A silken collar dangles from his neck, a scrap of a reminder of the life he once led. Pure ginger fur, once a symbol of his status and breeding, is now flecked with mud and dirt. His claws are long and splintering due to improper care. Some time ago, he would've found himself to be a wretch. He would've sworn at the very sight of a cat so dirty. Now he only sighs and looks up at the sky in a mixture of annoyance and bereavement. It would rain tonight. He should try hunting now before the thunder scared away a good catch.

Tugger stretched on his branch, and opened his oddly shaped muzzle into a wide yawn. The branch swayed under his shifted weight, not quite threatening to snap, but bowing beneath its king. It had been years since anything but a branch buckled before him, if he were truthful. He was merely a follower in a merry band of fools. But still, dark eyes surveyed his chosen kingdom below, watching for movement with hawk-like precision.

Yes, a hunt would do nicely.

A thick furred body arched and stretched as the feline rose up from where he had been taking a much needed nap. Eyes opening to shimmer emerald green as he snapped his jaws shut on a forceful yawn that caused a shudder to ripple through his frame. For a moment he just sat there, eyes blinking and trying to wake up. Perhaps it was not a good idea to take a nap during the day like that, it made him stay up at night and he had a hard time keeping to his self imposed duties then. Shaking himself the blue and white toned tom shifted one paw and then another as he glanced up towards the trees only to see a familiar ginger pelt. Sunlight shifted and moved across his own body as he tilted his head slightly in thought, words resting on his tongue. But he was not sure in asking them, letting them spill into the world. He didn't want to go out alone but hew as sensible enough to not be sure of Tugger's reaction to being asked to partner up. After all the barbed tongue of the other was not one he wanted lashing out at him.

A nervous chuckle left him then as he shifted back an forth on soft grey spotted paws before he sighed and finally decided to just ask. With a firm nod of his head the former loner would make his way closer and call up into the boughs of the trees. "Hey Tugger, um, not sure if you are feeling up for it but maybe we can go out and try to catch some prey together. Quality time and all of that." He had come to this group as a loner and had decided to stay with them to offer some of his knowledge but that was about it. He was not quite sure of his place but he was easing into there as time went by.

╰☆☆"Room for one more?"

Haze yawns, frazzled whiskers trembling with the lionlike power of his sleepiness. Like Blue, he'd just been napping--but unlike the former loner, Haze could sleep at night just as well as he could during the day. He wishes he were doing it right now, in fact. But his rumbling belly had jostled him to his paws, and he would have rather hunted with others than alone. His own hunting skills were fine--nothing to marvel over, and not impressive by any means. And if he happens to fail, he muses, he might get lucky and get to cop a piece of Tugger's or Blue's prey.

He waves his tail before sitting beneath the branch Tugger poses on, stifling a second yawn with a white-capped paw. "Greenleaf is nice and all, but the heat makes me so tired," he murmurs.
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The air was thick with dampness, and Haku could anticipate the fact he was going to get caught in it. No matter where the clouds were, or how fast they patrolled across the sky, he always seemed to stand under them when they wept as if his very presence depressed them that much. Half-lidded with that pessimistic outlook, blue eyes traced toward where the group of cats stood- tuning in to their conversation revealed the intention of a hunt. If he was going to get rained on anyway, he should probably do something productive.

Though he knew the names of the gathered group- Tugger, Blue, Haze, he repeated in his head like a peculiar mantra- he did not know them too well as personalities. That was not their fault, though, and not unique to them. Haku kept everyone at arm's length, too bothered with bothering anyone, and uncertain of the fact he was even worth talking to. Still, he'd help them stay alive; if they were hunting, he intended to tag along should they have him. Sidling up to the group and stopping behind Haze, he added, "Two more...?"

He hated how his voice sounded, skittish and uncertain. But the question was given, and hung in suspense. He would have to deal with it.

Blue. Haze. Haku. The ginger man rolls over the possibilities of this endeavor, taking into consideration each of the cats before him. Quality time, Blue suggests, presenting an idea of closeness. Tugger wasn't sure if he felt too comfortable with such an embarkment with these cats, but dawdling on the subject made the kingly creature even more perturbed. Storms rolled on fast here. It would be best to simply begin.

He jumps down gracefully and proceeds with a flick of his tail, giving not a word to the assembled group. They would keep up, if they were smart.
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