SkyClan Plotting Thread


Jun 7, 2022
Hi SkyClanners!

Anyone may use this thread to plot interactions or brainstorm ideas with other Clan members!
Hi, can I join? I won’t be able to go on the Discord until January, and I’d like to be updated. My character is Alderfrost. (Linked acc of that same name)
Oooo what's alderfost like? I play Morningbird (elder) and Mushroomkit here currently
Sounds good! In that case, you are free to write an intro or just jump into open threads!

To kind of catch you up to speed, Blazestar has kits with a ThunderClan warrior. ThunderClan and SkyClan have been very friendly until just now. On the 14th, there was a border skirmish over prey and one of Blazestar's kits, Morningpaw, died because she tried to interfere. The Clan atmosphere is one of mourning for some and anger or discomfort for others.

The Gathering is also going on right now and Alderfrost is allowed to go if you'd wish. :)
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