private summer air by the sea side | cicada

Jun 8, 2022
( ⚘ )The rising sun set the skyline ablaze, light smoking the early morning mists as they bobbed between the wispy river greenery. Reed sat tall beside the water's edge, its wobbling surface skipping along the mottled riverbed. Unsteady paws bent long, organic slats over one another. The stalks were becoming easier to organise but the task still required a lot of concentration from the feline.

Pausing briefly after a bout of successful weaving, Reed turned to look across the quiet clearing behind them. There, they took note of the salt and pepper shape of their leader. A nervous frown brushed across their face at the sight, uncertainty colouring their expression. To them, Cicadastar was an imposing fellow. He had held the clan afloat though, and seemed to be well-natured. The fact that there was uncertainty there troubled them and in that moment Reed made a split-second choice.

Sucking in a quiet breath, Reed stood from their perch and approached him. The moons spent in the safety and comfort of the clan had buffed their confidence- not much, but enough to do what they were about to. "Hey- umh, so. Sure you're very busy but I thought, maybe, you might want to join me?" Their thin voice was quiet, a subtle shiver in their tone. "... to weave! Uh, forgot that part."The invitation was punctuated with a small smile, the walnut cat dipping their nose meekly.

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