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The air was stiff, humid, and muggy as Sootstar nears the peak of Outlook Rock. Star and moonlight illuminated her blue pelt as she takes a stand at the edge of the rock, if she looked down she'd be able to note the earth was several fox-lengths away from her. Falling from this height could easily break bones, the woman imagines if you fell the wrong way it could perhaps even kill you. Luckily, she hadn't brought her council here to throw themselves off the rock, though many probably thought she was far gone enough to.

They knew why they were here, she had told them prior to coming. If her medicine cats had traveled along, she would've ordered them to bring herbs, just enough to prevent infection... She wanted the wounds they earned tonight to scar. Even the leader herself would bear the mark after she left Outlook Rock.

"We gather here under the cloudless sky tonight to take the heaviest vow there is, and also the most honorable. It's a warrior's vow and more, going beyond what your average clanner swears to do for their clan." Sootstar informs, her head held with pride. "As clan leader, I will be the first to take the pledge."

The blue smoke turns away from her clan-mates and faces her head to the sky, basking in the moonlight. "I, Sootstar, leader of WindClan, vow to serve my clan until my dying breath. I vow to keep WindClan strong, I vow to keep WindClan protected, and I vow to spill my own blood should I need to do so for their sake." It sounded like a warriors vow, sure, but that wasn't all.

"Should the time come that I ever betray my clan, I sentence myself to death at the paws of my clan-mates that I have wronged. To show off my vow, my title, and devotion, I will bear a scar diagonally across my chest, so that all who may look at me know the honor I carry."

She looks to her clan-mates, without fear she says "I am Sootstar, leader of WindClan, and to show my devotion to its fullest extent I want the mark of the entire team I created. All five of you, scar me." It wasn't a trick question, a test, she was dead serious. Five marks a cross her chest, she'd wear them with pride.

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The Outlook Rock was a monstrous landmark, tall and dangerous. Eyes of blue stared up at the molly as she climbed the rock, looking down on the gathering high ranking members of WindClan. With the clouds casting a dark backdrop to Sootstar's already ravenette appearance, Hyacinth felt her heart skip a beat looking at her leader. There's a pride that swells inside of her chest as she watches Sootstar.

They'd been informed of the event that was to happen in a few heartbeats. A test of loyalty, of extreme faith to Sootstar and WindClan. Hyacinth wasn't so sure about injuring their leader, but Sootstar had asked- and Hyacinth wouldn't deny her something she desperately wishes for. A group of loyal friends and advisors, of guards and of soldiers.

First to make it up the side of the Outlook Rock is Hyacinthbreath, petite body struggling to get up the steep rocks. She kicks her legs, swinging them up onto a piece of rock to gain leverage before she tugs herself onto the top of the rock. It was soul-draining, looking down from this height. Her tail twitches, a thought crossing her mind. She would be scarred, too. Soot would be marking her as her trusted friend and loyal soldier. She'd belong to a place, in flesh and blood.

"Under the light of the stars, I, Hyacinthbreath, make my fealty to you known, Sootstar. I swear my upmost loyalty to you and WindClan, and with this scar, we are unified in our loyalty to each other and WindClan." Hyacinth speaks with a calm tone, a spark of hesitance in her eyes as she gets close to the femme. Lifting an unsheathed paw, Hyacinth swipes a claw diagonally across Sootstar's chest, aiming to leave a single scar. Once the smell of blood wets her nostrils, she scrunches her nose and backs away. She would receive her scar next.
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Dandelionpaw is silent, tired and sleepily blinking his eyes as he wonders what this is all about. He does not want to be awake right now and it shows, a yawn wrinkling his nose as he tries to hold it in so as not to look rude in face of the other cats present. It's only when Sootstar begins to speak does he force himself into awakeness, shaking his head to orient his focus. What she was saying was...a lot. It didn't all make sense to him entirely and he thought at first she was kidding until he realized this was Sootstar. Sootstar did not kid. But she wasn't serious was she?
Mismatched eyes widened briefly as he watched Hyacinthbreath move forward, the scent of blood was suddenly sharp and his right eye gave an involuntary twitch as he recalled the incident with Kestreltalon.
The sepia point lowered himself to the ground so forcefully he almost knocked his chin against the earth, but the second he was down he was inching back and away before tucking himself to hide behind Honeytwist while shaking his head. There was no way he was involving himself in this, he didn't want to hurt anyone and he didn't want to get hurt.

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While living in 'the room' had taught him many things, Windclan was also teaching him a lot. There were lessons to be had that just couldn't be found within the confines of that space he'd lived in before this place, and while he still had miles and miles to go when it came to figuring out the world and those in it, Dusk knew he was changing. He wasn't the same cat he'd been all those weeks ago whe he'd first joined. Maybe he hadn't made much progress on the social front, but he knew his place in Windclan now and there was no cat short of Sootstar that would make him question that.

And this lesson -a lesson of loyalty- was one of the few he felt he could truly understand. The feelings he had about this place, that desire to belong and the realization that having to leave would hurt, he could understand those things far better then he could others. And so he didn't hold the opposition to this idea that some of the other might. He'd been born in a place where cats tore each other apart on a daily basis out of madness and cruelty, so what was it to take one more scar if this one could serve as a reminder of something more? Every scar on his body, be it from tooth or claw, was the mark of a survior, but not one stood for anything he could truly be proud of.

This scar, though, would cement his place in the clan and finalize his initiation as one of Sootstars cats. Finally, he wouldn't have to doubt weather he was truly Windclan or not.

He took his place among his clanmates as they arrived, listening carefully as Soot spoke and then waiting for Hyacinth. He, too, would have to mark Soot and be scarred in return, and when his turn finally came he stepped forward.

