SOMEONE NEW [tree climbing]

♥ Indigorain ♥


✵ ღ ☾ I'D WALK THROUGH FIRE - When the youths of the group had approached him that morning, asking- or rather insisting on showing them some moves, Indigo had admittedly been a little blind-sided, but still gave an enthusiastic “sure!” thankfully he was able to get all their parents permission quick enough to satiate the rather impatient cats.
That’s how he found himself here, standing at the base of one of his favorite tree’s, gazing into expectant eyes.
❝ Alright… tree-climbing! A crucial skill within our home, it gives us the advantage that no one else has. ❞ He began, giving his best “teacher-esque” tone before turning his back towards his mini-squad and towards the tree. ❝ It can be a little tricky at first, a little tough on your claws too, but practice makes perfect! ❞ He mused along, reaching up and sinking talon-like claws into the damp bark, grateful the rainstorms, as the soft bark would keep any of the younger members from splintered claws from trying too hard. ❝ Now, use your upper body strength- ❞ Indigo cut off with a grunt of effort as he hoisted himself up, his hind claws grasping onto the trunk, ❝ and crawl! Usually to the nearest branch- ❞ he cut off again as he began to climb, wincing as a claw sank too deep into the wood, but playing it off with a flick of his tail and maneuvering to the first branch. ❝ Now you try! ❞ He excitedly called to the cats below, taking a moment to rest on his haunches and nibble at his sore claw.
❝ Speech. ❞


Being part of a forest-group, it was perhaps sod's law that Haku was woefully untalented when it came to climbing. Though he had claws sharp enough to grip, he could barely balance on the []ground[/I], let alone up a tree. Often he found himself leaning into the logic of those marsh cats- that kittypets were not meant to live out in the wild, and were instead destined to live with twolegs. But there was no replacement for his old family out there that he wished to find. He would settle now for the company of his own kind, those who hailed from households like him. There was sympathy, in that relationship.

Haku was not among the children who fawned at Indigo's feet, though he had seated himself nearby to watch. In his chest twisted embarrassment, unable to step forward and admit he was as clueless as the youths- so there did he stay, paws rooted steadfast to the ground. Hardly a blink crossed his merely-marred features, sure that there must be some trick he had been missing, but unwilling to participate without being called directly. Besides, he would probably end up falling off and breaking his neck. And wouldn't that be a sight for the kiddos!
Frankly he was both surprised and disturbed that so many youths came forward to learn tree climbing from Indigo. Not that there was anything wrong with the guy, he just didn't think so many cats would come forward. He could help out Indigo, considering he knew how to climb trees pretty well. However, he thought it would be more amusing to watch how events unfolded. He did notice Indigo making a mistake, but it wasn't pressing enough to point out. Also, I'm not really in the mood for saying something and then being dragged into teaching. Sure it's nice to have a big turnout, but it's too much work. I'd rather lay down and sleep than teach so many cats. He looked around before his eyes landed on Haku. Couldn't say he was on friendly terms with the cat, but he figured there was nothing wrong with striking a conversation with them.

Goal in mind he groaned as he rose to his paws only to plop next to Haku. "Soooooo, how's it going? You doing alright, or are you here to relax by watching tree climbing?" That's not too bad of a start right? I'm not like bothering him too much or being that nosey. I don't think so at least. Hopefully not. Would be a bummer if Haku was a meanie.

╰☆☆ Blaise is still getting to know many of his new denmates, and Indigo is one of the ones he hasn't interacted with yet. Handsome, dark-pointed and blue-eyed, the tom is friendly and outgoing. He's heard Indigo is one of the many cats here who Rain had formally adopted as children. He finds the leader's kindness astounding, even after being accepted.

He sits beside Haku and a small white tom. All of them have their eyes on Indigo and the youngsters he's teaching to climb. Blaise wonders idly if he should join the kits scrambling up the bark. After all, he knows if he continues to live out here among the feral cats, he will need to hone his skills. Not only in hunting, but in climbing and weaving and... the idea makes his head spin a bit.

"Relaxing, hmm?" Blaise shoots the small tom a look. "I'm getting nervous just watching this. The trees here are so... tall," he murmurs. Dark blue eyes reach for the treetops, and he's amazed at their majesty, their height. He's never climbed higher than a fencepost.

"The trees are our way of life." Tugger remarks from his post at the base of one of the closest trees to the groups. A couple youngsters scrambled at the wood, trying and failing to pull themselves up with their too-long legs and too-little paws. Eery so often, when one of the littles fell down or let out an angry squeak at the tree, the ginger king would fix them with a look and tilt his head - try again.

He had surprised himself with how easily he had taken to Rain's way of life, hunting and climbing. Now, it was rare to find Tugger on the ground when he could be surveying his home from the canopy above. It was an odd thing to him that some cats just couldn't get the hang of climbing - it was easy. As easy as breathing.

[color-orange]"It's - you're not trying, you're whining."[/color] He fixed the child closest to him with a dark glare, partially in annoyance of the interruption and partially in exasperation of their little cries of dissent. After a moment, the child leapt upwards and sank their thorn-sharp claws into the wood and hoisted themselves up the trunk with some squeaking and panting - but not another whine. Satisfied, Tugger turned his attention back to Blaise.

"It's second-nature once you get up there. You sink into the wind, get lost in the branches. It's... nice."
✦ ★ ✦
— He was wasting his time here, gawking at the flock of youths as they scrambled up the bark alongside Indigo, the pointed tom spewing overused lines left and right. Trying oh-so-hard to seem mature as if he hadn't graduated from kithood himself only a few months ago. It was stupid, pointless, but oh, he had something to prove.

Someone had dared to flash him some sort of expectant gaze earlier. As if saying won't you be joining them? only to turn away when Once's eyes had narrowed into thin slits. It was disrespectful, insulting to assume he needed climbing lessons from someone his age. He belonged here, among the adults, gawking at the bunch of them as if they had nothing better to do. And for some of them, he supposed they truly didn't.

Blaise's words don't make a lick of sense. Former house cat as he was, surely he'd be used to trekking his way across fences and the like? He had no issue with kittypets— a fool might use that same term to refer to him, after all— but this one somehow manages to live up to the stereotype these wildcats parade around. Strange.

And Tugger starts spewing some dumbassery. Stuff that'd make him mad coming from anyone, but was especially aggravating coming from his flat-face. All he knew of the guy was that he was mean and ugly, and now he wants to break the mold? "When'd you get so damn sappy?" he's speaking before he can think twice about it. And now that he has: yeah, he would've said that anyways. ""'Course you're gonna get lost in the branches 'cuz you couldn't smell a corpse rotting right in front you. Speak for yourself."