Sep 24, 2022
) The bowl was empty. A sorrowful sight.
Totoro puffed out his cheeks in frustration as he pawed at the piece of plastic, making it move about so it made an awful scraping noise against the floor. With luck his dearest owner would hear it and come to fill it up. Unfortunately he wasn't greeted with the usual sight of his nightgown clad she-person, instead it was a hairy legged man. His ears snapped back instantly and he honestly wished that the male would kindly fuck off back to the wilds. Why did his owner ever bother to bring home such an ugly creature? Well, maybe he could train the male? His she-person knew what to do thanks to him, so it couldn't be so hard, right?

Totoro offered a loud meow to help direct the twoleg, but all he earned was a gruff bark before the brute dared to pick him up! Wait... where was he taking him? Oh no! Not the door! Not the outside world! He landed on the grass just outside the back door, and before he could bolt back inside the male human shut the door. Totoro let him know just what he thought about the callous actions, but the human took no notice of the pissed off feline.

Hunger gnawed at his rotund belly, even more so considering that he had been denied his usual breakfast. Maybe he could find something somewhere. And that's where his adventure started. The overweight tom squeezed his way through a broken section in the garden fence and ventured beyond, this time crossing the thunderpath and straying into the woods beyond. It was outside his usual routine of remaining in the garden and yowling endlessly, but suffering from a hoarse voice just didn't seem appealing. Besides, maybe a walk would help simmer his anger.

He didn't exactly know where he was going, but he knew one thing, he wasn't alone. Totoro slowed to a halt before he wrinkled his nose and flattened his ears to his skull. "Whoever's there I suggest you come out. I don't like being stalked."

Many cats spoke ill of kittypets- Twitchpaw was not one of such cats. They were harmless, really- as much as he feared the ability that many things had to end his life in a lightning-flash, housecats had always seemed... manageable. Some of them did live in close quarters with dogs- those ones he kept an eye on, for who knew what sinister plots they were hunched over with their canine bodyguards- but ones like this? No. Never. He'd be pathetic. Not even a bit, not even a bit.

Still, eyes wild with their usual paranoid alertness noted the... large tom in front of him, spotted through the gaps of the undergrowth. Daisyflight had sent him to track some prey, but strangers calling out to him- accusing him- was deeply distracting. "I wasn't," he whined, voice claws on chalkboard. Suspicion slitted his eyes. "If anything- you were stalking me, 'cos how'd you even know I was here, huh? Huh?" He'd cracked it, surely, bristles raising briar along his spine. What did this large tom want? Was he here to get him- bring his corpse home as some sort of wildcat trophy? Not today- never.
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The kid is going to have a proper heart attack one day- twinging like a rabbit with a snipped spine. A four-legged brown and white panic attack. It made Thistleback’s lips wrinkle back with a sort of fascination and dark humor, but in some other natural fashion which he blames Deersong for whole-heartedly. Was sympathy. A delicate flick caused by such tedious emotion in the stomach between the writhing shadows of his ribs and the bob of the jut of his bony neck. Butterflies or worms, one couldn’t be sure, but sympathy her name. Silver eyes flick down to the scruffy mess as he confronts the intruder. An annoying screechy voice lashing out in retort drawing the predator away from his stale trail on a whippoorwill nest.

He comes upon them in slithery fashion and the ferns sway with the brush of his spiky fur, he sidles up next to the crooked-tailed apprentice with a defensive adjust of height and lash of white-tipped tail. A certain feral desire to protect the little scraggly imp. " who’s stalkin’ ye? " he lets his proper english dip into Cockney honey sometimes when he’s feeling lazy and friendly.

" lord" grey eyes trace the stranger up and down with an unreadable expression. " that’s." he pauses with a twinge of the upper lip. " a lot of cat " he finishes almost to himself.

Leveling the striped blond and orange ball for a cat with a searching stare and a toothy grin of grime, " these are Skyclan grounds mate, what’s it you’re looking for? " Thistleback allows himself a formal tone despite the itch of his eccentricities.

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) A response came and it confirmed what he had suspected, he truly was not alone out in the woods. Puffing out his broad chest, he marched towards the source and used a paw to fold back the branches and leaves to reveal the individual who had been talking. Okay, Totoro had expected to see a cat behind the bushes, but what he was confronted with was... was... "What sort of creature even is that?" In that moment he was honestly stumped as his gaze laid upon Twitchpaw. He was in such stunned awe that he nearly forgot to respond. "Me? The stalker? As if! I was out here walking, looking for food! Speaking of which, got any food?" He doubted he would have much luck, the other looked far too spindly to be hiding anything good.

Another appeared, something that looked just as questionable as the first in terms of species. "Are these woods cursed or something?" It was beginning to feel that way. He found his eyes narrowing as he stared at Thistleback in particular, his mind trying to process the other's words. Though something certainly stuck out. "SkyClan? What the heck is a 'SkyClan'? Look, I don't know what sorta leaves you've been chewing, but I just want some food. I got locked out of my den, so I'm already having a rough day and I don't want any trouble. The name's Totoro."

A full form was a sign of a good hunter, or scavenger, where Daisyflight was from. In this circumstance, however, with the cat in question held together with lemon fabric at the throat, she thought otherwise. Having sought out the forest-muffled voices, the calico slid to stand behind Twitchpaw. "Now, let's not presume stalking just yet!" she chuckled.

"Skyclan is our group, we reside deeper into the woods. Totoro, we can treat you to some freshkill. You might have to pay us back in kind though- perhaps you'll even enjoy hunting for prey." She spoke cleanly, and with patience. Kittypets weren't uncommon and often proved to be valuable members of their ranks. Throwing well-earnt prey to the wayside was reckless, but most cats at their border were worth a try.


Call him callous, but Quill didn't think that Totoro was going to be chasing anything. The round tomcat was complaining loudly, itching for a handout to fill his stomach, and the chimera couldn't imagine them running more than a few yards before tiring out and calling it quits- if they could hunt they'd just feed themselves after all, right? Still, the tall apprentice remained silent as he made his way over with Daisyflight to observe the situation. It wasn't up to him to decide who could stay and who couldn't, and while it irked him slightly that the Skyclanners would probably end up having to catch the food themselves to replace what this tomcat took, he kept his mouth shut- for now.

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) Oh jeez! How many more cats were going to appear? His eyes widened all the more as Daisyflight and Quillpaw appeared, bolstering the number of SkyClanners that he was facing. It was a little overwhelming, but he maintained a brave front all the same. Though his ears visibly perked up when, at last, the offer of food came up. "Now you're talking! Alright, I'll have some of the food you're offering, and do something in return. Though hunting isn't my strong suit, maybe I could repay you guys in some other way? I might not look it but I'm pretty strong." It wasn't just fat, so if they needed anything moved he was happy to give it a go.