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Jun 7, 2022

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✧ tomato / nicknames: tommy / trans female [ she/her ]
— warrior name will be gingerkit [stripe]
✧ 4 months old physically/mentally / born ?? / ages real time
✧ kit / marsh group / no past groups
✧ mentoring: n/a , mentored by no one
✧ created 06.09.2022

✧ domestic feline / smells like cattails / health: 100% / reference
✧ tomato is a small, pale orange she cat with hazel brown eyes. she is average sized for her age and will grow up to be around the same height as her mother. her bright colored fur is decorated with stripes that are a darker orange color, trailing all he way down to the tip of her tail. the young feline doesn't seem to care about her image as her fur is often disheveled and windswept, unless her mother has her way with it and fixes it into place. her underbelly and paws are ivory hued and travel up to parts of her face. the molly's eyes are round and are often filled with curiosity and captivation. her nose, inside of her ears, and her paw pads are salmon pink.
injuries: n/a

adorably precious child / beware the nice ones / defiant to the end
— persistent is the word that sums up her character as a whole, as the child is as stubborn as a bull. she is not the type of individual to easily give in, even if it seems like the odds are not in her favor. tomato is a happy go lucky and upbeat child that has a wild imagination. she tends to put her nose into situations where she does not belong and excuses her reckless behavior as her need for having an adventure or making a new discovery. she is at the age where she is creative and imaginative, so she has a make-believe friend named dandelion who she talks to from time to time. she often forces her siblings to embark on "dangerous" journeys with her and often blabbers to her clanmates about her findings. one of her habits that she does is make many grammatical errors in her speech as she is still learning to speak.
exterior traits: adventurous , courageous , free-spirited , headstrong , outspoken
interior traits: faithless , insecure , petty , possessive , self-critical
✧ voice ref: sweetie belle

✧ too young to be interested in romantic relationships
✧ single / no current [maybe] crushes / ½ of nothing
✧ dewdrop x npc / adopted father: crow
✧ siblings: froggy, rocky, ivy, & dizzy / adopted sister: foxy
✧ children: n/a
✧ friends: tbd
✧ enemies: tbd

✧ physically easy / mentally strong / attack in #B6A6E4
✧ will not fight / will not run away / will not finish battles
✧ will fight for a cause she cares about / to defend a clanmate

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CLOUDY SKIES - intro to tomato and her family
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