private sing a little working song (nursery strengthening)

// @ICESPARKLE @LILY. Since Mud was signed up to "discover" the nursery, I figured he would've just decided that the den Ice has been staying in would work well for all the queens and kits to come! Figured this could be the thread where they fix up the nursery together and talk about names :) For reference in this thread, here is a description of RiverClan's nursery!

"...the nursery, which is tucked into a sedge wall and is made from willow branches and reeds. the river comes up very close to the nursery; the kits practice getting wet and sometimes even swimming, helping them for when they become apprentices. because of the close proximity of the river, the walls of the nursery are built very thickly to prevent the den from floating away in a flood."

The hulking tom grunts, dragging a mouthful of reeds back towards the shelter that had since been formed into a cozy den by his mate. She's been sleeping here since they moved onto the little island, and it's about time they make this into a true den for generations down the line! He pauses at the entrance, drops his bundle and leans down to peer inside in search of Ice and Lily, unsure if they were within the den or somewhere else surrounding it. "I've got more!" He crows, grinning eagerly. His youngest litter would be here any day now, and he had to make sure the new nursery was sturdy, safe, and most of all, cozy enough for them and Ice. Their progress was good so far - Ice had already done the bulk of clearing away sedge to create a hollowed out den. Now, all that was left was to weave in their reeds and tendrils from the nearby willow trees to solidify the walls.

// wooooweeeewooooooo i'm excited!!!

The molly had been meticulously padding down moss into the edges of the den, hoping to build up a thick layer so that any kit (or queen) residing between the woven willow walls wouldn't have to worry about gusts of wind ruffling their pelts in the upcoming leafbare. The den had become one of the most well built and Ice was so very proud of her mate and kit – when she'd been resting (either by the river or in the den itself), Mud and Lily had seemed to work even faster and she'd always be surprised at how much they'd completed.

Upon hearing Mud's voice, the molly glanced over her shoulder from her corner as she greeted him with a chirrup, "Oh, you've gathered so much! This'll be good to work with." She nodded approvingly and waddled across the moss-covered floor to join him by the entrance. "I cannot wait till we're done, it is already so cosy!"


Tucked away in the den, huddled close to her mother, working on cleaning the last parts of the den. They'd done a good job thus far Lily thought. She and her parents were efficient workers when put together, even if Mud and Lily often insisted Ice take long breaks so as not to tire or overwork herself.

At the sound of her father's voice, her ear pricks, and she is quick to follow after her mother to greet him. She inspects his assembled supplies with bright green eyes and gives an approving nod. "These will do nicely! Good job, dad," She compliments, giving him a gentle lick on his head. At her mother's comment, she purrs in amusement. "The cosiest den in camp, I bet!" Lily chimes in. "It's making me feel a little jealous actually, maybe I'll have to move in and join you for a few moons." Although it is meant as a joke, Lily honestly would not have minded staying and helping her mother if she needed it. "We should get these inside and start work on securing the walls," Lily said after a moment, leaning her head down to grab a cluster of the supplies Mud had gathered. "This nursery won't build itself!" She called out, before disappearing back inside.