private STORMS AND PRAYERS && sootstar

Large, rolling gray clouds hung over the moor ominously and electricity crackled through the air. A giant storm approaches Windclan and ironically the wind blew hard, rustling the moor grass. Honeytwist is out there with different flowers in her mouth, ears flattening as she looks up to the sky. Mon dieu…! she thinks to herself as ears flatten against her skull, huffing to herself as the surrounding light dims greatly. Eyes flutter to the yellow and purple flowers, marigold for infection, lavender for herself. She had learned the marigold trick from her parents, but having them absolutely drenched in water? She did not want to take the chance of their effects potentially diminishing.

She hurries as lighting rolls across the sky and light raindrops begin to come down. She curses as it picks up and shes running faster. Theres a small tunnel and she’d rather take her chances as the storm picks up full force. She dives in to it, an uncomfortable fit as her shoulders scrape against the side, but her flowers are safe for now and she lets out a relieved sigh. Dammit, man, she wished she had gone to camp sooner. She’d decide to turn around (albeit very slowly and painfully) and wait till it died down.