private Snowfall || Beesong

Jul 10, 2022


Frostpaw had hesitated when it came to entering the medicine den, thinking it was perhaps not something she saw as serious, as it was just a small scratch that stung with the feeling of betrayal and broken trust. Her paw swiped across her cheek as she sniffed slightly before taking in a deep breath, the different scent of herbs mixing together and becoming a welcoming sight. Her gaze drifted away, this place seemed like a sort of safe haven and she wondered silently to herself if she could use this as a way to escape from Spiderfall but she quickly shook her head. "Beesong, are you here? I was wondering if you'd need help collecting herbs?" she said gently, once again placing her paw across the newly made injury that Spiderfall had given her, wondering silently how she would cover up such a wound when it did not look like anything else but claw marks.

She shuffled herself, curling her tail around her paws, she could understand why Spiderfall was not a big fan of this place, out of the chaos he caused, Beesong's den was that of serenity and peace, it was welcoming and warm while Spiderfall was cold, isolating and not only that suffocating but...through all that he was still family to her and she couldn't just... tell on him, even if she deeply wanted to warn the others about him, she was still to blame as well and she glanced away. If she told...would the clan cast her aside? After all, she was his accomplice so she was much to blame for his actions, right? Willing or not.

"If you want that is, especially since there's uhm... a lot going on, and Smokethroat hasn't tasked me with anything so I figured I come ask" she placed in, which was true. Smokethroat was perhaps busy making patrols at the moment to notice one of his own apprentices wasn't there for the moment, or he wasn't awake yet since dawn had just now come up and many cats were perhaps still sleeping comfortably in their nest. Adjusting her paw once more she began to rub again at her cheek as if trying to rub away a smudge that dirtied her fur, knowing full well it was perhaps the only way to hide what had happened earlier before the sun had risen. Her curled ears facing forward as she awaited to hear a response from the medicine cat.