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The sun was high and the field was lit up like a sea of stars from the light reflecting off the morning dew. As he stepped along he could scent the rabbits huddling together in small groups among the moor grass, easy pickings for WindClan, but as he moved to glance down into the rolling hillside where the burrows were located he found himself staring at the strangely glittering hares all hopping about without a care until one by one long ears pricked upward in alarm.
Dandelionpaw froze, glanced around curious as to what had alarmed them when one burst into a mist of light without warning and he stumbled back to sit in surprise. The other rabbits all began to dart for their burrows.
Slowly he felt his fur prickle in unease as a shadow moved over him and the field, quick as a blink and so swift he took a moment to even properly register what he’d seen.

He froze, shut his eyes in a moment of paralyzed panic before opening them to see more shadows soaring through the grass and tearing across the moorland; the rabbits were scattering now in a frenzy, some were too slow and the shadows tore through them; splitting their star-lined pelts into shimmering pieces that drifted like dandelion seeds on the wind.
With a grunt of frustration he dashed downhill, desperate to catch one before they all vanished but his paws only just barely touched the sparkling trails they left behind in their wake. Rising to stand from where he had slid to the ground pursuing the prey he frowned as the field turned dark, the sun cut off as the shadows spun into one great mass and he tilted his head up with wide and fearful eyes before he watched it split apart once more and one dove down to envelope him in a lightless abyss.

The apprentice awoke with a start, a leg kicking out and knocking the bracken from his nest as he rolled to his back and then flipped back upward to stand in alarm, panting confused. His claws had unsheathed and he now slowly sat down to calm himself as he picked bits of his bedding that he had torn from between his toes with quick nips of his teeth.
At first he almost dismissed it all as a nightmare but…somehow it felt different from a normal dream, a part of him was startled by the jarring shift but another part of him filled with delight. Something told him this was a message from StarClan, a gut feeling that he realized he could not question. Did this mean they accepted him as Honeytwist’s choice? Did this mean he was going to be able to speak to them going forward?

And what did it mean…? It had been scary. He didn’t expect visions from StarClan to be so alarming. Once his fur had settled back flat and he felt more composed he stiffly rose to stand and wandered out of the den where he saw the medicine cat calmly grooming.
“...H-Honeytwist…ah think….ah think I had one of them there…vision things you mentioned?” Dandelionpaw moved to sit but found he could not settle down, choosing to stand and bounce back and forth from paw to paw, swinging side to side as he rambled on, "I saw the rabbits! The real fat ones you said you saw! They were all sparkly and starry and-and there were hundrends of'em just sittin' there and I was gonna go catch one but...but something dark and...and quick hit one and it disappeared and then-and then they were all runnin'! B-but there was more of'em-them dark shadows! Zoomin' round like buzzin' flies and so many they blocked out the sun! The rabbits all went into their holes-if'n they weren't vanishin' and the shadows..." His head lifted up, eyeing where the sun was in the sky currently and tried to imagine what it would take to block it out and darken the world.
"...they were everywhere and so fast..."

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Her voice is called and she looks up, dipping her back in a stretch where she had previously been grooming down puffed up fur. Dandelion looks a little stiff and immediately her eyes soften, coming to sit right besides him and attempting to wrap a fluffy tail around him for comfort. One of those visions, he says and immediately her ears perk.

Starclan has approved of her decision and she smiles. Little star child, blessed be.

Then he describes the dream and her smile falters, just for a second. The prospect of it does not sound good, especially with the shadows. Could the rabbits actually symbolize Windclan? Did I read it wrong the whole time? The thought shakes her to her very core, but theres a part of her that relishes the thought. Was it sick of her? She wants to beg and cry and scream at the stars for answers, why they're trying to destroy Windclan, but she knows her pleas would fall upon deaf ears. They don't listen, they never do.

