It had been a couple of moons now, she would meet Blazestar at the border nearly every night, sometimes even during the day. Sometimes they would share prey, sometimes they would share tongues. It was perhaps the best part of her whole routine. Sometimes she would fall asleep curled up against him and when the sun was just beginning to rise he would lick the top of her head, gently murmur that it was time to wake up, that they both needed to go back to their clans.

For a while, she just thought that he was a friend. One who she was incredibly close with, someone she could tell everything to. But today, she was looking at the cats in the camp, a couple who curled up next to each other and told each other stories, their eyes shining. They looked at each other as if they were the only ones in the camp.

oh. she thought as she looked at them, a sudden realization sparking in her mind.

It all made sense now. The way he made her feel. She would get excited to see him, her heart felt as if it would be torn in two when they parted, and he always had the ability to make her smile, to make her laugh, especially when he told her stories of his ventures in the wild, how different it was from being a kittypet. Everything he said Little Wolf hung onto, clinging to every word.

Tonight feels different.

As she sits in the undergrowth, waiting for that familiar scent to make an appearance, she reflects that maybe it is because her heart feels lighter. She feels lighter.

Tonight was the night she would say it to him.

She would tell him that she loves him.
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Blazestar still reeks of the moor, and his body aches from the trek there and back, from the lack of sleep he's had over the past moon and a half or so. Dawnglare has given him some hope that what the Clan needs is buried within the confines of the Twolegplace, and that has sparked some life back into him - but he can't leave without seeing her.

The only cat who keeps him going sometimes, small and shadow-colored with the warmest voice, the softest touch. Little Wolf has become his closest friend, a cat he can share his worries with and be free from judgment - not something he can do with either Daisyflight or with Dawnglare, as much as he loves them.


The word, when applied to Little Wolf, is a little different, isn't it? Something he's never considered before, something that causes his heart to dance and flutter like a butterfly atop a quivering flower.

And it's not just love. He needs her. He needs her more than he's ever needed anyone besides his council, and the manner in which he needs her is so different. She is the one who replenishes him when he leaves SkyClan's camp. He can forget his burdens and his weaknesses because when he's with her, he's someone different. He's the Blazestar she has always seen.

Even if that Blazestar only exists in her mind, it's good enough for him.

He greets her with a trilling purr, bows his head to touch her nose. "I'm so happy to see you," he murmurs. "I was afraid I wouldn't see you before I left."

He's decided he will tell her about the excursion to the Twolegplace, so she won't fret if he does not come to meet her at the border. He never wants to cause her any concern... not if he can help it.

Blazestar pulls back from Little Wolf, meets her eyes like baby leaves on a thriving tree. "Something on your mind? Wanna talk about it?" Worry tugs at his heart momentarily - is everything in ThunderClan alright? Her mother, Emberstar, the medicine cat who Little Wolf perhaps rightfully fears?


When she sees Blaze she immediately goes up to him and rubs her head against his chin, the closest point of contact with his head that she can reach and lets out an excited purr. More familiar of a greeting than either of them are used to. She pulls away and looks at him, eyes shining, hanging on to his every word, his voice like honey in her ears. He leans down and touches her nose, tells her how happy he is to see her and her heart soars.

It's his next words that catches her. before i leave immediately she is filled with concern. But he continues on and she is left spiraling.

"Wait a second. Leave?" She echos "where are you going?" what if you don't come back? it is the last question, the unspoken one that worries her the most, though she doesn't say it out loud. She doesn't want to think about the possibility of that happening.

// she'll say 'the l word' it in the next post after he tells her where he's going dhdhdhdb

Blazestar blinks, confused about her sudden change in demeanor. "Oh, well..."

How much can he tell her? He gazes over his shoulder as though a SkyClan patrol is about to overhear him. "Dawnglare had a dream. From StarClan. I'm going into the Twolegplace with some of the warriors and apprentices. Daisyflight will maintain order at camp." He forces a smile. "I'll miss you, but I promise everything will be alright. We won't be gone too long. Just long enough to figure out what StarClan wants us to find there."

He nuzzles her, a quick but strident show of reassurance. He'd return for her, he thinks. For SkyClan, and for her.


His reassurances that he will be alright is enough to calm her frazzled nerves, but only a little. The fur on the back of her neck, previously raised in alarm lays flat but she still cannot help the thoughts racing through her head, images of him being hit by a monster or taken by twolegs, never to be seen again.

"Oh Blaise" she laments, using his old name. "As long as you promise you'll take care, don't risk yourself for no reason. I know you have nine lives but still…" what if something happened and he didn't come back? "I'm going to miss you too." She shuffles her feet, breaking her gaze to look down at them for a moment before forcing herself to meet his eyes again. There was no way he did not feel the same way she did. She refused to believe it.

"I love you Blaze, please be safe"

And there it was, she said it while he nuzzled her affectionately. She just hopes that he knows the way she means it, not as a friend but something more. And she sends a silent prayer to the stars that he feels the same.

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"Oh, Blaise." Her voice is stronger, but laced with concern. The way she speaks to him, about him, sets his fur aflame - the way she cares if he comes home or not. He's got his cheek bussed against her own when she says,

"I love you Blaze. Please be safe."

His eyes fly open, heat radiating from his chest to his face and all the way to the pads of his paws. For a moment, he pulls away from her, just far enough to look her in the eyes.

She loves him?

The little black she-cat he'd left his home for. In a way, all of this, even his position as SkyClan leader, was for her, and now it's culminated in this brilliant flower grown between them, petals lush with ...


"I love you, too, Little Wolf." The words are colorful on his tongue. "I swear by StarClan that I will return to you. Please... be safe while I'm gone." If anything, Little Wolf was born feral, and is twenty times the warrior he is, but ... not knowing where she'll be or what she'll be doing ...

He leans down to lick between her ears, a gesture of both affection and comfort. "I'll come to the border. To one of our spots. I'll bring you a flower and leave it." He smiles. The Twolegplace is full of late green-leaf blooms. "When you see it, you'll know I'm home."

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