suffocation, no breathing || wet moss masks & installation

Thanks to the patrol they had plenty of moss. And, thanks to Stagpaw, they had an abundance of honey. It hadn't been an appropriate time to express her gratitude but after they survived this ordeal she'd seek him out.

"Focus on lining the entrance and nursery. We'll temporarily move the elders and anyone who is struggling to the nursery." It was unknown how much time they had left before the fire ensured their camp was washed away by its heavy toxins.

Precise claws began to slice a wad of moss into pieces. "Everyone must take one." There would be no exceptions. When trapped by smoke, once, a kindly loner taught her that wet moss could help filter out some of the smoke. Which meant the lungs would be, at the very least, somewhat protected compared to their current exposure. "Either carry it with you or press your face into them.

"If you start to feel dizzy then rest. We most work quickly but safely." With that stated, she joined the team lining the nursery. The very pregnant Bear was in there. One of her only friends. And Roekit... Well, hopefully the little troublemaker was inside. She desperately needed to make sure they were okay.

ooc:// takes place before the smoke fully engulfs the camp and flushes them out ​
She feels as if shes trapped here, but she trusts Nightingale. Trusts him with all her heart because he had always made the correct decisions, because she always looked up to him, because he always knew what to do next. Koko's paws shake violently as Cinderfrost speaks, she barely knows her name but shes beyond intimidating with ice cold eyes and rumors that spread so fast.

Just rumors, she reassures herself. Just rumors, as Cinderfrost sliced up some wet moss, as she watched from a distance how precisely she moved in her manners. The tone was urgent, everyone must take one and she swallows hard against the distant smog. She knows not of what had caused this fire other than it was scary beyond belief, she'd sit with Nightingale and watch distant flames flicker against the horizon.

"U-Uh, what can I... do?" her voice shakes like a leaf, barely audible. She does not know how to weave, does not want to take up supplies for other members. She was not feeling sick, anyways, but she wants to help newfound clanmates. Wants to repay Emberstar for letting the pair in to a home that they could call theirs.

What a shame that all this nice moss was simply going to be fence dressing... it was sad, really, but if the Executioner thought it was best for the health of everyone then he supposed he had to obey. By some judgement the stars had picked her to learn about this sort of thing, and he was not one to argue. Besides... how sad it was that the blue of the sky barely ever split into view from the clouds anymore. Overcast by blackened smog, the light of his very life- the comfort of this forest, the beauty of it- was compromised. His face, ever set to neutral stone, had upon it the slightest twinge of a frown.

Dull eyes slipped to Freckles, who offered help in a quavering tone. He preferred still to keep distance from the Executioner- a respectable amount to where it was not frank, but still enough that he felt safe in dodging distance. Only the most volatile could kill. He wished not to step out of line.

With a shrug and a nod, Berryheart began to amble over to the entrance with intention to line it, taking one of the soaked moss-masks that the grey feline had insisted they take. A puzzled look shadowed his mottled features- if he pressed this against his mouth, it might be harder for him to breathe. It already wasn't easy, in clouded air such as this and simply everyday. That part he elected to... not ignore, no, but push aside until he felt compelled to obey. Which may be never.
Cold eyes flicked down toward the fluffy she-cat. Her tense, hardened facial muscles softened when the young molly asked if she could help. The medicine cat wanted to say no and order Koko to take refuge in the nursery.

However, outright refusal could dishearten the child. And, given the circumstances, a task may help put Koko's unease to bed. The medicine cat was unaware that she caused Koko to quiver and shake. Instead, she connected her weariness to the encroaching flames.

"Could you please look after the kits in the nursery? They're getting quite rambunctious and I'm worried they'll injure themselves." Roekit. Her heart ached as she thought of the kit who often snuggled beside her at night. "They'd listen to someone closer to their age than us old geezers." she half chuckled, half wheezed.

Hopefully, the task would satisfy Koko. The medicine cat did her best to emphasize how important the assignment was rather than one meant to push her into the nursery.

Her voice lowered into a whisper, "Plus.. they'll need help if we're forced to evacuate. We need to make sure they're safe, okay?" And we need to keep you safe, too. she mentally added.

With Koko hopefully appeased, she glanced towards Berryheart and gave him a tiny nod: a silent "thanks".​

To say he was terribly nervous about the entire ordeal was putting it lightly. Sunfreckle was anxious, he found it hard to eat or even focus on small tasks since the smoke had begun to thicken and his inability to do as much as the others made him even more unsettled by the idea of this escalating. The red tabby kneaded the moss at his paws with his one foreleg, sheathing and unsheathing his claws into it before dipping his head down to pick it up with a worried but curt nod. He could help repair dens, that was easy enough for him and he'd done so before plenty of times; cleaning them out and putting them back in proper place for use. Perhaps burying himself in the task would distract from the obvious danger of what was happening around them, "Koko, I can come with you to the nursery and help reinforce it while you distract the kits? They might go tearing up my attempts if left to their own mischief."
He ambles over with his unsteady wobble, a smile on his maw and gentle expression in both forest-green hues and offers the smaller cat a very light shoulder bump; VERY light given he easily dwarfs most cats in the size department.