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Hot blood trickles down her face as realization kicks in. The tom whose neck her bloody paw rested on? She had torn it right open, and here he laid... blood gushing from his gaping wound. It didn't take long at all for the life to flicker from his eyes, didn't take long at all for his sibling to realize what she had done either.


Had this been murder? Had she killed this cat in cold blood?
No, the imp on her shoulder defends, you protected your land, your honor, your clan! No cat should ever think they could insult you on their own border and walk away without paying the price.
It didn't have to go this far though... the angel on her shoulder protests with a pout.
She agrees with the imp, for it was easier on her conscious.

She feels claws viciously rake against her shoulder, her chest, her cheek, her underarm.
Sootstar tussles with this feline, throwing blows at him whenever she can, dodging his own when she could. Back off! Or you'll end up like your friend! She wants to hiss in his ear, but every breath she took in had to be used on fighting. Not talking.

At this rate, on the moorlands, there were two cats unwilling to back down. One out of grief, a lust for revenge, another for pride, and a sense of duty.
If no one stepped in soon, they'd kill each other.

//PLEASE only post if your oc will break up the fight (or if they won't do anything at all). Squall should not be attacked further so aside from verbal aggression the fighting should come to an end
Takes place after the events of this thread;

In summary, Haze out of blind anger sets out off SkyClan land, his brother Squall at his side. Haze's paws by chance lead him to WindClan's land where he goes on to call Sootstar a murderer, insulting her. Soot (as you'd expect) doesn't take kindly to this, especially when Haze attacks her! Fighting back, Soots own anger causes her to kill Haze quickly with a wound to his neck. Squall and Soot can be presumed to have been fighting for several minutes now as Haze lays lifeless nearby...

For documentation purposes, this YCH animation tells a quick story of the events that unfolded



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There's blood in the air, which isn't uncommon when out hunting. The copper tinge of lifeblood on moorland grass could have been anything: it could have been someone catching a hare, it could have been a cat stepping on a thorn, but there was a sharp sound rising in the distance that made the scent more ominous than it had any right to be. Dandelionpaw stopped walking, head lifting and normally wide and joyous expression twisting into a grimace as the wind shifted and threw the scent and sound into his face. Both mismatched eyes narrowed and he pivoted from the patrol he had been in to go racing through the tall grass. His worry was steadily rising with each staccato of a step, the idea of finding more injured cats like he'd done so before with the horses kept his pace rigidly swift and his teeth set into a grit that nearly snapped the wheat stem between his canines.
Dandelionpaw sprang forward from where he had burst past the reeds and into the small clearing, it took only a second to evaluate what was happening: Sootstar was fighting a cat. The cat smelled decidedly of SkyClan. The other cat on the ground: also SkyClan.

They were about to kill eachother. They were about to KILL EACHOTHER!

Whatever his feelings about the ashen leader might have been, he didn't want her dead and he didn't want her killing this other cat either, so he did the only thing he thought would save them both and took advantage of the fact he was a fair head taller than the wiry WindClan queen. The apprentice's hindlegs settled into a crouch and he sprang forward to try and tackle the rampaging gray she-cat with hopefully enough force to send them both tumbling and break apart the vicious display. The resulting tumble would hopefully end with him able to push himself more proper between the two, teeth set into a snarl at SkyClan cat who would assuredly be bearing down on them to try and continue the bloodwhetting.
Whether he got torn to shreds for his action or not, he didn't care and Sootstar could yell at him later, he had no idea what was happening but he wasn't about to let her murder a cat or be murdered; the body laying on the ground already told a story he could only hope was one of accidents and mistakes and not a ruthlessness he was not fond of imagining in the clan he called home. With hope the patrol he had been with will have seen him rush off, would have heard what lead him racing through the grass and join soon enough that they could keep the fight from escalating.


It had been the familiar yowls of battle that hastened Lunaria's paws' toward the violent scene, one cat already lay dead and her leader was in the midst of a fight whose climate she knew all too well.

This was a fight to the death, and Lunaria couldn't stop of the screech of fury that ripped from her throat as she saw her leader's pelt torn by claws.

Dandelion would reach the pair first, attempting to ram himself into Sootstar to try and stop the fight. As such, the black smoke former soldier would set her sapphire sights on the Skyclan cat. Lunaria would plant herself defensively between the Skyclanner and her leader and clanmate, her claws unsheathed and a snarl of warning slipping past bared teeth. "What are your orders, Sootstar?"

