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Sickly Little Thing
Aug 15, 2022

A ragged cough recked a small brown body, shaking them and making them nearly gag on air. Breathing had gotten harder and harder to deal with, and they weren't sure why that was. Their eyes glassy and covered with muscus, Sparkkit gave another rough cough that made them actually vomit out stomach bile. They hadn't been eating the last few days and it was starting to worry their mother. Sandra was very caring to her kits, but the reason behind Sparkkits illness remained unknown. Was it because the kit had been sickly since birth? Always seeming weaker and more- prone to illness than their other siblings. The little brown tabby didn't know, but they did know was that they felt awful.

They always felt so cold despite sweating bullets at any givien time, and their throat burned hotly. Sparkkit moved to get up but their legs shook under their body and they gave a small wheeze from the effort. Their body felt like it was on fire and threatened to upchuck more stomach bile, but thankfully it was just a gag instead. The little brown tabby managed to make their way from the nest to the entrance of the den. Coughing once again, it sounding so conjested and harsh against their little throat.

"Mama? I don't feel so-," Tiny words left a small maw, and then yellow eyes rolled into the back of their head as Sparkkit collpased to the ground. Sandra, who had been outside with her other four kittens, quickly rushed to their side and panic filled the queens mews as she called for Bonejaw. Begging for someone to help her little kitten, little Sparkkit. [/color]

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With this new role the molly has been trying to learn independently. But staring at plants doesn't exactly give one knowledge and she doesn't know what any of them do. She's been gathering primarily cobwebs to stop the bleeding of injuries and something to help with pain but that is all she knows at the current moment. She's been struggling for lack of any other words and it's been a rough go. She's been thankful that everyone has remained healthy and that things have been going relatively well. Shadowclan has been growing and remaining strong even after that gathering and she supposes she thanks Starclan for that. As she finally emerges from the den that she has been trying to make comfortable she hears the sudden calling and shouting of her name. Tensing sharply her eyes widen at the sense of urgency that she gets from the way the queen is yelling for her and she quickly makes her way towards the scene. Long limbs stretch to get her there quickly and what she sees makes her blood run cold.

Sparkkit whom she had seen be born in to the world has collapsed. Sandra is with them and she looks from the woman to the child and back. There is deep hesitation in her own limbs for what is she supposed to do? She doesn't know enough to help this child, to save a life. Is this to be her punishment for the blood she spilled during the Great Battle? To be useless and watch as other die in front of her because she doesn't have the knowledge to help them. Clenching her jaws the woman feels a sense of fear and she looks to Sandra then. "I'll get them help. I promise, I'll get help. Don't worry." It's all she can say and all she can do before she dips her head to pick the young kit up in her jaws and she leaves camp with them, quickly.


The cries coming from the distressed mother are what rouse Starlingkit from her slumbers, she blinks with sleepy green eyes at the screaming she cat. She notes the tiny kitten who lays on their side, wheezing, barely breathing and she notes Bonejaw, who rushes in and scoops the tiny creature up in her jaws. Starlingkit panics, was she taking him? What was wrong? Where was he going. She opens her mouth to speak but panic grips her mind. “W-w-whe-where ar-are y-yo-you t-ta-tak-ta-?” Is all she manages to stutter out before giving up with a hard gulp. What she means to ask is where are you taking them? She looks at Sandra with wide, confused and scared eyes. Was this something that could happen to her? Would she fall over suddenly and would Bonejaw come and whisk her away somewhere, possibly to never be seen again? If that was the case, she would never allow the medicine cat near her again.
Granitekit's slender, serpentlike eyes widen as Sandra disappears behind him. She'd been attentive, watching over them like the smothering sort of parent she tends to be, and all of a sudden, there's panic in her voice. The gray and white tomkit stops what he's doing and turns, blinking. Why had she stopped paying attention to him? He had just been about to catch a stick, a real stick!

