Stars in Her Eyes [Leaf]

. Wildflower .

Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - After her tour, there had been a certain icy-eyed tom that had caught her interest. Leaf, to be exact, with his grumbles and scowling, she refused to let his judge mental gaze hurt her feelings- instead, she opted to pursue a friendship, maybe that was his issue, he didn’t have a good friend in his life!
That’s how she ended up with a large mouse in her jaws, happily trotting over to where the tom was located in camp.
Carefully placing the prey at the pointed toms paws, she offered him a charming smile. ❝ A peace offering! ❞ She chirped, settling down beside him. ❝ Speech. ❞
❝ Leaf’s the name, right? I really like it, it’s simple but pretty ❞
she hummed after a moment. Cut to the chase Flow…
❝ Anyways- how are you liking it here? Personally, it’s been my favorite place I have lived at so far- but that might just be me! You’re from the marshes right? What’s that like? ❞ She began to converse, trying to break the ice in the smoothest way possible she kept her questions easily paced, not tumbling out of her big mouth like they usually did, still, she couldn’t help but keep a steady gaze on Leaf’s facial expression throughout her talking.


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Leaf had been working on something rather important when the scent of a mouse invaded his senses. What had he been working on? Napping, of course. He had spent the morning hunting on his own and taking his now routine walk around the territory. Steel blue eyes opened slowly, stopping only halfway and not lifting his head from his paws as the one named Wildflower jabbered on and on about....whatever it was she was talking about.

With a heavy sigh that was laced with annoyance, the slender tom would heave himself to his paws and give his chest a few licks before finally looking at Flow, "You talk a lot. You know that?" His tone was sharp, almost scolding, as he continued, "It's better. The marshes were wet and humid. It sucked." And his parents were there. He shooed the thought away with a small ear flick before his gaze flickered down to the prey she had brought as a...peace offering?

He frowned at it as he tried to think of why she felt the need to bring him such a thing. A spike of anxiety would hit his chest, had he insulted her without realizing it? Howling Wind would claw his ears if she heard that he had been rude to one of their new clanmates, intentional or not. Using his paw he would lightly nudge the mouse back towards the grey molly, a scowl forming on his maw that most would read as hostile, but was actually him feeling uncomfortable, "You didn't need to bring this. There's nothing between us that needs a peace offering, so you can have the first bite."


✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Perhaps, if Wildflower had the capabilities to understand social cues better, she wouldn’t have missed the toms heavy sigh, or his biting first words. Yet, she didn’t, so the joyful glimmer in her gaze remained unwavering as she took a seat.
❝ Well, that’s good. The forest has definitely been my favorite place to live so far, too- ❞ she began to chatter once more, but the mouse rolling towards her caused her gaze to drop, before quickly looking back towards Leaf, subconsciously having to suppress a chill- his gaze was so cold.
❝ Oh! Well, you always seem to be scowling at me, and I’d like to be friends, hence a peace offering! ❞ She explained, now choosing to ignore his seemingly hostile scowl, he hadn’t rejected her offer yet!
Settling on her stomach now, she took a small bite before gently passing the meal back towards Leaf.
❝ Speech. ❞