Fishing was one of the most enjoyable activities Nettle always looked forward to. It did not only bring her food that was delicious to eat but also it was fun. Maybe she thought so because she was actually good at it in compare to other hunting methods such as chasing after prey on land. What was so natural for many could be a real challenge for her. But this, this she was actually good at which made her feel proud over herself. Not only that but she could actually give something back to Mahi for looking after her and Reed!. It was a nice feeling to know she could be useful for at least something which in the end was all she ever wished to be. Nettle really found herself lucky to have found such great friends like Reed and Mahi. She truly hoped days like this would contunie on forever.

Ah!, there it come!.

Nettle had always missed the fish that come into her reach as she had stood in the water up to her belly while waiting for a fish to come her way. But she had been quick to correct herself as the paw lashed out swiftly and elegently to pounch at the fish to capture it between her paws to bring it up to the surface there her teeths would be ready to dig into the scale of the fish neck to give it a quick merciful death. Nettle was smiling widely as she walked back up to the shore with the fish in her mouth. She walked over to her pile and dropt the fish down with the rest she had captured today. She was planning to bring back a whole feast for her friends to enjoy!. Pleased with her hardwork this far would smile again as she studied her success until something suddenly got heared in some close by bushes.

Alarmed, the lilac colored lynx would perk her ears up and throw a gaze over towards the bush with a puzzled look. " Is...anyone there?." she called out and blinked, waiting for a moment but when no reply came would just give a slight shrug of her shoulders. It most have been her imagination or a vole sneaking around. Not thinking much more about it she went back to glance at her pile of fish, thinking it over if she should head back or capture one more before returning?.

// @Raccoonpaw


The river was something- amazing. It was beautiful, clear blue thing in the middle of the territory. It always seemed to be ever changing with its flowing waters. The river was one of their favorite places to be, and they had decided to head back towards it after going through the pine forest. The sky was clear with not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was warm and inviting. Maybe today would be a good time to just sit out in the sun and enjoy the day? Or maybe try to catch some fish? The possibilities where endless!

A white body moved among the green foliage, and black legs snuck around the edge of the river. Skirting it as they broke from the foliage into the open air and took a deep breath. The smell of water laced the air and a sigh of joy left the white body. Ah yes, it was a perfect day to do all sorts of activities. Though then they skidded to a halt as a cat came into view, on their side of the river and the quickly shrank back into the foliage for a moment.

Yet their attempt was in vein as a voice called out to them, rather kind and soft, and they blinked a bit in the bush. Maybe they weren't out here to murder random cats? The black and white cat moved from their position in the bush to slowly approach that of this other cat, "Sorry, I didn't mean-," They started out before flustering themselves by their own failure to speak words, well so much for an apology.

There it was the sound of rustling again coming from the bush. Just like the first time her attention would get drawn back to this puzzling mystery only this time a cat actually stept out from the bushes. Nettle reacted to this at first with wide eyes, looking suprised then anything else like a ghost just had walked out from this bushes. It didn't take long before her eyes softened however when paying attention to this cats nervous position and anxious looking eyes. It made her feel for them. So warmly she would greet them with a smile. " No need. It was not like you were intruding or anything." At least she assumed they where apologizing for thier sudden apperance. If anything she was a bit excited to see a new face today. It was so unusual to see a new cat down here although she did had heared about cats living in groups a bit further up in the forest. Never had she wander there though and neither had she have the honor to meet one of them before. Bad luck perhaps.

" You are very much welcome to stay if you like. This river are big enough for both of us." She smiled inviting to them, secretly hoping they would feel a bit more relaxed with this words. It would be nice with some company if anything. Nettle always prefered company in front of being all alone by themselves like this. The choice were all up to them though.


The black and white cat seemed to relax a bit at the words of this other cat; oh good she wasn't upset. A paw lifted to take a step forward before slipping on a smooth pebble buried in the sand, falling straight onto their chest with a loud 'oof'. Air left their lungs for a moment and took a minute to catch their breath before quickly shuffling back up with this meek smile across their muzzle. Way to make a good impression, literally 'falling for them' or something stupid like that They thought to themselves with a inward sigh at themselves. Then this strange cat invited them to join beside them at the river, and those orange eyes blinked a few times.

The river was a magical place! There was always something different every day about the river and filled with fish of so many sizes and shapes! It was why they had come down here in the first place; to see if they could find those rainbow fish. "Really! That'd be so awesome," They chirped rather happily and bounded over to settle a few pawsteps from the other cat, "Oh! I'm Raccoon by the way, I'm here to see if I can find the rainbow fish!"