"Everything'll be fine," she lies naturally as if she has her whole life, leaning her head down to swipe a tongue over the shaken apprentice. Its times like these where she realizes how inexperienced she is, how little she knows with the fact she has a whole clan to take care of. "I think... We should be on our guard. It could mean a lot of things... We must be careful." she does not want to scare him with what she had thought, does not want his first vision to be a bad one. She does not want to make the call and so she waits, waits for Soot to show up like she usually did.
Her experience in Windclan has been somewhat... mixed, so far. The bulk of the decisions were made by the strangest of characters. A little blue queen and her yes-men, it seems. She couldn't busy herself with the details, more trouble than its worth. The influx of prey has brought with it a strange sort of joy settling across the moor, Windclanners settling in with warm nests and full bellies despite leaf-fall's approach. Even the kill-joys that paraded the place were happy. Why ruin a good thing?

She offers the two a gentle tut of her head, acknowledgment of the circumstances, even if not verbal. Would these ghostly things really show promise of good fortune to come, and not expand on these things till later? She sure hopes not. Though, it would be sort of funny, a fine print they couldn't see 'till it was too late. "So new and already giving you the funny dreams; they should cut the kid some slack, eh?" She tilts her head to Honeytwist, a tired smile on her lips. "Mm, maybe you were just dreamin' of me. I change colors when I'm hungry, y'know."
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Dandelionpaw seemed... excited, but with a dash of lovely, spicy apprehension in there just for flavour. And with mystical vagueness, cryptic whisper, Honeytwist did not do much to levy the load upon herself. He supposed you could never be too certain of StarClan's intentions- or meanings- not that he'd ever seen any. Whatever it meant, that long string of words upon words of rabbits and running... surely it could not be anything worse than the fires or the thunderous booms ringing to-fro. Spitting his laughter at their relative good fortune, Mallowlark sidled up, charcoal paws tippling his balance slightly upon his too-attentive approach. Grey eyes fastened upon the pair, halted at his aunt's side.

Her story- teasing, he knew- still brought a cackle from his lungs, a bubbling bellowing one that scratched eardrums with scrabbling claws. A night dipped paw motioned to Moonrabbit, intent on perpetuating her teasing. "It's true, I've seen it!" he laughed, his lie dead on his tongue before it had arrived, betrayed by his rippling laughter. The volume- that, he managed to temper. But the frequency only increased, like the pitter-patter of running pawsteps, spilling from his mouth like guts from ribcage.

She is unamused by the baffoolery the two alabaster family members were speaking. This dream didn't sound pleasant at all, instantly putting Sootstar in a foul mood... she would not show patience for the jester and his aunt. "It is not a funny dream, it is a message from StarClan." She meiows coolly, lashing her tail upwards so that it pointed to the sky. This was no joking or amusing matter.

Brushing off Mallowlark and Moonrabbit she fixates her gaze on the young medicine cat apprentice. She overheard Honeytwist's indecisive answer, perhaos their healer trainee had a more elaborate theory. "StarClan has sent you this dream for a reason, they believed you'd be able to interpret what it meant. Tell us what you think." She looks at the brown and cream tom-cat expectantly, ears raised and attentive.

They were sending him dreams now. Owlpaw felt jealousy swell in her chest as she stopped beside her mother, claws digging into the ground and jaw clenching as she stared daggers at Dandelionpaw. The others joked with him about the bad dream, but Owlpaw shared her mother's sentiments. A dream from StarClan was not to be taken lightly. If she had the dream, she would already know what it meant and she would have the authority to tell everyone around her to shut the fuck up and take it seriously. Yet here they were, joking with the medicine cat apprentice, treating this as if it wasn't something serious.

"Maybe he doesn't know," she said before she could stop herself, jealousy and anger getting the better of her. She clamped her mouth shut instantly and took a few steps away from Sootstar as if she was expecting to be slapped for saying something. That should be me getting dreams from StarClan, even if they are bad omens.

