Spider and Frost || o. Joiners

Jul 10, 2022


Spider had noticed them first, then Frost did, a strange wave of influxed of new cats invading into their home claiming it as their territory, which did indeed irk the young she-cat but, not as much as it had irked her friend Spider. Frost thought that they could live in peace while Spider wanted to see them fall. The young loner sighed a bit as she glanced over towards the lanky tom who held bitterness and resentment in gaze, but there wasn't really much the two could do other than accept it, not like they could make much of a difference. Still anger did swell in her heart however, a drop in her stomach told her, maybe they're here for a reason and perhaps... they could make friends.

Riverclan, that was what they called themselves, and it was such an silly name in Frost's opinion but alas, Spider had came up with an idea, join in the clan and tear them down from the inside out, and of course Frost wanted nothing to do with it, yet he managed to convince the younger she-cat that 'it was for the best' still, she felt uneasey before her curled ears perked a bit. This had been their home, free to roam the lands, and fish from the waters but now? Now it had been taken, claimed by a group of strangers, calling themselves a clan.

"They'll wish they have never came here, we'll make sure of that, right Frost?' Spider's voiced dark and smokey pierced through the silence that bordered between them. Frost slowly nodded, shuffling her paws before beaming a smile at him, trying to go along with what he said "Of course!" she said trying to agree to the tom, but something continued to chew at her own thoughts, a new path stood infront of them and they could of easily taken it if they choose to.

The sound of approaching pawsteps once again brought silence to the too, uneasiness dropping like a stone inside of Frost while Spider lifed his head, amber eyes awaiting to see who approached the two strangers that dare lay paws on the newly formed Riverclan land.

Spider talking ))

Seemsed they weren't the only ones to dislike that of the increased number of cats. This 'clan' seemed to think they can waltz in and take the territory as their own, and Raccoon wasn't sure about that. There where cats living here well before the clan was formed! Well before the groups even came here, and now they just expected everything to change? Expected them to just roll over and let them do whatever they pleased? The young white and black legged cat had to disagree; this was their home. Has been for as long as they can remember and they weren't about to give up their home because some group decided to make it their own.

Raccoon had been padding along the path that lead down to the river, passing by that of the willow tree they had been sitting under previously, and a strange scent pricked their nose. It wasn't one of those clan cats, but it was definitely something different. Black legs moved quickly in the direction of the smell, not seeming to care it might be dangerous, and blinked upon coming up to two cats. One of them they recongized from earlier- Frost, but the lanky black cat they didn't know at all.

"Oh sorry! I thought- you were someone else," Raccoon sheepishly grinned and flicked back their ears. They had thought they were in fact clan cats, but seemed that they were wrong.
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Spider could tell that Frost had been uneasy with the thought of joining and even going along with what he had in stored, yet he finally convinced his "friend" to join in on the scheme had had made, despite this Spider could tell the younger cat was not too thrill at the idea and that weakness would soon to be his own downfall. How would he of know though? Spider thought he could trust Frost to go along with everything he did, he did not think the she-cat would be capable of breaking away from him in any way or form ever, yet the future proves to show, Frost wasn't the little puppet that he had once been asked to raise by both their parents, a swore and a vow he soon would break.

At the sound of approaching pawsteps and an unfamiliar form making its way towards the two his amber eyes would narrow but would soon realize that it was another loner, one of them and he let a soft sigh slip from his maw, noting the recognization that displayed in the bi-colored eyes of Frost. Clearly the two had met and for some reason that irked the tom.

"Friend of yours, Frost?" he questioned the she-cat smoothly, since when was she the kind to keep secrets from the tom. She would normally tell him everything when she went out to collect things from the River once she had return, and that included when she met other loners. A suspicious look lightened itself in the lanky tom as they began to look over Raccoon with less than a warm curiousity.