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Jun 6, 2022

Hey guys! This is premature but I like to get a headstart on things.

If you are interested in playing SkyClan's deputy, please state both your interest below and why you think your character would be a good pick!

Please refer to the High Position and Semi-High Position Guide and the Leadership Guide for good measure. These will detail expectations regarding IC and OOC activity as well as give you a heads up for when your character becomes leader after Blaise.

Please note that the deputy picks won't be for a bit, as I want some time for both Floppa and myself to monitor IC/OOC activity and IC realism.

If at any point you change your mind, please comment and simply ask that they are withdrawn -- we will understand! :)

Tugger, played by Loki
Harpy, played by Nico
Squall, played by Abri
Daisy, played by Detect
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i will gently push forward harpy, but since i already play riverclan's medicine cat, do put me at the bottom of your list!! i think harpy would bring an interesting balance to blaise as deputy; he's an older, more experienced warrior. i also think it would be interesting to have a daylight warrior in the position! he's devoted and hard-working, with a no-nonsense kind of attitude. he isn't afraid to speak his mind, which can make him come across as rude sometimes, but he cares deeply for his clan!
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Placing Squall here! Overall, I think the dynamic between Squall and Blaze - between Rain's descendent and Rain's successor - would be an interesting dynamic to see play out, in part due to recent interactions between the two. Having been one of the original group members, Squall knows his way around the group and its territory, and would probably see fit to make sure Blaze doesn't turn SkyClan on its head as best he can, both out of care for the clan and for his father's legacy. In the end, Squall would probably work with Blaze to see that SkyClan thrives.
Going to offer up mama Daisy Flight! Sorry I am very bad at writing this kinda thing so excuse the messy bullet points <3

- Fairly experienced having spent the majority of her life on the streets (territory spats, scavenging for food, hardship)
- Direct and confrontational when needed but not one to seek conflict (a peacekeeper)
- Does not currently believe in starclan, I think that would be a pretty interesting development. She'd be forced to really confront that belief in the position, and to do that while holding responsibility would change her perspective a lot (she would unable to run from it)
- She will be having kits/be in the nursery around the time of a deputy being chosen (i am assuming?) so being so tied to the clan at that time will really help to push her into being more active and accountable for her actions even when pregnant. Also, she'd be very proud to be bringing her kits into a place that she can have a hand in protecting.
- Her acceptance of the position would be pretty begrudging, and I think that would be funny
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