✧ heavy snow, named for his large size and snowy white fur
✧ male, he / him
✧ 70 moons, ages the first of every month
✧ wind clan warrior

✧ single
✧ no offspring
✧ mates with brightshine
✧ pansexual
Dove x Peregrine
✧ sibling to Gull, Daisy, Hawthorne, and Swift River
✧ friends with brightshine, echobright, mallowlark, ember, and pollen
✧ dislikes sootstar

✧ Heavy Snow, as his namesake would suggest, is a large tom. He towers above many of his clanmates, standing at an impressive height. Covering his tall frame and making up most of his bulk is thick snow white fur. Long and silky, it takes him extra effort to keep him clean and it also makes him stick out like a sore thumb on the moors that he calls home. His weight makes it hard to run for long periods of time, but muscles from a long life first in the mountains and then in WindClan has made him strong. He can run for short bursts then dispatch prey swiftly. His size makes him a fearsome enemy to fight in battle, but it also makes him a target as well.

Standing in stark contrast to his ivory pelt are two multicolored eyes, his left eye being a golden yellow like the sun and his right a bright blue like the sky.

✧ Heavy Snow is a simple tom. His childhood spent in the mountains has gotten him accustomed to hardship, with prey being scarce and life being difficult. One by one he had to watch as his siblings perished and eventually, his parents decided to move to safer lands with their remaining son. His journey brought him to the moors where he lived together only for a short time before his mother and father were killed by a badger while he was out hunting. Grief does not affect him in the same way it does others. So accustomed to loss as he is, when confronted with death Heavy Snow is not one to shy away or shut down. He believes very strongly in moving forward, as when he was younger it was either that or be put in a grave with them. A harsh lesson sure but it is what has kept him alive for so long. He is incredibly adaptable, able to change his way of living to fit the conditions he is in.

Despite his rough life Heavy Snow has been able to keep a positive outlook and a kind heart. He does not believe that he needs to beat others down to get ahead in life and often, if he can, he will do anything in his power to help those in need. However, family comes first for him above anything else. He thinks of Brightshine and her family as his own and he would never do anything to jeopardize them or their place in WindClan. It kills him to stand on the sidelines and watch as Sootstar enacts some of her harsher punishments, but he recognizes that residing in the clan is the only safe way to continue living in their home. Needless to say, Heavy Snow is a very tight-knit family-oriented tom. He values his family over anything else almost to a point that he is blind to anything else.
✧ hobbies??

✧ what are they like in battle? will they run, or start a fight? will they finish fights? will they kill if necessary?
✧ do you allow any sort of powerplay? ( healing, peaceful etc )
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