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Sep 22, 2022
Ratgrin, for the first time in what felt like moons, truly felt elated. Not that his typical expression would ever show his recent despondency however. No matter the weather, a smile stayed fixed on his face. On the occasion he'd reflect; was he being dishonest? He would argue not - he would hope not. He was merely just fashioning a disconnected heart from head. It may appear fraudulent, but his intentions were true, and that's all that mattered. He was reflecting what he wished for others - like staring back at a puddle. Ratgrin was a man of the people afterall. All he ever wanted was those around him to be happy. Thus why a wonderful hunt always put a bounce in his step.
His paws were just a tad bit lighter, chest less constricted, mind finally empty. On the contrary his jaws were filled to the brim with rabbit; a bountiful conclusion presented clear in his grasp. He never felt right if he failed to bring much back. He would refuse to return to camp usually, searching and searching till his pawpads ached and lids grew heavy. He could not come home without something to show for his efforts; it just was not who he was. That he was certain, in a time he was never quite sure about anything.
To the prey pile he went. After a quick deposit and a muttered thanks to Starclan, he allowed his usual grin to find his face. He called out to his clan, "Anyone interested in sparring?"

Usually she didn't take such young and inexperienced sparring opponents... but Sootstar wanted to make an effort with interacting more with her clan-mates. That included her youthful warriors, cats such as Ratgrin. So there she was before him, a slight smirk on her face.

"If you're not too scared, you could spar me?" She taunts and suggests in a rare playful manner. She had every intention of staining the young tom's fur with dirt, but she wouldn't take pride in it... Too young and inexperienced for someone such as herself to take pride in it. But yeah, sure, she'd tussle.

"Couldn't blame you if you wanted an easier opponent, though." Again it's said playfully, yet deep down even if it doesn't show in this moment, she means the confidence fully.


A purr would leave her throat as she approached Ratgrin and Sootstar, offering them a friendly smile as she moved to join the duo. “You’d easily beat me! If nobody else offers I suppose I could give it a try, I need to practice my skills anyway.” She’d offer, knowing that realistically the spar would be over rather quickly if she threw herself into the match. Perhaps Duskfire or Wolfsnarl would be along soon? Those toms seemed like a realistic choice she felt. Sootstar would make an interesting opponent as well. Glancing between them, she would wait to see what the male decided.

// welcome to windclan!!

The apprentice had been sat nearby pawing at drying leaves on the ground, savouring the feel of the crunch beneath his paw pads when he overheard Ratgrin's open invite to spar. Galepaw's ears pricked up sharply and an eager grin spread across his features as he sprang to his paws and hurried over, the leaves now forgotten from his mind. Unfortunately it seemed that Sootstar and Ivoryflight had beaten him to the punch, but he didn't let that deter him. If anything he'd get a chance to see how the others fought, maybe even get a chance to take on the winner! He was without a mentor at the present time, but his willingness to learn had not been extinguished in the least!

"I wouldn't be afraid, I'd take on any of you." Galepaw spoke aloud with bold bravery, though granted it had meant to be an internal thought of bravado, but without a single thought he had blurted it out.


Ahead- something interesting. Happenings that were anything but nest-weaving or patrol-departures were always fun, great fun... and a fight? Not the sort with throats being torn out or fur and flesh flurried in the wind, but the fun kind meant to hone skills and minds. Hearing words lilted with a smile come from Ratgrin's namesake of a maw, Mallowlark's grey eyes snapped sudden up to meet the group, charcoal paws carrying the off-kilter tilt of his head over to the commotion. Sootstar, all pride, offered her skills- joyfully! And he did not coin her a liar, nor a weakling.

Taking place beside Galepaw, a titter of laughter shuddered from the fang-toothed grin set upon his features, unnaturally wide yet failing to bring the light of glee to his eyes even slightly. A paw waved, charcoal blur in the air, brushing aside Ivoryflight's statement- along with a cheerful chirp of, "Don't beat yourself up!"

A half tail moved to cover his paws, failing miserably. "I'll watch," discordant birdsong, he gave his offer, accentuated by the flare of his eyelids, steely gaze wide yet wider.