SPACE DUST // omen


Her dreams had run wild since her children were born. Most of them were nightmares of terrible things that could happen to them... often she dreamt that the sharp talons of hawks pierced their fur and took them far, far away from her. She dreamt of a world where Flint was still living, an issue and a danger to her children's lives... She dreamt of Sandra managing to charm them while she wasn't looking, turn them against her, even if that was out of character for the molly... For her children, her fears burned wild and imaginative, she wonders if all mothers went through this.

But this dream... it wasn't a nightmare...
For the first time in several days, this dream was not about her kits either.

Something about the land before her was heavenly... it was the same as the moors she roamed while awake but different at the same time. Somehow the land felt safer... more sacred and imperfect than it usually was. That was until her aimless wandering led her to a large flower patch- well- large was actually an understatement... It stretched out farther than her pretty green eyes could see! Soot's maw parts in a heavy mixture of shock and confusion, this was no pretty sight as one may imagine.

All of these flowers were ugly and sickly.
Not a single one carried the slightest bit of color... they were all either dead or dying from who knows what had plagued them.

It was a horrible... awful sight...

Bzzz... bzzz...
A blue ear flicks.
Bzzz... BZZZ....
Wildly she pivots her head in irritation at the sound to see the flash of a bee buzzing all around her. Soot scoffs and swats at it, nuisance... "Get out of here!" Her brain hisses as she moves a paw to swat at it, but the bee is swift and quick to think. She misses... and as if to mock her it lands right on the bridge of her nose, its big beady black eyes staring into hers. Soot wrinkles her nose which prompts it to fly off and toward the wilted flowers after a few seconds.

It lands on one of the withered flowers, Soot isn't sure why but she pads after it with a snort. "These guys could've used you long ago, it's a bit too late to do your job." She scolds it with a lash of her tail. Yet as if to say "you're wrong!" with a little bit of shaking off pollen that stuck to its back and... Soot blinks in surprise as stardust began to glitter around the flower. What in the... in uncertainty she begins to back up... but before her eyes, she was watching some type of star-gifted magic occur.

Within seconds not only did the flower rapidly regain its color but it grew, it grew to be as tall and proud as a sunflower! Soot couldn't believe it- it went from being sick and ugly to standing five times taller than her! If what she had witnessed wasn't crazy enough, the stardust began to spread and pour across the land. She watches as all the flowers are rejuvenated, taking back their brilliant colors and blessing the moors with their glory again.

The blue she-cat falls on her rump in utter dismay.

None of the flowers had grown as tall as the first- no... not nearly... but before her eyes in... minutes? Maybe even only seconds- she had watched them all come back to life!

Slowly her gaze travels up the first flower's tall stalk, her eyes would set on a magnificent flower. Its face was bright yellow and wrapped around its head was a gorgeous shade of blue. She's never in all her moons of living seen or even heard of such a flower before!

In its center sat that proud and triumphant bee, staring down right back at her.
Bzz bzzzz bzzz, it humms as if to say "see? I've told you so!"

"That you have..." is all Soot can think back in awe, continuing to take in the magnificent view around her before it all fades to black.

She awakes.

In the dawn, as her clan-mates rose she told them, "Keep your eyes peeled for a blue and yellow flower. You'll know when you see it, the stars want us to have it."




Dusk is always early to wake up. The nights are never kind to him, and sleep often finds its way tot he tom in little more than restless naps throughout the night that always end with him jerking awake with claws flexing at the ready and fog in his green eyes. And so, ironically enough, it's dawn that Dusk looks forward to the most.

Slipping from his nest- which as always, had been reduced to messy chunks from all his restless movement- the tall, muscled tomcat would make his way out into the camp. He was mid stretch when Sootstars words would reach his ears, and green eyes would flicker with hesitant curiosity.

"The stars?" he asked, gaze shifting to land on the dark shecat. It was questions like this that he hated most of all, because everyone else already seemed to have the answers. It made him feel far stupider than he actually was, and yet he knew it was important to ask. He couldn't fit in here if he didn't know what the hell anyone was talking about. He just had to hope Sootstar would grow to angry with him for his ignorance, because it was the once thing Dusk wasn't in short supply of thanks to his history.

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