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Jun 7, 2022

Pretty much directly ripped from a google doc written by the lovely Blitz Krieg
The marsh cats–led by a she-cat called Briar–have been around for many seasons (roughly 4 years). Founded by a tom named Hare Whiskers, it has grown considerably in size and power over the last several years. Hare Whiskers was a strong, charismatic cat who naturally drew others to him. He gathered cats from all walks of life - the injured, the weak, the alone. He gave them a home in the damp marshes, and in return, they swore their loyalty to him. One of the first cats he’d taken in was young Briar, and the two quickly developed a close friendship. Within moons, she had taken up post as his right-hand cat. For years, he led his colony, until an unknown illness took him away in his sleep four seasons ago. Naturally, cats then turned to Briar, her natural leadership abilities bringing her to the head of the colony. The she-cat shouldered the responsibilities of leading her found family, and became all the more agitated as a rival group moved into the nearby forest.

The pine forest cats–like the marsh cats–come from all walks of life. Many were former kittypets, still bearing their collars. Rain, a naturally paternal cat, stands as their benevolent leader. A former kittypet himself, he took to the streets after his two-legs passed away. He found others like him, strays that struggled to survive on the brutal streets. He took them under his wing, protecting them and taking in every new cat or kitten that he stumbled across. As their group of rogues and kittypets grew larger, the streets would no longer sustain them and they moved to the nearby pine forest that bordered the Twolegplace roughly one year ago. Since then, their group has only grown as loners and rogues alike join them in their home.

Rain’s group moved in suddenly from the perspective of the marsh cats; an entire new colony taking up space which was once the original group’s land, even if they much prefered the marsh. Tensions are running high between the two groups as they both lay claim to the oak forest and the prey-rich Fourtrees between them. Both colonies are large, and have many cats to feed. Survival is never guaranteed, and they know it. One day of bad hunting could mean kits going hungry, and neither group is willing to risk that. To add insult to injury, Rain sees no issue in recruiting kittypets, even if– in the marsh-group’s eyes– they have no reason to enter the forest when they already had cushy lives and warm food to return to in Twolegplace. This is where our story begins.

Kicks off Friday, June 10th [ 2-3 WEEKS ] The two groups are living in disharmony, constant hisses and bristling fur whenever they pass by each other in the oak forest that is so feuded over. Skirmishes break out often and for a while, it seems like no side will ever win. Back at their camps, they care for each other and raise their young, working hard to bring food back to their families and friends.

[ 1 WEEK ] Briar, sick and tired of the constant fighting, declares that she will not let her cats be walked all over. They decide to take the forest by force and set out with a war party. They come across a small group of cats from Rain’s group hunting at Fourtrees, and warn them to leave. Rain’s cats refuse, and the marsh cats attack. Horribly outnumbered, the patrol takes to the trees that they’re so accustomed to, leaving the grounded marsh cats on the forest floor. One of the patrol cats escapes, fleeing back to their camp to warn their colony. Rain calls together a battle party and goes to war. A bloodbath ensues at Fourtrees. Many cats, Rain included, lose their lives. The fighting only stops when the sky alights with a brilliant glow, and the starry silhouettes of their fallen friends appear to stop the bloodshed. The ghosts tell them that they must live in peace. To do so, they must spread and grow like the creeper vine (which has five leaves). They must live separately, together. With those words echoing in their minds, the spirits disappear, and the cats silently bury their dead at the base of the Great Rock before heading home.

[ 1 WEEK ] What is left of the cats gather once more at Fourtrees. They discuss what the spirits told them, finally reaching the conclusion that they are meant to separate into five different groups, like the five leaves of the creeper. Briar declares she will not leave the marshes, and further named the leader of ShadowClan. Four other leaders will rise up, declaring where they will live. As other cats voice their agreements and share that they want to live in certain areas, too, their respective clans will be named by the leaders. The leaders decide they must choose a cat to succeed them if they should fall, so that a clan is never left without a leader like the pine forest group was after Rain passed. From there, they disperse to find and create their new homes.

Leaders and medicine cats will be chosen based on activity, both on-site and Discord, character suitability, and OOC friendliness by staff within the first few weeks of roleplay. The leader will choose their deputies and lead warriors while the medicine cats will have the opportunity to choose their apprentices.

CURRENT PHASE: [ 3 WEEKS ] On their respective boards, each group begins to settle their own camps and set their borders. Leaders may choose to dictate this however they wish, as long as everyone is able to be included. Clan guides will be posted for reference. As each group settles into their new homes, each chosen medicine cat will receive the same dream calling them back to Fourtrees. They tell their leaders and clans, and they all meet beneath the full moon for the first time as five clans.

[ 1 WEEK ] At this Gathering, the leaders take their places upon the Great Rock and they discuss how things have been going. It is mentioned that the young need to be properly trained, and the ideas of “warriors,” “apprentices,” and “mentors” are brought up. The clans agree that this is a good idea for full warriors to train their young as apprentices before they themselves can become warriors.

[ 1 WEEK ] After receiving that dream, the medicine cats each feel drawn to the Moonstone. They each bring their leaders there on different nights, where they all receive their nine lives, and visit StarClan for the very first time with their medicine cats. This is where leader names ending in -star are first introduced. Two-part names may have come into play before this, but after this moment is when they are solidified as a part of clan culture.

While the next plot will be in development, it is our plan to build the warrior code organically through roleplay.

This plot will begin, Friday, June 10th, with HP interest checks released that same day. Make sure you know what's going on beforehand ;)!
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