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Sep 10, 2022

I've no time for confession
After all of the disaster that's happened lately, even someone as lazy as Wolverinefang isn't shameful enough to just laze around. After all, home isn't the best place to lie around in anymore with everything smelling like wet soot and ash and dead things. The last one is what's brought him out into the more effected part of the territory, looking for any prey that was unfortunate enough to not escape the fire and hopefully not finding any missing clanmates that met the same fate. So far, pickings have been slim. He's looking for things that couldn't escape the smoke rather than those burned into a fine crisp but the crisp is winning.

The hefty tom kicks a chunk of wood into the trunk of a blackened tree and watches it pop into dust just to humor himself on the quiet walk. He'd kill to find just a single juicy song bird or a fat smoked out rat. Even if it would probably taste of char, his gut is grumbly enough to forgive that. Just then, Wolve near jumps from his own skin as he's pulled from his daydream by stepping on something with the clear texture of scales. Wolverinefang hisses and shakes his aching burned paw as it's irritated from the landing and turns his wary eyes down to find the withered form of a snake. Chin up, it's clearly dead, and the man exhales from deep in his chest with relief only to hitch again in joy. Finally, he's found something in this stupid trek.

Wolve leans down to grab the dead serpent only to then pause and lift his head back up. "Wait a second... Is this poisonous?" He casts a surly scowl over the carcass, as if it's trying to trick him posthumously, and scrutinizes the adder but has no clue about what the colors mean. "Does that even matter?" Just don't eat the head maybe. He's not sure how this works... "I'd look pretty stupid dying to a dead snake though... damn..." He'd turn into a camp side story- the greed tom who ate his death. Wolverinefang looks around for any clanmate that could be wandering around too. "Hey, does anyone know if I-- we, can eat this thing?" He nudges it with his good paw as though the snake itself will return to life and tell him.

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Softly, the woman would halt beside the tom, glancing down curiously at the snake. Wrinkling her nose, she’d give a displeased glance towards him before returning her attention back towards it.“ I wouldn’t risk it. Who knows if it were sick or even died from the fire. It could be nearly crow-food and we wouldn’t know. Is it venomous even?” Turtletail wouldn’t be caught eating the thing, regardless of how hungry she were. They couldn’t risk the clan growing sick from eating crow-food. They’d find another solution. If she had to hunt on other clan’s lands, she’d do her best to avoid getting caught.
Since he's an apprentice now, he has too... get out more. That's what they'd said, he thinks. So he goes out to learn more. To try and learn more, he doesn't feel like he;s learning, but he tries to sometimes... He wants to be a good apprentice for Geckoscreech. She was good, so he had to be too. And cause she was grown-up. It's only fair.

He doesn't really get what the black and white warrior is looking for, or why he stops, or what he's squinting at. it's weird, like a bug, but it doesn't look like a bug at all. It's long and noodly like a worm - but it's not a worm. Ghostpaw knows what worms look like. "Poison kills you," he says. "My mama told me." He glances up at the warriors, talking about if it was good to eat. Why do they wanna eat it? It looks funny. Bad funny. He thinks it would wiggle around in his guts and'd tickle, tickle him to death. Ghostpaw shakes his head, unblinking. "No, you'll die."

As long as she has lived here before Shadowclan was created and Hare Whiskers led them she's seen many things. Many types of prey. She knows the snakes here and she knows them well enough to know which to hunt and which to leave alone. She has been following some of the others almost listlessly, not much paying attention to what has been going on around her. It's dangerous for her to keep losing focus as she has been but things are rough. Dark. But she pulls from her stupor as she focuses on the conversation, specifically what Ghostkit speaks about. Blinking her eyes she looks to the snake then, eyes running over it and she sighs dully. Almost uncaring in the way it comes out.

"Turtlenose is right. Who knows how long it's been dead out here. Chances are it's probably not too good to eat. But it is a poisonous snake." They aren't that desperate to start eating crowfood and she hopes it doesn't come to that but she feels like things will be much harder now since they are cut off from the territory they once had.

