited impatiently for the sun to rise so that she could go on the tour of her new home. She had offered Deer to come with them, but the older molly had simply smiled and waved her off in her usual dreamy fashion. She supposed her companion wanted to scope the place out herself.

At the sound of pawsteps coming towards her nest, Spring had to fight not to bolt straight up and bound out of the den before Indigo even spoke. They had been introduced, only as her guide, but she liked the tom already, though his flirtatious nature did make her paws stumble.

She would listen attentively as he spoke, a shy smile touching her maw as she tilted her head, "The best, huh? Lucky indeed." She would keep pace with him rather easily despite being two moons his junior, but a life of travel and constant wanderings had made her legs strong and pawsteps sure.

Her ears would twitch in interest as he listed their route and when the question of her origins left his lips, a sad smile would touch her features causing her soft lilac silver face to appear even more delicate and fragile then usual, "Anywhere and everywhere." Her green gaze would glitter with a hidden emotion before she continued, "My parents and I were separated when I was really young. Deer found me half starved and just took me in, no questions asked. We've been trying to find a home ever since."

The sadness of her smile would melt easily as she turned her gaze back to her guide, "What about you? Were you born in this group?"