She would make no move to attack, but should the Skyclanner try to move around her she would remain in his way, tail lashing and fur spiked, he would not lay one more scratch on the cat she had vowed loyalty to.




It was the sound of cats screaming in rage that sent the tom bolting toward the border, muscles burning from the strain as he became little more than a streek of black-spotted copper across the moors. Images of a mold-rotting walls and cats like walking skelatons flooded his mind, vicious fights that left cats maimed and mauled as they tore each other apart for what little food there was.

He ccame over the rise of the next hill just in time to see Dandelion and Moon go charging toward the two fighting cats, and his blood seemed to run cold as he realized it was Sootstar locked in the violent tussel, one dead cat already laying motionless in the grass as a second tried to finish her off. He didn't know what had happened or why, but it didn't matter in the moment. they had to stop this first, and then they could deal with the rest. So as Dandelion tackled Sootstar away and Moon squared up in front of the stranger to block their path, Dusk came sliding to a stop beside the shecat, hackles raised and green eyes blazing.

He didn't bat an eye at the dead cats- they were nothing new to him. That was just life. But this living one was another matter. He wanted to ask Sootstar if she was okay, but refrained, knowing she would only reply with an 'of course i am!', especially with the enemy still standing here. She'd die before she let herself look weak in front of an outsider, and so he spared them all the trouble by addressing the Skyclanner instead. "Are you trying to start a war, attacking Windclans leader in her own territory?!" Dusk demanded, tail lashing behind him. Two clancats- he had no doubt that Soot would have told themt o get the hell out of here, which meant the'd chosen to stay and provoke her instead.

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Leech had heared the battle cries all from the moors. He had been out hunting when the cries and smell of blood had reached his sensitive nostrils. For sure it was worth to investigate. What if some rogues had attacked a windclan patrol at the border?. He didn't exactly thought there were any cats in this clan that was worthy to save at least not from him. However, he knew that Damask Rose were out here somewhere so the first cat he could think about to be in danger was them. So he run through the moors on his tall legs that took him forward with speed praying it was not the very cat he not wished to ever seen hurt. He arrived and...

it was only Sootstar.

Attacked by some skyclanners by the looks of it. Instantly he felt some sort of peace with himself, a moment to breath as he stood back to watch the battle that Dandelionpaw and Moonshadow was attempting to stop. Now when he could feel relief that it wasn't Rose the next emotion got set into motion and that was the nerve of not just any clan, but the kittypet clan attacking thier very leader. Sure, it angered him but he didn't value thier leaders life that much to throw his own life out there to of her nine lives. Perhaps, today would be the day for them all to see if Starclan had been telling the truth or not. That the nine lives actually did exist. Wouldn't that be more interesting to see?.

With Duskfire here now it made it felt a slight bit more safer though, three adults cats against one since one of them were clearly dead. Leech barely paid much attention to that though. Seeing the dead was nothing new to him. He walked up to stand beside Duskfire as he lowerd down his head and started to impatiently lash his tail behind him. " You should run back home to your kittypet clan before we finish what Sootstar started!." he hissed at the skyclan cat, obiviously refering to thier dead clanmate that laid tainted on thier ground. He didn't exactly care how that cat had come to die. He didn't know them and so because of lacking a personal attachment to them felt nothing but coldness. They should have known better then coming to thier moors challenging Sootstar or whatever had happend here. He didn't really care.

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The yowls alarm her, spiky fur prickling along her arched spine and tail bushing out to twice it's size. Pebble startles from the sudden onslaught, a widened gaze following the birds as they scatter into the sky. The cries of war is not unfamiliar to her. She knows in an instant that blood is being spilled on WindClan's land.

The small she-cat races towards the noise, her sense of duty and her need to investigate outweighing the fear that pounds in her ears. The border that separates WindClan from Fourtrees grows closer and closer, until... There! She spots two trespassers, one who lies motionless with blood pooling around him, the other... attacking her sister. Pebble skids to a stop, crouching in the tall grass. Unblinking eyes watch, horrified, as the silver tom screeches at Sootstar, claws and teeth drawing blood from the blue smoke.

She has to do something, but she couldn't jump in without a plan!

Maybe if she launches a sneak attack from behind... He wouldn't be able to focus on the two of them at once. It would give one of the sisters the opportunity to end the fight.

