"EEEE! LOOK AT MEEEEE!" A loud and bubbly giggle erupts from the thorn tree that held the High Branch. Those who looked would spot the tiny red tabby she-kit, awkwardly dangling and clawing onto the trunk of the tree. She was in no immediate danger as... she wasn't even a quarter of the way up, and she obviously didn't believe so either by the way she was laughing.

One paw forward... grip with claws, pull...! She pulls herself a tiny ways up with another extension of a forelimb. She does her best to succumb her laughter, it made her muscles grow weak and she didn't want to restart her climb! Again, not that it'd be a big deal, she was like... a fox-length or two from the ground anyways... Yet she felt like a master climber.

"I'm so high! Look at meeee!" She calls in a boast, wanting her clan-mates to look at uh... what a natural born climber she was. "I'm gonna make it to the High Branch!"

A shrill squeak of glee- childish excitement, it was like someone stuck a claw in his ear. Unlatching his teeth from the crow he had been munching on- he pushes aside his lunch to observe the antics of one, Figkit.

The ribs and muscles around his belly bulge as he places his claws onto the bark of the tree where the child left tiny traces of claw marks. Stretching his spine and standing at the ready should the young molly slip-

The tiny bundle of red giggled above- a nauseating sound, his lips naturally lift around his teeth. " you look like a red squirrel " he chimes to the brat- a rare display of acceptance of a child.

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Twitchkit had never attempted climbing. Usually he was preoccupied with errands or too terrified of falling to attempt it without observation- That fact made his stomach twist tight at the flicker-flame striped pelt of Figkit is she made her way up the tree, green eyes greener with envy. To have that conviction... that bravery. He knew somewhere within him existed the guts that he needed to try, but considering nothing but catastrophe tended to tie his legs down. Anchored upon their camp ground he would stay until his apprenticeship rolled around, whenever that might be... six moons, outclassed by a baby. It was sad, really.

Growing irritation burrowed under his skin like bugs, gnawing at his bones and squirming in his flesh, itchy. It was hard to disguise the scowl upon his face, though was he really trying to hide it? Still, he managed not to spit out anything horrible- it wasn't Figkit he was mad at, anyways. Instead he simply offered something simple, followed by the nervous twitch of an eyelid. "Just- make sure you can get down."

An urge, but given shakily. He didn't want her dying.
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Shallow was watching from a distance away at the kit who in his opinion was foolish enough to climb a tree even more so if she got heigher up then she already was. Just one misstep and it could be over for her even at her current height. All it needed was for her to land incorrectly. In the first place why did the adults encourage a behavior like this?. Perhaps they didn't care enough about thier young ones, or this one in particular. For sure this clan was so different from his rogue group. so much weirder. Still he was no different from the skunk-pelted warrior since he made no attempt to step in to advice this kit to make better life decisions. If she fell and died it would all be on the adults, not his. Still he couldn't ignore how unsettling this made him feel to watch this. Maybe it was because in the group he came from climping trees didn't happen so often. Most had been poor climbers. Only few of them had been skilled enough.


Figkit isn't looking in Twitchkit's direction, so she doesn't have a clue of his envy. Even if she had laid eyes on him, who was to say she'd even notice his irritation? Instead the child just flicks an ear in acknowledgement, again placing one paw forward and hooking her claws into the bark. "I'll be able to get down! Getting down is easy!" She thought so anyways... she's never tried properly dismantling down from a tree before.

You look like a red squirrel, Thistleback said, a warrior Figkit had swiftly learned to steer clear from. She heard the other kits whisper, tell her not to bother him... But yet here he was, standing and preparing to catch her- it wasn't needed! But- surely he couldn't be that bad? "Mh-maybe..." she grunts as she awkwardly pulls herself up, "Blazestar will name me Figsquirrel." It was an odd name, the child was no expert at warrior names though.
Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh
"now, what's everyone lookin' at ovah here?

the southern accented tom approached the small cluster of cats gathered at the base of the tree, seemingly watching something thats clinging onto the bark. when he got close enough to see, he realized that something was none other than figkit making a valiant effort trying to scale the tree while others were on stand by just incase. an amused purr would roll deep within his chest at the spectacle, feathery tail sweeping behind him as the red tabby kitten made a guess of what her warrior name would be.

"that'd be one interestin' name! maybe if yer lucky them special star cats will also grant ya the ability to speak squirrel." huckleberry adds on, a chuckle accompanying his words soon after.

Her conviction was given, tone full of bravado, claiming it was easy- and he knew no better. It would be unkind to correct her when she was clearly so confident, so Twitchkit attempted to shrug it off- though still could not stop looking, a s if prepared for some terrible, inevitable disaster. Trap fastened shut, eyes shifted only briefly to Huckleberry, the older tom seeming much more amused with the situation than worried. It was only when the subject of Figsquirrel was brought up- and the lilt-voiced warrior spoke of star-cats and the granting of prey-speaking powers- that Twitchkit shot Huckleberry an incredulous look.

"Can they do that?" He had only heard of them granting lives, and maybe such a question made him look gullible- but who knew. Maybe Huckleberry was telling the truth. But how would he know about StarClan? Had he met them?
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