soul-searching ;; taking apprentice home.


A cat like Hyacinth finding an apprentice much larger than her, and from RiverClan of all places, too, wasn't exactly the most comforting situation. How the apprentice got over the border or around the gorge is enough to warrant enough confusion from the molly. Had it been a warrior, one who knew better, trespassing, maybe Hyacinth wouldn't have been so kind. But, she still wasn't entirely happy about this situation. As the apprentice, Peachpaw her name was, hobbled behind her while loudly groaning about how much walking they had to do, Hyacinth found herself wanting to deafen herself for the moment. So loud, so chattery. So obnoxious.

"Here, kid." Hyacinth grunts as they finally arrive to the RiverClan border, the gorge far off in the distance. They'd went the long way around, for this- seeing as the apprentice wanted to dawdle in the territory. Her own curiousity would be the downfall of the apprentice, it seemed.

"RiverClan! Gute Nacht! Seems one of your apprentices wandered a bit too far over the border. She's safe, but-" Hyacinth was soon interrupted by the cheeky sound of Peachpaw's voice, snapping irritably and nervously at the WindClan lead warrior. "I can talk for myself, thank you!" She shrieked, Hyacinth rolling her eyes. Standing behind the apprentice, she gestured for the girl to cross the borders back onto her side, which Peachpaw begrudgingly began to do, wading through the water. With her fur soaked, she looked much smaller than she actually was. How odd..

"I certainly hope you enjoy cleaning out dens, Peachpaw, because your future is looking very much like it's about to be just that." This foolheaded apprentice. If this had been a few moons back he might have been far more aggressive in his scolding and punishment but RiverClan had dulled some of his edges; the bleeding hearts that they were.
He swore he did not understand the youth today because when he was told to stay put he had very much listened; then again his teacher had been prone to using her claws for emphasis on lessons. If only a good cuffing did similar, but he'd refrain from harming a clanmate regardless of his level of irritation unless they did something truly horrendous. Being stupid was, unfortunately, not a crime worthy of physical punishment.
But with everything happening in RiverClan right now, with the tension and the two-legs on their territory he had hoped the apprentices would be a little more well-behaved to avoid risking getting hurt but it seemed he was wrong. Did they not know certain death might be had due to one mistake? What was she doing out alone anyways-who was her mentor? Ravendusk? He was going to chew him out too for not keeping tabs of his apprentice, StarClan help him.
Smokethroat was going to start getting gray hairs to go with the white dappled spots forming on his pelt at this rate.

The dark tom watched the sodden young she-cat drag her wet and matted pelt along through the water back to their side of the territory markers and he frowned as he lifted his gaze up to meet the blue-violet one of the WindClan she-cat. That he was not particularly fond of Hyacinthbreath was an understatement, were it not Cicadastar's insistence they try not to cause more problems than what they were dealing with now he might have had a go at her were she closer. The river in this circumstance was not unlike a two-leg trap, keeping him from acting out and restraining him.
"...I suppose a thanks is in order. Appreciate you not eating her or whatever else it is you do over there."


" Manners, Peachpaw." Ravendusk reminded thier apprentice with coldness as he approached forward, eyes locked upon the apprentice who now was under his wing which meant his responsibility no matter what he felt about it. Disappointment was clear as day in the gaze. Not only had Peachpaw broken laws today but she had also humilated and embarassed him as well for this behavior of hers. It was putting both of them in a bad light and there was nothing to be pleased about that.What on earth had even fly into this ones mind?. That was what Ravendusk wished to know but that was for a talk for later to have a serious conversation with this lil rebellious act of hers.

" Thank you for bringing her back home. I apologize for any trouble she might have caused you." He then said to the windclanner giving them a much more polite and respectful approach then thier own lead warrior had done. Enemies or not, Ravendusk refused to sink so low to forget his own manners no mater who he faced. If anything he was grateful over that she had brought thier apprentice back home to them all safe and sound. One single flink of his tail was all Ravendusk would give, enough to show a sign of annoyence and irritation. At this point he didn't even look at Peachpaw. He felt embarassed by her.



