Jun 7, 2022

They don’t normally like walking long distances, but when a warrior calls them to go on a patrol, they don’t feel like they can deny it. They don’t like these patrols, mostly because one part of their typical route takes them far too close to ShadowClan’s territory for comfort. But at least they aren’t alone; they have their fellow ThunderClanners with them. And the black-patched apprentice who’s with them seems friendly enough.

"What do you think about this territory?" They ask the other feline conversationally, flicking their tail. "I like the flowers and the rocks a lot, but I don’t like the sun very much." They’ve already gotten the slightest burn on their back from the prolonged time they spent in the sunlight.

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The clans were- interesting. Seeing as these cats worked together to make a life for themselves instead of every cat for themsleves, it was a nice change of pace. He was thankful that Lily and himself found their way here, able to become apart of something greater than themselves. Having been suggested for a patrol, the young blue and black smoke cat blinked a bit as their fellow Thunderclanner spoke up. Not many seemed to wanna talk to him after he was a large force and albiet, a bit on the quiet side as well. "I think- territory very thick," the gruff voice of the young apprentice came through as he spoke very- litter. Missing a word here or there and giving a small nod with his head as if to establish his own feelings.

Thunderclan did sit in a rather thick part of the forest. Foliage was abundant here and plenty of places for prey or cats to hide, so it was a bit overwhelming, "Sun- very hot," Smolder sort of cursed himself for that intelligent reply and huffed to himself inwardly. He was terrible at makinf social situations good cause while he was a gentle giant, he had horrible skills for it. The large tomcat blinked a few timesand then continued on with his words of, "Though not so bad here," It was better than trying to brave the world alone that was for sure. "SPEECH

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From the lead of the patrol, Emberstar's ear perked up at the sound of the two apprentices chatting behind her. For a while she simply listened, curious as to what they thought of their new home. As soon as Smolder declared the territory not so bad, a smile sprung to her face. "It really isn't that bad! To be honest, it's pretty close to perfect in my eyes." She called back to them, butting into their conversation without a care. "Nice and warm, plenty of prey, not as smelly as the marsh..." A laugh. "Whats not to like?"

With her fur so short, the heart hardly bothered Emberstar. If anything, it was welcome. Though, even if it hadn't been for that, she hardly would have complained. She had never found a territory she hadn't been overly fond of, so long as she had prey and shelter. It was fairly easy to please her.
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