──⠀ ﹙†﹚⠀MORTIS ⠀: ⠀ marrowpaw is an apprentice now, too. it’s annoying, but mostly due to the way it pulls at the drag of a migraine he’s carried since his mothers passing. it pulses along the notch of his skull, aching along the hollows of muscle on the back of his neck as he makes his approach, looking haggard. he is still struggling to blink against the blur of headache - spots flitting over his vision, squinting hard against the sun as he moves forward. ivory paws find themself alongside his friend — ghostpaw’s presence has been a welcome one since the accident, and though it brings him a little further from his mentor than should really be allowed. spring beyond the milk - scent he swore still clung to the toms pale fur lie something unfamiliar ; bitter and scaly, and a small, pink tongue comes to peek between canines like tinted daggers. blech!

peering around the black and white warrior he can see it, all twisty and dead, mouth open in a big forever - yawn. his maw twists, brow furrowing and orange eyes flitting upward. it looked like . . someone’s tail has fallen off and rotted all hard, fur giving way to old, scaling tissue. a single paw juts out, attempting to bap the side of the serpent, gaze — unnervingly — never wavering from where wolverinefang stood over it. what is it? luckily for him, that’s when bonejaw says it — snake. marrowpaw gawps, pupils narrowing down to slits. poisonous snake. according to ghostpaw, poisonous is something he would have to avoid in the future. the tom kit huffs, giving his tail a single lash, frustration building in his extremities. his tongue won’t move. his words fail and instead he tosses his head and furrows his brow even harder, giving a pointed look towards the snake. how would be know what things were poisonous? how did they know this Snake was poisonous?

  • − marrowpaw ; he / him. apprentice of shc, son of briarstar and amber
    − longhaired spiky black tom w low white & sunburst orange eyes
    − four months old, penned by antlers

Flickerfire gives Wolverinefang an incredulous look. "What, you're not gonna try it? Come on, what moron dies from eating snakes?" She grins and gives her long, skinny black tail a playful lash.

But Bonejaw, Turtlenose, and even little Ghostpaw and Marrowpaw are looking at the thing as though it could pop back to life and bite any one of them. Flickerfire twitches one ear, annoyed with what she perceives as theatrics.

With a confident stride forward, Flickerfire bends and takes an enormous bite from the creature's underside. It's meat is disgusting, but she won't lose face -- she barely suppresses a gruesome grimace, her tail nearly bolting out straight behind her. The bitterness nearly causes her to retch -- and she's never retched food up before. Never, ever. Not once.

With a painful smile, she turns to her Clanmates. Tears prick the corners of her reddish-orange eyes. "It's -- it's so good," she practically wheezes. "S... save me some for later."


I've no time for confession
Wolverinefang blinks and slowly turns his head before there's a belated jump at the woman being so close to him out of nowhere. A lady close to him is a terrifying situation no matter how big he talks and Wolverine stares blankly at her until suddenly he blathers, "Venomous? Uh, didn't I say that?" It's clear that the tom doesn't know the difference between the terms, all he knows is that it has bad stuff in it that might kill him. As he tears his eyes away from the femme, Ghostpaw seems to echo his sentiment and then Marrowkit is there too and even Bonejaw.

Jeeze, did everyone come to see how dumb he is? Warm under his fur, he chuckles and nods. "It was only a little joke, I swear." Yeah right. Still tom is not wanting to be responsible for kids eating things that could off them. Wolverinefang clears his throat and nods, pointing his nose up decisively. "Oh yeah, of course! You're right. Never eat anything poisonous or uh, venomous, or whatever. Don't eat it if it looks funny like this!" However they can tell (he has no clue). He watches Marrowkit bop at the carcass, chest puffed out to try to mimic some semblance of authority when another voice breaks through.

Before he even really knows what's happening, Flickerfire is calling him out and now he feels all torn. He can't just go back on what he just said but he also doesn't want to look like some wuss. "Er, I mean, I guess I've eaten worse..." That last part he mutters under his breath and looks back down but to prove her point, turns out the molly is already grabbing a helping heap of the dead serpent. Wolverinefang watches with baited breath, too late to really try to intervene and as Flicker turns around with that face like she ate a sour weed, Wolverinefang can't help but bust out on a whooping laugh.

Any pretense of being an actually good role model out the window now. "It looks delicious! Since you love it so much, I couldn't take a meal from a lady. Why don't you have the whole thing, Flicker?" The hefty tom snorts out another tearing laugh before having a little mercy on his friend. He scratches off a strip of moss from a fallen tree and drops it in a puddle before holding it out to Flicker to cleanse her mouth.
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Eyes would raise in suspicion as the warrior took a bite out of the snake, doing her best to show that she enjoyed it. Turtle was no fool. Anyone standing with them could see how much she hated her decision. A grin would break out on her face as she nodded in agreement, offering a share of her amusement to Wolverinefang. “He’s right. You should show us how good it is. We’ll sit here and watch you eat the whole thing. If you enjoy it that much then prove it.” Watching as he eventually allowed Flicker an escape, Turtle would hold true to her statement. If the woman was that stubborn, let her see it to the end.
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