Stumble and tumble {Intro; stuck}


Soft words and Gentle paws
Jun 14, 2022

She was fighting not to cry. She WILL NOT cry. Chamomile tried once more to free herself from the stubborn brambles that due into her fur, seeming determined to keep her within its grasp for the rest of her life. A tiny whimper of both frustration and hopelessness would slip from her throat as she thought about what a sight she must be.

Her pale cream-tabby form was tangled up in a bush as if she were a kit instead of a sixteen moon old adult. To be fair, the marshes were much darker than she had expected them to be, and the ground was so muddy and slippery, that it was only a matter of time before her clumsy paws tripped her up and sent her colliding into the dense vegetation. She wanted to call out for help, after all, this was where her sister was supposed to be living. However, what if she called out and the only thing to answer her calls was a fox or even worse, a two-leg.

With dread filling her belly, the molly would attempt once more to wiggle herself free, but this time it would appear that her actions only angered the bush because the movement resulted in the brambles digging into her skin and pulling a hiss of slight pain from her maw. She truly was a pathetic sight to behold.



This place had easily become her home. A place that had taken her in and given her sanctuary from a life that had become a nightmare. Stepping along the mud she knew easily how to traverse the ground. Stepping in the driest places and the mud never bothered her. It was never a hindrance once she learned how to navigate it and so as she slipped along the shadows her eyes caught sight of something wiggling. A bush shaking back and forth and a pained noise which spoke of someone having a perdicament. Angular ears pulled forward as she finally decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Silently she stepped around to appear in front of the bush and she realized then. "Chamomile?" She began with a neutral tone and even her gaze didn't seem particularly concerned. Frankly the black and white woman didn't know much about the other and so she kept herself blank as she looked over the bush and then the other. Brambles kept her tied up it seemed and she sighed before tilting her head slightly. "Need help? I can try to get you out."

╰☆☆ Bone is joined by a fellow black and white queen, amusement tinged with sympathy glowing in her pale green eyes. Poor thing! The gentle-natured femme looks about ready to cry at her predicament. Pretty pale fur, snagged impossibly by brambles. Twilight glances at Bone as she offers assistance.

"Try not to struggle anymore, my dear," Twilight meows, padding closer to the molly mired in thorns. There's something familiar about her, though Twilight fails to place it. She's not from the marshes, she realizes.

"Not a great introduction to our humble home, I'm afraid. I promise it's not all bad here." She throws a curious look back at Bone. "We can try to help you, but you should stay still. Don't want you to lose any more of that lovely pelt!" She twists her head to gaze at the undergrowth the pale tabby is caught in, and sighs. What a shame!

Tangled in briar... that could not be pleasant. It was not often that Berry felt pity- he tended not to be empathetic enough to do so- but the feeling was unavoidable upon witnessing this sorry sight. White-toed paws carried over his ambling form, a dull and unreadable judgement in his olivine gaze. It was not negative judgment- but unbeknownst to this she-cat her name within Berry's mind was being chosen based upon this embarrassing incident. How unfortunate.

A wonky jaw let free a quiet hum of contemplation as he scrutinised Tangles, head lolling to one side. How had she even managed this? It was almost impressive- all it took was for one to pay attention. Even through the murk of the marsh, Berry had always found thorns significantly noticeable. Magpie and Night-spots go completely unacknowledged by the dappled tom save for a quick, subtle glance of acknowledgement- one that Berry pictured being much more obvious than it was in reality. "Did you fall?" It was a direct question and not at all welcoming, but spoken with polite cadence as if he was simply saying hello. Berry was simply curious how anyone could end up in such a predicament.

At the sound of pawsteps coming toward her, Chamomile felt both relief and shame. This was such a rotten first impression she was giving, her mother would be horrified. The voices, at the very least, seemed to be kind and as she looked back to offer them apologetic smiles, her ears also flattened against her skull, "I-I'm so sorry. The ground is much more slippery here than I was expecting. I came to find my older sister and...."

Another voice would reach her ears and she turned a bit more to spot a tom with a crooked jaw and olive green eyes. A blush would touch her cheeks and she would stammer even worse than before, "Y-Yea...As I said, t-the ground was slick and paws just...kinda...yea..." Her shoulders would slump in what appeared to be defeat and tears seemed to glisten in her own verdant gaze, "D-Do I just...stay still or?..."