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Honeytwist's comforting presence and assurances helped stall any uncertainty he might have felt over it all, his fear briefly dampened in reply to Moonrabbit and Mallowlark's commentary and he raised a paw to his mouth to stifle the giggling that had begun to slip out at the absurdity of it. If cats could change colors he would happily trade his brown pelt in for one that was a lot brighter! Maybe orange! Or blue! He liked both of those colors and they filled him with a sense of serenity and delight. If he could swap his eye color around too that would be fun-but he was rather fond of his wheat field and grassland stare.
His amusement was stomped quite suddenly by Sootstar's authorative form appearing, green eyes giving his jovial clanmates a cool look before addressing him. It was true, somewhat, that if StarClan had wanted Honeytwist to know then they would have sent it to her; but he was still not so familiar with the concept of deciphering their dreams, but there had to be something he brought to the table that Honeytwist could not that would hopefully make sense of things.
The apprentice tried putting on a more thoughtful, serious expression as he sat there pondering only for Owlpaw to arrive and speak with an almost accusatory tone that she quickly deflected with a partial step and he offered her a wary smile, "Maybe ah don't! Lemme think fer a spell on it. Didn't figure I'd be havin' to do this so soon!" If StarClan wanted to tell them something they could just outright say it. This dream nonsense was a little much for him, a cat who was not fond of puzzling things out if he could avoid it.

The shadows were fast. They didn't seem to care much about him until all the rabbits were gone. The rabbits had disappeared when they were hit by the shadows. He had no idea what the shadows could be implied as but whatever they were they were dangerous to not only the prey but maybe even cats!
"Reckon it might mean we be careful while huntin' them fat ole'hares jus'in case. Maybe we ain't the only ones try'n to eat'em. Don't think one o'them shadows alone was too scary? But ah saw'em form into a cloud...blocked out the entire sun..."


Her daughter's comment doesn't earn anything from a split second look from the mother. Sootstar doesn't know what to think of her daughters continuous disdain for the medicine cat apprentice. She had learned of her jealousy for him shortly after he was promoted, and while she could only imagine her anger... Sootstar thought her longing to be a medicine cat would be over by now. Hopefully it was a phase that would drift away in time...

"Be careful?" She echoes, StarClan was just warning them to be cautious then? Soot didn't have the faintest clue as to why... what could they possibly have to fear? "We will warn the hunting patrols to be cautious then. These... shadows... they come from the sky?" She inquires for confirmation prior to going silent in thought.

"And tell them to try and keep an eye in the sky... I suppose." But what would be a threat to them there?

Sootstar isn't quite sure what to think of the whole ordeal... but she nods in finality and pads off to inform her high-rankings.


Sootstar seems skeptical and he couldn't blame her really, even he wasn't full sure how to feel about the dream and its meaning and found himself glancing back to Honeytwist every so often as if she might be able to help, but something told him this was an ordeal he had to figure out on his own. A trial maybe?
"Ah think so." Where else would the source of the shadow be? But he couldn't for the life of him think of anything that would be a threat to a trained warrior, "Jus' might be better to not let no one go out alone I reckon." Never hurt to be safe. He wished he could offer more insight but the sepia point was just not sure what dangers might lurk above that warranted an entire StarClan warning.
Moonrabbit stifles a purr at Mallowlark's corroboration. Her favorite nephew, this one. She gestures to him with her tail, eyes shut in a pleased sort of smile. "See?" Spirits successfully lifted, good job her.

Only for a moment though, before the woman of the hour is among them, mewing in direct opposition of her. Can't win em all, eh? Her face, lifted in the beginnings of a smile, fall into something neutral then. Starclan an' their dreams. She didn't quite get it, didn't quite care to, either. Though the leader's little daughter certainly seemed too. Weird, child drama. She could remember when her biggest problem was tryin' to beat her sisters in a race. It was probably somethin' silly like that, much to her mother's jargon, she's sure.

Despite whatever the kid was mad about, Dandy-boy carries on with his vague interpretation, be careful. Doesn't seem very helpful, but hey, he's new on the job. "Sounds good to me," it sounded pretty bad, really, but what were they gonna do about it. It'll be fine, probably.