Pebble nods to herself, beginning to slink around to the back of the silver tom, each muscle screaming from the tension that wounds them tight. But before she could make her move, Daffodil tries to barrel into Sootstar. Why would he make such a stupid move?! Why would he lunge towards his leader and not the trespasser who's attacking her?!

Three fools follow suit, placing themselves between the leader and the trespasser. With a hiss, Pebble rises from her hiding spot and scampers over. Now that the silver tom is severely outnumbered, she has the confidence to come face-to-face with him, her lips curled into a snarl. "Retreating now would be wise... But wisdom is not a quality that you possess, I see," she growls, her tail lashing and potentially smacking against the sides of her clanmates that she stands next to. She's poised for a fight, claws unsheathed and whiskers held taut against her cheeks, muscles bunched in preparation to duck and dodge. "Attacking Sootstar on WindClan territory... You kittypets really do lack any kind of intelligence!" He will be lucky if he leaves this battle alive... His companion didn't have such luck.

He has never heard such noises before. Loud shrieking and the sound of hissing breath. He is close enough to hear it all and the tang of a cat's blood is carried on the wind. Abandoning his hunt for the moment the tom kissed by shadow and light pushes off from the ground in a quick movement of long limbs. The wind whistles through his ears as he makes his way across the ground and towards the sounds and he stops short of the scene before him. There is a dead cat upon the ground, body still and probably cold. His ears pull back against his skull as he turns to look at what is even happening before them. Their leader engaged in a fight against someone else. Someone who doesn't smell like the moors. His fur bristles and spikes along his spine and his eyes widen just faintly. For a moment his muscles tense but then that apprentice is leaping forward to try and pull Soot away.

Why stop Soot? Why not get the tom that is attacking her? He is not sure but his eyes stay locked on the offending tom as he takes his own stand near his clanmates. Words of kittypet have not reached his ears and he frowns deeply at the idea anyone would have the nerve to attack Windclan at all. "You've definitely made a grave mistake by attacking Sootstar. We will remember this transgression and you better hope we are merciful. Take your fallen home with you. Get off of our moors." He snaps suddenly and viciously.

The smell of blood is thick in the air, a mixture of moor and pine.

Squall isn't sure who's contributing most to the copper scent at this point in the battle, whether it's his slain brother, or him, or even Sootstar. But he does know one thing --

Sootstar must pay.

He refuses to let up, to be just another victim to the WindClan leader's claws. He gives a mean fight, strikes blows where he can, aiming his claws to sink into the blue smoke just as much as her claws sink into his own - hoping they sink in more than that, to the levels of Haze's fateful wounds. Aspiring to he achieve such a level nine times over, to rid her of what wrongful, undeserved gift StarClan had given her.

Anyone who murdered his brother - who murdered any of his family - hardly deserved a single life, let alone nine.

A silver paw lifts to strike Sootstar once more - a move that ultimately falters at the sight of brown fur barreling into the leader.

He's young, and smells of the moorlands. His intentions confuse Squall, and the silver tom finds himself trying to push the kid out of the line of battle - memories of Finch, hardly older than the brown tom, returning to camp battle-torn long before two became five, etched into his mind.

He was too young to be sticking himself in between such a battle.

He's back to his target now, about to strike again, only for voices to surround him. They keep coming, hurling vicious words at him, as if they can't see that their leader murdered his brother.

Over and over again, he hears the word. Kittypet. Over and over again, they compare him to the kittypet that took his legacy, use a word that hardly ever applied to him, to his brother, to his family. It fuels the anger within Squall, a storm that had already destroyed so much within him.

"Call me a kittypet one more time," he shouts his threat towards the crowd, eyes wild with rage, pupils narrowed to thin lines within hazardous green. His anger is blinding, but he stays aware of the crowd around him, all ready to aid their leader, to blindly follow a murderer into bringing his own death. Into further killing his father's legacy. Because, in the end, they were followers of a marsh cat, and marsh cats aimed to destroy, to take everything and kill it.

Sides heave as he regains his breath from the rush of the battle. Yet another WindClanner appears, a snap of a threat returning back to him. It's at this point Squall knows - this is a fight for a different day.

But, he can't leave his brother here. And he can't let their bodies rest in a home that wasn't theirs. He has a duty to live, to bring Haze back home, to give him a proper burial rather than leave him - to leave the both of them - to rot in WindClan's land.

So, he steps away from the battle to retrieve his brother. He locks eyes with Sootstar before his departure, a promise escaping his mouth.

"You will pay for this."
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