tunnels SNEAKING PAST WARNING SIGNS // underground ShadowClan

//takes place after the watching smoke thread and while part of shadowclan is burning. the nosy windclanners are eventually going to get noses full of smoke and retreat after they figure out that 1. a fire caused this and 2. where the fires vague location is. For anyone concerned; we DO have shadowclan permission!! Dont u worry, the HPs know whats occuring and a plot is **slowly** being put into the works for WindClan tunnelers

"So... left now?" She meows to Inkylotus, who is likely somewhere trailing behind her. The dark-furred tom had been brought with to show the WindClanner's where to go in order to access ShadowClan territory through the tunnels. Why were they doing this? Sootstar, and likely many other WindClanner's, were nosy. What was causing the smoke...? Was it something WindClan should be concerned about?

A thunder path separated ShadowClan from WindClan... but if this was already a twoleg caused issue, the black pavement would never put a halt to it.

They've been walking for some time underground, cautiously navigating the tunnels.
When suddenly she gasps, "I smell it." she meows, "the swampland." It was tainted heavily with a nasty smell, Sootstar does not yet wonder if its coming from the smoke.

"I feel a breeze too... you really can get to ShadowClan from the tunnels!" Like Ivoryflight had mentioned... could they access other clans with these? It could come in handy...

Eventually, Sootstar cautiously pokes her head out. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, but theres that smell that stings her ebony nose in the air and a thin layer of smoke pooling through the trees... They were a decent way from the source yet. After glancing for ShadowClanner's she steps out and allows for her clan-mates to take a look themselves. "Whatever it is... I think it's further along that way." She bobs her head to the east,"Should we try to get closer?" Despite her instrincts telling her not to, Sootstar felt the risk would be worth it.


Hyacinthbreath stays directly behind Inkylotus, making sure she doesn't lose him in the dark tunnels. She's blind in this darkness, a feeling she had grown used to over time- but she was still getting used to it, thankful for her small size and quick feet that gets her through these harsh moments.

Sootstar's voice directs them alongside Inkylotus' own, her tail feeling along the side of the wall as she's suddenly hit with the smell of smog-like smoke. She chokes on her own breath then, disgusted by the smell. Nonetheless, she carries on faithfully behind the patrol. Had Ivoryflight stayed back? She sure hoped so. The molly following after them would only be inconvenient.

"I don't think getting closer is a good idea, but we can try. Just be careful, Sootstar."

Everything Stays

The long cat moved in pace with his other clanmates, "It is not too far," He answered Sootstar shortly after she had asked the question. Inkylotus remembered that it took a very long time to get to Shadowclan through the tunnels, like a lot of time, and then the scent of water hit his nose. There was a slight breeze from the opening of the tunnel, and then followed his leader and her lead warrior as they left the confines of the tunnel. Inkylotus was able to perk up his ears now and shivered a bit at the stench that greeted him, murky and thick. Strong and suffocating that he coughed a little bit from the air itself.

"Keep going? That doesn't seem safe, what if we run into Briarstar or her warriors?" Shadowclan could be fleeing the fire and be out in the forest, they couldn't possibly take on a throng of warriors. Sootstar had already lost one life, Inkylotus himself wasn't the most ideal fighter, and Hyacinth was just going to follow Sootstar to the ends of the Earth it seemed. Fearfully so.

Inkylotus flattened his ears to his head for a moment, and turned a sightless face towards the two she-cats, "We should go back, its far enough into their territory where it won't reach us," He just didn't want to go in to fight a fire and end up getting hurt or worse.