sleepover || gillpaw

Aug 1, 2022

A S H P A W.

She sneaks out of the den with him, two little kittens with their heads ducked low, giggling and then hushing each other-- they're supposed to be in bed, asleep like all the other apprentices, and they don't wanna get caught.

She bounds ahead of him, looking for a spot that's tucked away enough to hide them. It's so hard to find privacy during the daytime, but the cover of dark provides better nooks and crannies-- with no troublesome warriors around to interrupt them. She finds a clear spot by the river, flanked by reeds and moonlit water. Perfect!

"Isn't it so exciting?" she asks once the two have settled, a hushed whisper, green eyes glittering. "Being a 'prentice is even better than I thought! And my mentor is so awesome! She's good at swimming and she's really nice and cool and-- what's yours like?" She's tripping over her own words, vibrating with typical Ashpaw excitement. She wants to tell Gillpaw everything and she wants to hear everything and there is so much energy in her she feels like she might burst.

The little tabby leans forward to bump her head against Gill's shoulder, purring affectionately. She's been burning for the chance to just... sit down and talk. Everything's been happening so fast.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "


    feel free to powerplay clearsight!!
  • - 4 month old orange tabby with green eyes
    - apprenticed to lead warrior willowroot
    - happy-go-lucky, mischievous, hardworking
    - very friendly, but defensive of riverclan!
    - "speech"
  • - started her apprentice training

Moonlight washes over obsidian and jasper, two kits sneaking out of camp.

Or, apprentices rather, as newly changed names state. Gillpaw follows Ashpaw's pawsteps to a corner away from any warriors that could possibly still be awake - any warriors that would turn them right back around, interrupt their plan to sneak out and talk about everything and anything beneath the stars.

Warriors, always boring and interrupting them with training and other duties.

Not that he didn't love training, of course! Gillpaw was having a blast learning from Clearsight. He just wanted time to talk with Ashpaw, no calls for training cutting into their conversations.

And though they'd only just started their apprenticeships, though they were to start with simpler lessons, one day, the lessons won't be as simple. One day, their lessons and duties will take up more time. Would Gillpaw and Ashpaw still have time to talk, then? To fill each other in on what's been going on in their lessons? To talk about their clanmates without anyone hearing?

The two settle under the moon's glow, and it's ever so clear his friend is excited. He's excited too, but the orange tabby's excitement only furthers his own.

"C-Clearsight's really cool!" Gillpaw tries to keep his voice down, but it's so hard, when there's so much energy to hold down, "He's... He's teaching me how to s-swim, or... just stand in the w-water, right now but, th-that's the first step in swimming!" His mother never taught him the basics, before she disappeared, before he joined RiverClan. Though it seemed more and more clear that his mother wouldn't return for him with every day that passed, Gillpaw didn't feel all too sad about it. RiverClan was his home now, after all.

"Oh! And w-watching for fish too!" he adds on, because, learning how to spot fish was important as well!

The tom feels his friend's head against his shoulder, and the odd thump in his chest that follows. He takes that as over-excitement towards the changing world around him - towards becoming an apprentice, and getting an official RiverClan name, and just overall the idea of having snuck out of the apprentice den with his friend. Nonetheless, Gillpaw finds himself returning the action, before hopping up on a nearby boulder.

"W-We're gonna be the best warriors RiverClan has ever seen!" he declares, sunny eyes bright in the moonlight. "N-No one will ever be better warriors than us!"
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