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Forest trails behind her sister, trained ears following her every movement as unseeing eyes stare blankly at the ground. She had tried everything to get Lavender to turn around and go home, to leave her to make this decision alone. But her littermate, stubborn as she always has been, continues to ignore her, strutting boldly ahead. An indiscernible grumble leaves the torbie as she feels her way clumsily through unfamiliar terrain. This was supposed to be her adventure, her moment to shine and be the independent cat she always has known she could be. And as always, Lavender had to come and ruin everything.

She stops suddenly, her nose catching onto something...odd. "Lavender, stop," She suddenly mews, tail fluffing out. Her ears are swiveling every which way as she realizes what they just crossed. "That was it. That was their border." Nervous excitement causes her heart to pound and she can't help the giant grin that comes to her youthful face. This is it! Suddenly, it doesn't even matter that Lavender is here. She was going to be a clan cat and nothing could ruin that for her!

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Mouse-dung she wished Forest would stop trying to boss her around! Her sister had finally stopped groaning about how Lavender couldn't come with her, that she should just turn around and go back to their mom and dad. Ha! As if she would ever do that. She was so sick of them constantly telling her what to do. She just wanted to do what she wanted, when she wanted and if she became a big strong warrior, if she learned to fight like one of the clan cats, well this was her chance! She could learn everything she could from them and then when she was big and strong she would be the boss! Granted, Lavender hadn't thought this plan entirely through, but she is determined to make it work.

She's so lost in her daydreaming that she almost walks right over the border. She rolls her eyes at Forest, of course she had to tell her what to do again but she does stop. "Whoops! Didn't see it there, good catch Green" she says, calling her sister by the nickname she had come up with when they had been much smaller than they were currently. Whether Forest liked the nickname or not Lavender was unsure, but she didn't really care anyways if she were to be honest. It was cute and it totally suited her! "So like, what now?" she asks the torbie next to her "Do you just like, wait here?" She had to admit that Forest did know a good deal more about these clan cats than she did, though how that came to be, Lavender was uncertain. "What if no one shows up?" She shivers, dreading having to spend the night outside in the cold and the dark by themselves.
"What if, indeed," the tom rumbles, amused as he steps from between clumps of reeds. Small form and dark form leaves it easy for him to hide. He's stumbled across wandering youngsters more than he'd ever expect to lately. Borders or no, they came in droves, childish bickering echoing through the marsh. His gaze scans across the pair, brows upturned with the slightest of smiles. Large paws stand just at the edge of the newly-found border, almost teasing as he speaks to the young mollies. "Lookin' for us, or am I makin' assumptions here?"

The lumbering tabby comes to a stop beside their similarly short clanmate, white-splashed coat stark against their surroundings. Bright eyes cast over the foreign duo for a few heartbeats, lingering on their dappled forms as Moonbeam focuses on what the older tom is saying. Are these two cats in search of shelter in ShadowClan? Moonbeam wouldn’t exactly call the marsh the greatest place to live, but it’s comfortable and familiar, so they can understand.

But. They’re still a couple of children, right at ShadowClan’s border. The clan seems to be packed to the brim with youngsters already, so Moonbeam only sighs at the prospect of more. That one little mouse-face has already bitten their too many times to count! "What’re all these kids doing here?" She complains, but flashes the duo a sharp smile. It’s not welcoming by any means, but it’s a smile and it’s bright. These two look old enough to know better than to bite her tail. "You’re in ShadowClan, since old man here forgot to say."
"I'd certainly hope they're looking for us and not SkyClan," rumbles the rosette tabby as he strides over to Frog's Croak other side, towering over the two shorter felines of the patrol. Where mistrust would typically burn in molten eyes upon stumbling across strangers, there's nothing but curiosity held for mere children. "You little shits lost?" A brow quirks, his head tilting in an overexaggerated manner. Lost, or abandoned... Either way, Pitch wouldn't turn his back on two kids. He'd offer whatever help he could.
Forest hates to admit it, but she doesn't know the answers to her sister's questions. Flattening her ears and furrowing her brow, she parts her jaws, "I...don't know." A wave of embarrassment washes over her - she isn't the best at thinking ahead. Forest has always been more of a doer rather than a thinker.


Her ears twitch and angle towards the sound of a cat approaching. "Someone's coming," She whispers, unsure if Lavender can see the cat or not. With gaze still locked somewhere on the ground ahead of her, she faces her body towards the voice that now reaches them. The tom sounds older, with a mature voice and amused words. She doesn't mean to, but her pelt instinctively fluffs out defensively. Suddenly, she feels incredibly vulnerable and is tempted to step closer to her sister. This is unfamiliar territory, after all, and she is at an extraordinary disadvantage.

Other cats arrive, and Forest is focusing heavily on the sounds of their paws, the distance they keep. The next cat speaks; they smell sweet, like berries, but their words sound sharp and uninviting. She can't see the smile upon her face and so the young torbie immediately jumps to the defense. "I know where we are," She announces confidently - more confidently than she should. Her chin shifts to the side slightly as a third cat speaks, uttering a harsh word and, again, the child takes it wrong. "Yeah, actually, we were looking for you," Forest replies snidely, frown upon her face. Puffing out her chest, the short and stout kit stands tall and puffs out her chest. "I'm Forest and this is my sister Lavender. We're here to become warriors!" The great warriors of all time!
Wandering is primarily what she does now. Keeping herself out of the eyes of her clanmates and sticking to the shadows. The molly has become a mess but she still moves like a trapped ghost. Her eyes narrow upon some weeds and she presses at them with her paws as if they will tell her if they will be useful or not. Shifting from one paw to another she focuses on the coming voices, shifting her head to look up. Ears pull forward and she steps through the thin foliage to see what the fuss is. Looking at two kits she blinks slowly before sighing inwardly.

The last sentence catches her attention. They've come to be warriors. They've come to be Shadowclanners. She wishes she was a warrior again and she merely frowns before looking at Pitch. He is deputy now and so perhaps he can let them in. Either way she looks to the two kits. "I highly doubt you won't be welcomed." It's all she has to say.

As much as she's inclined to turn them away, they are on the cusp of kithood. Still too young to fend for themselves, but just barely. It's an awkward age, but Briarstar wouldn't take chances. She would want someone to do the same for her kits if they found themselves lost, scared, and alone in the world. So she swallows down her worries that too many kits will mean less prey this leafbare and dips her head in greeting as she arrives late to the welcoming party.

"My name is Briarstar, ShadowClan's leader," she says. "It will be many moons before the two of you become warriors, but we can offer you training. You'll be apprentices and will learn to hunt and fight for your Clan. Do you think you can do that?" she asks the two of them with an imaginary brow raised.
Two new voices, and Forest has to shove down the growing anxiety sprouting up within her. She stares at the ground ahead of the ShadowClanners' paws, ears pressing forward as her fate is decided. Suddenly, a giant grin spreads across her face, and she can't help but leap with excitement as she (and unfortunately, her sister) are granted entry into the one and only ShadowClan. "Yes! We'll train, we'll become warriors!" Take that, dad!