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It had been nearly a week and a half since she had seen Lavenderstorm around camp, or even around the territory. Every day, she would race out of the camp to look for her mate once again. Over, and over, and over, until she had begun losing sleep over it. She'd managed to hide it by working until she didn't need to focus on the missing left side of her nest anymore. Until it had grown to smell only of herself, and Hyacinth was cursed to be alone again. Why sleep alone, when she could do something productive?

Deep-set circles darken her under-eyes as she haggardly walks back into camp, defeated after another failed attempt to find Lavenderstorm. Her head hung low, fur ragged from lack of proper cleaning; waist dipped in from weight loss that could only be explained by borderline starvation and an intense amount of exercise. She glances idly over at the fresh-kill pile, stocked with some sun-warmed prey, but she merely turns away in favor of lying down on a well-cushioned row of heather.

Footsteps alert her to a presence, and she half-heartedly expects it to be Lavenderstorm; only to tone her excitement down into guilty disappointment when she sees Moonshadow. A friend, one that was welcome by her side at any time, but she couldn't find the heart to put on a smile for the femme. She blinks tiredly in greeting to the molly as she moves to seat herself beside Hyacinth. There's a comfortable silence in the air, before Hyacinth finally speaks- voice ragged. She was so tired.

"...It's getting obvious at this point, isn't it, mondlicht?

Moonshadow had remained on the sideline as life moved on around her within Windclan camp. However, she was not blind to the suffering that her friend was enduring since the disappearance of her mate. The black smoke had remained silent through it all, knowing that even if she tried to comfort the silver lynx that it would be all for naught.

She hated to see Hyacinth in this way, and a part of her had begun to hold some resentment towards Lavenderstorm for appearing to leave without even a goodbye, but Moonshadow also knew it was not her place to judge.

Moonshadow would blink slowly as Hyacinth returned home, looking as exhausted and ragged as ever. She would pick up a rabbit from the pile and make her way over to her friend, dropping the prey between the two of them as she took a seat. Hya's words would be answered with a simple ear flick, before she nudged the rabbit closer to the lead warrior and meowed in her usual stoic tone, "Eat, Hyacinth. You need your strength."

Her gaze would flicker around camp, trying to keep an eye out for Sootstar. What would the leader say if she saw one of her lead warriors looking so weak? Moonshadow inwardly shuddered at the thought, as the leader was not kind to anything less than perfect among her higher ranks.

Looking back down at Hyacinth, Moonshadow would meow quietly, "If you will not give up hope, then neither will I. They will return one day, I'm sure of it." It was her attempt at being comforting, though it was not an art she was particularly good at. Soldiers were not bred to be kind after all, they were born and raised to fight.


Soldiers were born and raised to fight, a sentiment that Hyacinth understood just as much. She knew Sootstar would take any sign of weakness as a fault, and Hyacinth couldn't afford losing her rank. She takes a quick sniff at the rabbit settled before her, sighing in thanks before she dug in hungrily. Blood caked her chops as she tore at cotton-like fur to get to the meat beneath. Hyacinth gobbles up as much as she can, as slowly as she can as to not get a stomachache. Meanwhile, she listened to the whisper-like voice of Moonshadow as if she was speaking gospel, nodding her head with the molly's words.

"And if she doesn't? Pollenfur and Dandelionpaw haven't even seen her, and that apprentice is everywhere at once at times. What if she's gone for good, moved on already?" She meows softly, dejected. She couldn't let herself get swallowed by the doubt, but as time went on it proved to be that much harder. Her claws grip the rabbit as she tears her teeth through bone with a crunch, swallowing the calcium. "We wanted to have kits, you know?" She mutters softly to nobody in particular, fighting back the dreadful tears that threaten to pour from violet-blue eyes. She was never an emotional cat, it was something she learned from a young age. Emotions helped with nothing.

"I think.. I'm going to stop looking for her. She's probably far away by now. Found a mate she actually loves."

Moonshadow would listen silently, the only sign of her attention being a gentle flick of her ear and the subtle frown that now played on her lips. She did not like how somber her friend sounded and a small thoughtful sound would come from her throat.

"Whatever you decide to do, you have my support. But I urge you to only make the choice that makes the most logical for your happiness." Moon would look over to Hyacinth then, and she would blink in surprise at the tears that threatened the lead warrior's lilac gaze. Looking around carefully to ensure that no cat had spotted her in such a state before lightly nudging her with a paw.

"Come, you need some air." Moonshadow would motion towards the camp entrance.