stable and breathing | bird hunting



Tall grass bends and sways to the movement of the winds. A figure cleverly hidden in the densest parts moves forward with a practiced paw. He's hunted birds before, he knows better than to spook them before he is close enough to actually grasp at their wings. So he lies in wait after a moment before moving slowly and carefully. Pheasants are juicy birds in his own opinion and catching them isn't too hard. Parting his muzzle a bit he takes in the scents around him and then slowly he begins to make his way forward again, only moving when the wind ruffles the grass, to hide his own movements. The small gathering of birds is close at hand now and his eyes narrow, those aquamarines locked on a certain bird that he wants to catch. If there were more cats here he is sure they would be able to get more than on bird but for now there is only him and he has to make this count. One paw slides forward and presses against the ground, another following suit as he takes his time. His nose twitches, a sudden itch, but he ignores it because he is about to spring. Just as another breeze starts to shift the grass is when he suddenly bursts forth from his hidng place.

The birds suddenly shriek out and he bunches his back lets before jumping not forward but straight up in the air. As the birds rush to try and get away he is in the throng of them and he latches on with claws extended to a passing bird. He quickly bogs it down with his own weight and they both hit the ground but he has it pinned. A sudden snap of jaws and it's done. A smile pulls at his jaws then, blood staining his overly present fangs before he swipes his tongue over his muzzle. "A hunt well done if I say so myself."

The sudden cries of a flock of birds catches the calico's attention as she attempts her own hunt with some clanmates. Pricking her ears, she peers over to the next hill to see the pheasants taking to the skies. The smell of blood hits her nose and she beams - someone caught one! Abandoning her fruitless hunt, Brightshine bounds closer, dashing up the grassy slope and weaving through a rabbit trail before arriving in time to hear Grackledive's words. "That's a fat one!" She chirps, coming to a halt with her fluffy tail high in the air. "That'll feed a few cats tonight!" Maybe even all the kits in the nursery!

Brightshine isn't the only one who hears the cries of birds. Hyacinth is startled out of her focus on a lizard that rested on a rock nearby when she heard Bright's voice. She grunts in response, turning her head back to look for the lizard again only to see it had ran off. A growl of annoyance is heard, and Hyacinthbreath turns to look at Grackledive and Brightshine with an annoyed expression.

"Congratulations on the catch." Is all she says in response to the catch he had landed. Brightshine was right, this would feed a few cats. She closes her eyes, momentarily picturing the bunches of kits that now resided in WindClan's territory. "I'd take a few feathers to the nursery for the bedding first, before you eat it." She suggests in a lackluster tone, ear flicking.

It was not surprising that Mallowlark was hunting alongside his mother- and of course a few others, but he wasn't too worried about them. Hunting together was always therapeutic for him, for he had learned from her and her siblings and enjoyed putting what she had taught him to good use. By her side he hunted, attention only snagged by Grackledive's proud words when they poured from his maw- and, following his mother's lead, grey eyes fell upon his catch.

If the domino tom had not already been smiling, one would surely have sprung upon his face then- and as praise flooded from Brightshine and Hyacinthbreath, the grinning spectre could not help but nod along. It was impressive; he was nowhere near quick enough to hunt birds and never had been, so he often had no opportunities to play the games he wished to play with the uneaten bits. Hyacinthbreath spoke of plucking it clean of feathers, and Mallowlark giggled in enthusiastic agreement- and he could doubly ensure no part of it went to waste!

"Oh, and I'll take the bones when all the good stuff's eaten!" he chirped, as cheery as if he was simply commenting on nice weather.