He pads to the nursery's opening. Sandra is pooled over the tiny tabby shape of his littermate, Spark-kit. They croak out that they don't feel so good, and Sandra seems to be panicking, but Granitekit's initial reaction is a shrug. "You never feel good," he mutters, but then he notices the kit's eyes are not right. Rolled weird, looking at the inside of their head.

And then Bonejaw is inside, and there's a grim sense of upset in the air. His mother is panicking, Bonejaw seems frantic, and she lifts his sibling by the scruff and leaves, promising to help them. "Wait! Where are you taking Spark-kit?" His voice is sharp, demanding. She leaves, though, and he turns his angry look onto Sandra. "Why are you letting her take them!? Stop her!"

There's something fluttering, uneasy, in his chest and belly. Starlingkit, the little idiot, begins her classic stuttering and for a moment, Granitekit doesn't think she'll ever shut up. When she does, though, he glares at her with malice. "Mind your own business!" He doesn't need Briarstar's kits gawking at him and his family. It's the last thing he wants.

Spark-kit is coughing... coughing like their lungs are ich-iching. He hates that feeling, and he feels bad Spark-kit's feeling it. They feel it all the time though, like Granitekit said. Everything was wrong with them, nothing good. They shook and shivered and coughed and spit... They fall, they fall... Oh no...

Bonejaw's here. Ghost skitters around her legs, he wants to see. "Bone, are— is—" his voice hiccups, and he stops in his tracks, scared. Was he getting Spark-kit's sickness? No no no, he didn't want to...

Ghost scampers away, towards a sleepy Starlingkit. She can't talk. She's getting sick. "Spark-kit's dying..." he tells her with restless paws, they claw at damp moss, antsy. "Hold your breath, Starlingkit, or you'll... get sick too..." he tells her.

Unblinking eyes flicker towards Granitekit. He's upset. He knows he's upset, but he's not nice... Ghost presses closer to Starlingkit, his face unmoving aside from the slightest hint of a frown. "Bone's taking them..." to be buried, he finishes in his mind. Granitekit wouldn't like that, though.

Fire heard the frantic call from Sandra as it rang through camp and the fiery molly was up and out of her nest in a heartbeat. She left the den just in time to see Bonejaw sprinting from the nursery with a limp-looking Sparklekit hanging from her jaws and her heart sank.

What was going on? Was Sparklekit dying? Fire looked over to the kittens' family and she hurried over, waving her plume-like tail against Sandra and looked at her and her kittens, "Bonejaw will do all she can. Why don't we get everyone inside the nursery and wait for them to come back? I can bring you something to eat."

She was trying to offer distraction, all the while she fought the urge to run after Bonejaw in an attempt to help. But what could she do? She wasn't chosen by Starclan to heal, all she could offer was comfort and she only sent a prayer to Starclan that Bonejaw would find an answer to what was wrong with Sparklekit.

Ashkit's outside when Sparkkit collapses. She doesn't know much of them, only that Granitekit is right when he says they're always sick, but it was weird to be so intensely sick when they're meant to only fall ill in leafbare. Right? She narrows her eyes, disturbed, but quickly widens them when she realizes all the cats coming to her denmate's aid. The rest of the kits aren't young enough to dismiss this, there's serious panic in the atmosphere. The last she sees of Sparkkit is her being taken by Bonejaw, somewhere unknown. What was going on...

She slithers to Starlingkit's other side, fixing her with what was hopefully a comforting stare. Her mind knows truly what's going on, but it barely perceives it enough for her to feel one way or another. What Ashkit does know, is Bonejaw is most likely never coming back with Sparkkit again.

"She's worried." The tabby angles her head at the glaring tomkit, but only for a second, before she's focusing on the camp entrance. Ready to wait as long as needed. She takes a few seconds, breathing and watching, before her thin ears angle towards Firedawn. Twitching them in relative agreement, she reluctantly peels herself from her sister's flank. "It won't get us? The sickness?" Hesitancy cast towards the nursery, as if stepping foot inside would kill all of them.