"I had no home before Windclan, no life. Any peace of mind or sense of purpose I've been afforded is because of you and this group." he began, green eyes meeting those of his Leaders unflinchingly. He was no wordsmith like either of the shecats who'd went before him, but he'd do his best. "As Windclans first Deputy, chosen by the first Windclan cat to be blessed by the stars, I swear the rest of my life to this clan. It will always have my loyalty, my claws, and my heart for as long as I draw breath, and as it's leader, so will you."

A practiced swipe of his paw, and a gash would appear alongside Hyacinths.

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Oh, Honey was angry. Beyond angry. She dragged them out here, making the medicine cats waste their herbs to ensure there were no infection. Her tail begins to lash back and forth. She barely recognizes Dandelionpaw’s nervous demeanor, how he tucks himself besides her. She doesn’t recognize how she needed to be a good mentor, needed to be a good role model.

She only sees red as she steps forwards. Revenge, revenge for Kestrel, revenge for the young apprentices that would have been left to die if it were not for her and Dandelion. She does not think.

There is no emotion to her eyes, her body language is cold. She raises a paw and with all the precision of a surgeon she swipes down, she hopes it hurts and stings like hell. She hopes hers leaves a scar so ugly. Blood splashes off her claws and for the first time since she had joined she truly feels as if she has fulfilled a single purpose.

She steps back, does not bother to clean off her paws and sits on the sideline, eyes narrowed in calculated coldness. Honey has finally gotten an ounce of revenge.

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Weaselclaw sits, single file with the others and facing Sootstar as she speaks to WindClan with her StarClan-given authority from the throne-like peak of Outlook Rock. Moonlight dusts her smoky blue fur, and she is radiant, tiny frame exuding power. He's enraptured, barely hears what she's saying until the end.

"I will bear a scar diagonally across my chest, so that all who may look at me know the honor I carry." His ears flick, blue eyes sharpening on his leader's face. She is asking WindClan to witness her and her advisors to scar her for all to see, including StarClan themselves.

The tabby watches mutely as Hyacinthbreath stands and pads forward, ascends Outlook Rock and vows her fealty to Sootstar. Her claws are lightning quick, drawing swiftly across the pale fur of Sootstar's chest until blood begins to appear in scarlet speckles.

Dandelionpaw does not take his turn, only cowers. Weaselclaw gives him a burning look. With his actions, is he telling Sootstar - nay, all of WindClan - that he does not swear to spill his blood for them? That he does not vow his loyalties to Sootstar?

He curls his lip, but keeps his silence. It is not his place to speak tonight. But in his mind, he files the incident away. I will not forget this, Dandelionpaw.

Sootstar's deputy rises to his spotted paws next. The Bengal speaks carefully, clearly, and Weaselclaw gives him a nod, impressed by his dedication. Every day, he doubts Sootstar's choice a little less. Duskfire sweeps his claws along Sootstar's chest.

Weaselclaw half-expects Honeytwist to do the same as her apprentice had - cower under the stars, before her leader, and snub the ceremony altogether. But the flower-eyed medicine cat clenches her jaw and marks Sootstar without any vows, any pleasantries. He watches her, suspicion rising like bile in his throat. Is there an ulterior motive to this for Honeytwist?

Either way, he's the last of them to make his choice, and he strides forward without hesitation to join his Clanmates on the Outlook Rock. His claws unsheathe, scrape against the stone. He meets Sootstar's gaze - his own is silvered, filtered through starlight. "I, Weaselclaw, dedicate my body and soul to WindClan... and to you, Sootstar." His voice lowers several octaves until it brushes against her ears with a whispering softness: "Always."

His strike, like the others had been, is swift, sure, clean. A single claw mark against Sootstar's flesh and fur. He knows she will wear it with pride, as he intends to wear the scar she will soon bless him with.


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Hyacinithbreath, Duskfire, Weaselclaw, and even Honeytwist give Sootstar a slash across the chest as requested. Most even went above and beyond and pledged their loyalties to her and WindClan once more, and though she very well felt the sting of claw-marks on her chest, she can't help but in this moment smile. To Honeytwist? She returned the hollow look, but says nothing as she receives her claw-mark.

"Thank you all," She says to all but Dandelionpaw. She feels immense disappointment in him, but she isn't going to force it... He was young yet and if any of the cats here were going to deny scarring her, she'd be the most okay with it being the medicine cat apprentice. Perhaps one day when he was ready they could return, and Sootstar could recieve the fifth mark she had desired.

"Now that I bear the scars of my high rankings, it is time for them to bear mine. As medicine cats, Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw will not wear the mark, for they have been claimed by you." By StarClan, it wasn't right to scar them, even if symbollicly.

"I, Sootstar, Leader of WindClan give my deputy Duskfire, and my lead warriors Hyacinithbreath and Weaselclaw, their scars. They will wear them as a symbol of their loyalty and dedication to WindClan, and in promise that WindClan may adequately punish them if they one day betray their clan." The same promise she made, to die if it came to that.

She moves for her deputy first, raising a paw she slashes his chest. It was clean, only digging deep enough to scar. She gives him a nod.

Then Hyacinithbreath, she looks her lead warrior- the could've been deputy of WindClan. No doubt one of her most loyal warriors, Sootstar strikes her chest. Clean, cutting only deep enough to scar.

And Weaselclaw, the former barn cat that had unlikely earned Sootstar's love. Certainly not by charm but... StarClan only knew what. Despite that, Sootstar loved him, he was loyal and always tried to understand the blue smoke when many would've refused to. She doesn't nod or smile, but there is a warmth in her eyes. She strikes his chest, it is clean, only digging deep enough to scar.

"May all cats with just a glance know of our status and responsibility in WindClan. May they all know our pride."

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