sugar, spice, and redbull [open/intro]


sugar, spice, and redbull
Jul 20, 2022


Was this what he'd been missing out on this whole time? It was hard not to feel a pang of regret at the realization that he'd wasted so much time doing things that didn't matter with people and cats who didn't care. It had only taken a few short weeks for the pretty tomcat to realize that the clan was giving him something he'd been missing, and while he hadn't realized it at the time, he was slowly starting to understand it now. There was something about this place, something that just couldn't be found in two-leg place. The way these cats lived was unlike anything Wildboy had ever seen before, and the longer he was around it the more the young tom found himself taken with it all. He wanted friends like this. Wanted a family.

And one thing the Thunderclanners were sure to know about Wildboy was that he was exceptionally tenacious when it came to getting something he wanted. While the angora was soft in many senses of the word, there was an unseen edge within the feline that could catch others off guard. A sweetheart, a cuddler, a child at heart, yes, but he was also determined and intelligent, a cat who could visualize his goals and then work toward them.

So he'd been working hard and keeping an eye on those around him, observing how they lived and acted, taking mental notes on what sort of reactions they had to things to try and better understand their views and feelings. He had also discovered he had quite the knack for hunting things like birds, swift and agile enough to snatch them right out of the air if he timed it right. Fighting was still something he was working on. He wasn't horrible against cats his own size, a lifetime of running around like a spazz affording him some level of stamina and reflex. He was good at twisting out of grips and launching flurries of fast blows at an opponent, but he was still usually outmatched by the sheer skill others had on him.

Yup, he was working hard, eager to prove himself to the cats around him, but that didn't mean that Wildboy wasn't still, well, wild from time to time. In fact, the only time he wasn't actively moving around was when he was passed out, and at that point some poor soul was likely to have their nest invaded since Wildboy didn't like sleeping alone.

Today, in typical fashion, the tom had quickly grown bored after returning from patrol with a few of the other cats like, after literally six minutes of being back. As the other split off to go talk with their friends or share prey, Wildboy had walked over to a nice shady spot to try and relax for a bit, which had of course not worked out in the slightest. For five minutes the paw-print covered angora shifted and squirmed, fidgetting in their seat as hey switched between trying to groom down their fur and getting distracted by a beetle that flew by him.

In the end he seemed to give up on his attempt to just hang out, mismatcheed eyes landing on the tail of a nearby clanmate, a newcomer who'd called himself Vox. With a mischevious glint in his blue and gold eyes, he crept along low to the ground and then pounced on the toms tail, batting at it playfully.

"Can you not?" huffed the large cream tomcat as he pulled his tail away from them, getting to his feet and stalking off. Wildboy only chuckled, calling an "I love you too, Vox!" after the other. He didn't mind being ditched so casually by the other tomcat- Vox was kind of a withdrawn cat, so Wildboy made a point to bother him every now and then just so they didn't feel left out. It was okay that they never returned the sentiment.

thunderclan - tom (afab) - 18 moons - turkish angora - homosexual - has blue and purple pawprints stained onto his fur from berries
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✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Wildflower was fascinated. Being one of the cats on the patrol with Wildboy, her wide optics never strayed too far from the vibrant patches of color that dappled his pelt. She had been meaning to try and talk to him, but he seemed too focused on the patrol to notice her obvious signs of, well, staring.
Shouldering her way through the entrance, Wildboy had gone ahead of her, and she was determined to find him. He of course, wasn’t too hard to pick out from the bustling camp.
As Vox would stalk away, Flow would make her move, plopping down next to him with a sweet smile but a question on her tongue. ❝ Hi! I’m Wildflower, I was on the patrol with you. ❞ She officially introduced. ❝ I was just wondering how you do that to your pelt? I think it’s really neat. ❞ She finally prompted after a moment, her tail subtly flicking to and fro in anticipation. Maybe if they became friends, he would teach her- oh, Wildflower very much liked that thought!
❝ Speech. ❞


" What is so neat about looking like a blueberry?." Sand suddenly stood beside Wildflower and glanced at them with a look of disbelief. Sure, she had never heared Wildflower ever say anything mean or rude to another cat before but was this compliment really necessery?. Couldn't she just say it like it was. That Wildboy looked like a blueberry and that he looked weird and unfitting for the wild life. Sand had no personal problems with kittypets but neither did she understood them. Sand decided to not wait long enough for an reply and instead shifted her gaze to the former kittypet to studie them closely, her eyes going up and down as she took in thier strange apperance with confusion. No. She didn't get it and wasn't sure she ever would. " Ah, maybe that was a bit rude of me to say. Sorry if i offended you." Hopefully they didn't mind to be called out on the truth by looking like an blueberry. But if they did then, Sand would feel a bit bad over it. Her intention had not been to insult them after all even if her words might not always make that message come across.

" Anyway, i'm curious to how you do that too." even if i think it's stupid. Sand was just trying to show interest in thier new clanmate to get to know them a bit better, to learn what sort of cat they where. This far all she had been of them was running around camp acting like a fullgrown kit. How could anyone even have so much energy at that age?. It was crazy but good for them if that was how they wanted to be. Sand wouldn't judge even if it was a bit tiresome to even watch them sometimes.