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Oct 1, 2022
If you don't like me, that's your problem
The young molly's tail tapped passively against the marshy ground, narrowed citrine eyes eyeing the warriors specifically as they moved about. Tornadokit had been watching them, mentally checking off those who she might ask to help her if they even deemed her worthy of their time. She had three specifically in mind, however, today she would focus on Brawlinglion. Tornado liked what she saw in the competitive woman, after all it was Brawlinglion that encouraged her to spar with Granitepaw. A spark of excitement bloomed within the laperm's chest as she noticed the calico from across camp. Muscles spring into action as she lunges forward, instantly falling into a lope to close the distance between them. "Brawlinglion!" The black smoke calls out, eager to grasp the warrior's attention. She pauses for a moment, steeling her nerves before coming another step closer. "Please..." Her voice trails off as she recalls her encounters with Granitepaw, the glimmer of doubt that remained ever present in his eyes. She wanted, no needed to prove herself, not only just to him but to the clan itself. "Please," She starts again with her resolve renewed. "Can you train me? Teach me how to fight like you do, I promise that I will complete any task you throw at me. I just, I want to be the best, unbeatable." Tornado finishes and then she waits on bated breath.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem
The calico flexed her claws slowly as she swept her gaze across the camp, assessing the activities of others and seeking out potential duties for the day. Though it seemed as though a job was about to head her way. Brawlinglion shifted her piercing gaze down slowly until she was able to take Tornadokit into view. "Yes?" She queried with the beginnings of a smile forming. What did the youth require from her today? The she-cat listened patiently, and when she heard the youth's words she felt a fire building up within her. "You want me to train you? You are a bold kit! Understand that my training is brutal, designed to bring about the greatest of warriors. Do you think you can keep up with me?" Of course she would train the kit, but she wanted to see the fire of Tornadokit's resolve, to hear her little lion in the making roar.
If you don't like me, that's your problem
A sigh of relief exited her lungs, internally grateful that the calico warrior did not turn her away. Taking a second to recompose herself, the girl's ears then stretched forward attentively. Brawlinglion offered the young laperm a quick disclaimer, a warning as to how intense her style of training happened to be. But Tornado's mind was already made up and if anything this only helped to cement her choice. After all, the tougher the regimen the stronger and more refined she would be in the end. "I believe I can handle it, don't go easy on me." Tornadokit voiced as a grin began to spread across obsidian lips. "I want you to be proud of the progress I make." She could hardly wait to begin her training now that it was official and this thought alone is what prompted her at ask the warrior another question. "How soon can we start? Could it possibly be today if you're not too busy?" She asks, awaiting an answer from the older woman.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem
"Good, that's what I like to hear! How about we start right away?" Brawlinglion chuckled deeply as she rose to her paws and readied herself for what was to come. However, she knew that she would be unable to take the kit outside the camp, which was a pity. It needed to be tailored to what could be done within the hollow. She had a quick scan of the hollow before her gaze fell upon Clanrock. "Let's get a taster of what you can do at your current skill level. I want you to get on top of Clanrock!" It wouldn't be an easy challenge for a kit, but it would make for excellent leaping practice and a perfect measure for development.
If you don't like me, that's your problem
Tornadokit flicks her tail from side to side in anticipation, her broad head turning in the general area of clanrock. The smooth sides of the boulder would present itself to be quite the challenge since she did not have the height to merely leap up there. However, despite the obstacle threatening to block her progress the child was eager to face it head on. "Okay." Turning around, Tornado trotted up the the massive rock as yellow eyes quickly noticed the lichen growing upon it. Perhaps this could aid her with climbing? She took a calculating step backwards, deciding that it would probably be best to jump and cover more ground than starting straight from the bottom. Young muscles bunched within her hindquarters before she allowed herself to pounce forward. Unsheathed claws dug into the soft leathery texture of the plant matter as Tornado's body collided with the bulk of the rock.

It was a good start but then she began to slip, claws slicing through the lichen like butter as she slid down the rock face. Her nose scrunched and she let herself drop, soft paws tapping against the pine floor once more. "That's not going to work...unless I go faster." She thinks to herself before looking in the direction of Brawlinglion. "I'm-I'm going to try it again. I think I was hesitating too long." She explains before looking at the rock again. Just like before she executed her same plan, but this time when her claws stuck she kept going. The muscles in she shoulder and back burned with the effort it took to pull herself up vertically with each claw-full of lichen. But after some time, the winded girl finally made her way to the top, taking a seat as her little muscles ached and trembled.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem
Brawlinglion followed the kit over to the great rock and she sat herself down in order to watch Tornadokit, eager to see what she could achieve under her own determination. Those who could draw upon their intelligence and problem solving would naturally utilise the smaller rock to the side that made up the entranceway to the medicine den. But that hardly served as a display of true strength! It seemed that Tornadokit was taking the route of strength and speed, much to the warrior's joy. Yes, it was clear that this one had potential for greatness!

"A great warrior must learn to never hesitate. Hesitation can be a killer when in battle. Commit to your goal and never let it go!" She could only hope that her wise words would make an impact either now or in the far flung future. Then came Tornadokit's victory. Brawlinglion beamed and she moved to leap up onto the rock to join her, her powerful claws finding a hold in the rough surface just long enough to allow her to propel herself up to the top. "You did well, my young lioness. Now remember how it feels to be up here, to know that great leaders come to stand above all others right on this spot. Share in the powerful aura that resides here."