so perfect, so trusting || spiderfall

Aug 1, 2022

He'd said he had something to show her.

Something important. Something special, that only big kids and warriors were allowed to help with. A special task, he'd said, that would make Willowroot and Cicadastar extra proud of her. So Ashki- Ashpaw had followed, glass-green eyes wide. She wanted to make them proud more than anything. She wanted to be a good apprentice, a good RiverClanner.

Now here they stood, a good ways from camp, near the rushing river-- just a few fox-lengths from shore. And before them loomed a very strange den.


It looked like shining stone, but... rigid. Straight lines that crossed back and forth, forming a perfectly angular shape. Ash was bewildered. She'd never seen anything like it.

It must be one of the twoleg things...

The little orange kitten shifted from foot to foot, her stomach turning. She'd heard about the twolegs, about their camp, and everyone had heard the bursts of thunder they shot through the sky. She'd overheard the warriors talking after Mudpelt's patrol, and some of them had sounded really scared. She'd seen evidence of the havoc they wrought. The twolegs were dangerous.

And now here she stood. In front of one of their tiny dens.

A delectable smell wafted out from the strange contraption, and although Ashpaw's mouth watered her stomach still rolled. "A... are you sure?" she whispered to Spider, voice cracking even though she wasn't afraid. She wasn't. "How-- how do I even go in it?"

And how do I get out, she thought anxiously, but she didn't dare say it. Spiderfall was trustable; he wouldn't let her get stuck. If she asked she'd just sound like a scaredy-kit, and she wasn't a kit anymore.

—— i found gold in the wreckage


    for more context, this is a small game trap with a one-way door, baited with meat to catch small river predators such as otter and mink!

    this is really meant to take place a few days from now in terms of plot timing; since it's a private thread & fluid time and all, i thought it'd be alright.

  • - 3 month old orange tabby with green eyes
    - will bite you
    - and then apologize bc she's trying to be good, really, she is
    - latches onto anyone who shows her affection

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