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Do you feel Bonita?
Jul 10, 2022

Hello! This won't be much of an introduction! But anyways... Hi! I'm known as Dutch, I am a digital artist and somewhat of a gamer. I won't tell you my real name or age, but I currently work at an alpaca farm; I have weird days/hours I work but you can usually catch me after 1 PM CST! I'm not the best at roleplaying, but I'll try my best. I've had experience with roleplaying but I always end up inactive, let's hope that is not the case in this situation!

For my gamers, I usually play realism servers on Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda, and The isle... If you play on realism servers and on these games, you've probably seen my user floating around a couple of times. Every other hobby of mine just consists of art, biking, working with animals, computers.... and that's pretty much it, boring life, I know.

I'm currently working on learning the code that is used around here, so if any of y'all are advanced at it... I may have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind! ^^
If you wish to get my attention, please DM me through discord! I'll see it almost immediately and I'll answer when I can! @Dutch#2337

Hope to see you around!!

hi dutch!! welcome to tabby tales! happy to have you here. :) i'm really bad at the coding tbh but Floppie and revelations on the staff team are really great at it so i'd ask them if you have questions! if you have questions about anything else, though, i'm more than willing to help. hope to see you around! <3
heya, welcome to tabby tales! there are some free to use codes in the coding forum that might be able to help you get started along with the bbcode guide in library and guides if you really wanna do it yourself. personally, i mostly just use free to use stuff.

glad to have you here and cant wait to see you around!
hi, welcome to TT!! it's nice to meet you :) i'm nowhere near an expert at coding, so i won't be of much help in that department haha, but i'm sure some of our more coding-inclined members would be happy to answer any questions you have!
hi there and welcome! i'm regina, one of the admins! super cool that you work on an alpaca farm!!! they're so cute :')

i'm not the best with coding, but i can point you into the direct of our bbcode guide! you are always more than welcome to ask coding questions here on the site or in the main discord!