smooth criminal ~ leaving medicine den

It had been a little over a week since she had washed up along the border, and found by a group of Thunderclanners. With Cinderfrost's help, her wound was healing nicely. It had taken awhile to shake the infection, but she was feeling much better now, and the dog bite was starting to finally heal. The flame hued tabby ducked out of the medicine den, limping lightly on her front right leg. She would sit down close to the entrance of the medicine den, glancing around awkwardly. Besides the members she had met during her time healing, there were still a lot of cats here to meet.

At this point, Flame was probably getting sick of seeing Flycatcher's face popping up everywhere she went. Or at least that was what the tom thought as he padded over to greet the ginger she-cat when he saw her sitting outside the medicine den, looking around awkwardly. "Hello, Flame," He greeted cordially, bowing his head to her as he spoke. "Did Cinderfrost finally let you out?" He teased with a small chuckle. From what little he knew of the medicine cat he didn't doubt that she would not have let Flame venture outside if she wasn't ready. Whilst he could still see her injury, it looked far better than when he had last seen it, as did Flame herself. "Your wound looks much better now," He commented, briefly looking at her healing injury before awkwardly looking away, not wanting to be caught staring. "Are you feeling better now?"

To be quite honest, Little Wolf was shocked that Flamewhisker had not died in their medicine cats den. The gray she cat was not the most capable and she trusted her about as much as she trusted an angry badger. Regardless, she’s glad the orange tabby had made it out alive. Who knew though?

She dips her head first to Flycatcher and then Flame when she approaches, before sitting and wrapping her tail around her paws in a quick motion. “You’ll be up and catching your own prey in no time!” She admonishes, knowing how frustrating it could be to be put on bed rest.
The cream tabby watches the exchange from where she grooms herself, alone, one singular leaf-green eye trained on the newcomer. She's finally up and around, and although Little Wolf and Flycatcher claim she's ready to join ThunderClan's patrols, Meadowflame has her doubts. She hasn't bothered to listen to the ginger tabby's story of what had gotten her into that predicament in the first place, but Clan life is just as dangerous.

Like we need more cats who can't take care of themselves in this Clan. But she keeps her thoughts to herself. In due time, she assumes she'll learn what had brought Flame to their forest.

"Hopefully you haven't forgotten how," she jokes, eyes flashing with meaning - but her tone is playful, and her whiskers tremble with a smile.



Serene couldn't help but notice the new ginger pelt that was making its way out of the medicine cat den. As she saw a few familiar faces begin to gather around the newly healed femme she bounced over and purred loudly, "Hi! You're Flame, right? Sorry, we haven't met before! My name is Serenemeadow, but you can just call me Serene if you'd like. I know my name is a bit long."

She would flop her rump right down between Little Wolf and Flycatcher, tossing them both warm smiles before facing Flame once more, "Are you liking it here in Thunderclan so far? Do you have a favorite prey yet? Or have you had a tour? I suppose not since you've been resting. I'd love to give you one! We can go now if you'd like?"

Serene wouldn't realize she was rambling, her excitement almost palpable before she caught Meadowflame join them and she would rumble loudly with laughter at what she thought was simply a kind-hearted joke, "Aww don't be silly, Meadowflame! I'm sure Flame can hunt just as well as the rest of us!"

As Flycatcher approached her, her gaze would noticeably brighten. With so many cats here, it was reassuring to see a familiar face. She would rise to her paws, flickering her long, fluffy tail up in greeting. Her long whiskers twitched in amusement at his joke about Cinderfrost finally letting her out. “I am free at last, but I have to take it easy for awhile so it doesn’t open back up.” With those words, she would carefully stretch out her front legs, digging her claws into the soft topsoil. “I am feeling more alive than I have in awhile…it still hurts a bit but that’s alright.

As Little Wolf approached, she would smile in greeting, and nod her head eagerly. “I can’t wait to hunt again, it’s my favorite thing to do. My mother taught me how to hunt…there’s nothing that can escape my claws.” Her attention flicked to Meadowflame, letting out a huff of a laugh at her comment. “I may not look like much now, but I can assure you that I haven’t forgotten.” her words were kind, but she ruffled her pelt, beginning to become slightly anxious at the amount of clanmates gathering around her. I’ll have to get used to this sooner or later. she thought before forcing her pelt to lay smoothly once more.

One final cat bounced over excitedly, and ginger she-cat braced herself as she was bombarded with questions. The newcomer introduced herself as Serenemeadow, or Serene for short. Flame repeated her name several times in her head to help remember. “You are all very friendly, that’s for sure. My favorite prey is squirrels, and I haven’t had a tour yet. I would appreciate one though, I wouldn’t mind stretching my legs.


Flycatcher listens quietly as she responds to his question, nodding along to her words. "You definitely look better than when we found you, that much is for certain," Flycatcher mewed. Of course given how bad her infection had been then, anything better than that was a clear improvement.

There are more cats who padded over to say hello after Flycatcher, and he moves aside a little so that they may speak with Flame. Little Wolf and Serenemeadow greet her warmly, quick to speak about how Flame would be up and hunting in no time. Meadowflame seemed more sceptical about that matter but Serenemeadow with her endless optimism seemed convinced that wouldn't be the case. "Like Serenemeadow said, I'm sure that won't be the case. But Flame will have plenty of time to prove herself once she has recovered fully," Flycatcher added to his clanmate's statement. His gaze then moved to Flame again. "And if you wanted a tour feel free to ask. I'm sure most of us would be happy to oblige you."