Frostpaw was not one to stray far from her mentor, despite any given order he gave her. She could... relatively take care of herself, at least that was what she thought. Curled ears perked and swayed as she focused her attention onto the windclanner, boy did they have a nasty habit of appearing at their borders and she rolled her eyes, slightly smirking at the other apprentice's quip towards the other lead warrior. Her fluffy tail twitched slightly as she heard Ravendusk's words and how he seemed to be quite disappointed in Peachpaw.

Frostpaw found great humor in it but, that of course was she distasted the Windclanners, they were all full of themselves and rude. Their leader foolishly trying to demand respect where it was not earned and so she couldn't care any less for them. Soon as Peachpaw had crossed over and was close enough Frostpaw would mouth "nice one" so their mentors would not notice the other encouraging the younger apprentice

Had it been her own apprentice doing something so stupid, she might have battered Coldpaw's ears for the choice. This one seemed to be freshly apprenticed, despite her older age, so she wouldn't say much- but if RiverClan was taking so little care that they apprenticed their kits late, she wondered if they were getting lazy. Smokethroat's presence brings a flicker of amusement cross violet-blue eyes, tail flicking- waiting for him to leap across the river so that they may tangle in a wild fight this time. Snarky words of the past aside, he thanks Hyacinth for bringing back their apprentice, and she chuckles at that fact.

"I'm sure she'll figure out how things work around here. Keep an eye on her, it's not safe on our side. Had this been anyone else, it would have ended badly." Hyacinth mutters softly to herself, a look of guilt flashing past her gaze. She wouldn't forget her talk with Pollenfur, the reminder that she couldn't lose more of her soul to the dark acts that took place in WindClan. She wouldn't harm a kit, she'd always told herself that.

Living in a battlefield never made those beliefs easy to protect.

As Peachpaw made her way back over to Frostpaw, head hanging low in embarrassment as she creeps past Ravendusk, the disappointment in his gaze making her swallow hard. She'd have to earn back his trust at this point, wouldn't she? Damn, her need to wander. Her curiousity got the best of her again. She seats herself by Ravendusk, ears down and body dripping and shivering. "I could have found my way home.." She grumbled softly, glaring daggers into the ground.

At that, Hyacinth stands from her place at the border, dipping her head. "If that's all, I'll be heading back to camp before the others suspect anything. Have a good night, ja?"

Once Peachpaw was safely back on their shores he let his hackles lower, his prickling black fur flattening once more against his form as he shook his head. It was fortunate for her that the other warrior arrived when he did, it saved her from a chewing out from the black tom in favor of dismissing her and looking back to tom arriving with a curt and scolding tone of his own.

"Ravendusk, I take it you will see to her being reprimanded for this properly?" If the red-tinted tom was going to do so then he would stand back and allow the mentor to handle their own apprentice in this case, it certainly made less work for him in the end so he was unbothered either way. Next to him his own apprentice appears, silent though he notes her mouth move faintly as if speaking but he dismisses it because at the very least Frostpaw had the sense not to cause problems outloud in front of him. Behind his back he was sure she was up to no end of mishief.

Hyacinthbreath stands to leave, his skeptical orange eyes watching her rise before he calls out, "Wait..."
There is a brief moment where he notes the faintest look of unease across the WindClanner's face, though from this far it was hard to say if he was imagining it or not. Her words sounded as if they might have been a threat of some kind, a warning, but there was a way it was said that made his eyes narrow in a rare instance of curiousity. The affairs of the moor running cats was not of interest to him, his focus was and always would be on RiverClan but he could not help the sudden instance of uncertainty and idly intrigue that struck him as he listened.

"...are you alright?" It was a question asked that surprised even him, but blurted out without much thought before he shook his head and his usual scowl rose back to his face, "I mean...whatever...nevermind." That he'd even bothered with the question was a pointless thing. He didn't care a bit about the rabbit eaters and their nonsensical clan left out in the open fields. Morons, the lot of them.