SUMMER NIGHTS // unusual "glow"

Twilight fell over the land, Figpaw and @TALLULAHWING 's training session ran out a bit longer than expected. Figpaw suspects her mentor would be dropping her off back at camp and returning home for the night pretty quickly here. It was a shame their training session was coming to an end, but Figpaw couldn't lie, her paws felt like they were on fire from constantly trotting around the territory today.

On their way back to camp they walk along the borders of the twoleg place. Nothing out of the ordinary aside from the sound of monsters in the distance and the smell of twolegs. From a distance, none of those things bothered Figpaw, in SkyClan land you just got... use to them. Up close would be a whole different story, Figpaw was glad she's never had to face any twolegs before... Yet they must not be all bad, Tallulahwing went home to twolegs of her own every night, didn't she?

Yet all of the sudden past the nearby fence there is a bright glow that breaks through the shadows of the tree. It's a blinding red that makes Figpaw leap in alarm, though that red in a blink of an eye turns blue, not as alarming... but still incredibly freaky to the girl. The colors keep rotating, red, blue, red, blue, over and over again. Whatever it was, it came from inside the twoleg place. Figpaw presses up against her mentor in concern, "What's happening?!" She asks to mainly her mentor, but anyone in the area witnessing this as well. Did they dare leap over the fence to peak?

// not inside the twolegplace, but near the outskirts of it. From over a fence the red and blue lights of a cop car can be found,,, and yes this is an attempt 4 one of the prompts lol
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She's not used to the bustle of the Twolegplace still, admittedly. For most of her life, Tallulahwing had been a farm cat, just as content with rough-housing with Huckleberry in the straw as she was getting her pelt stroked by the Twolegs who worked with the animals. When she had first gone to live with the young female Twoleg who had visited the farm, she'd been unable to sleep most nights at the unfamiliar sounds of the urban area.

And this one... this one, she's still not familiar with. She pins her ears to her skull at a sharp, fierce howl that seems to be coming from over the fence. Lights dance against the fenceposts -- unnatural-looking, red as fire and blue as a greenleaf sky -- and little Figpaw is rightfully afraid, jumps to her paws and yells, "What's happening?"

Part of Tallulahwing wants to just leave. To usher Figpaw to safety. But the little marmalade femme is in warrior training now, and warriors should investigate new things, shouldn't they? This is what the fluffy torbie tells herself.

Her eyes narrow and sharpen. "Let's go find out, shall we, darlin'?" She drops into a hunter's crouch and nods at her apprentice to follow suit. "I'll betcha anything it's some weird Twoleg thing... in all my years on the farm, I never heard such racket til my sorry tail moved here!" She snorts softly and beckons for Figpaw to creep forward with her.

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Figpaw watches as her mentors eyes narrow in what Figpaw takes as determination. Uh oh, should she be bouncing up and down in excitement or scared out of her pelt? Figpaw decides to choose excitement today, but she can't help but ignore that pit of anxiety in her stomach. SkyClan out of all the clans may be the most welcoming and understanding of twolegs, but that didn't mean they couldn't be dangerous and or unpredictable. Heck... maybe this was no twoleg thing at all?

She plops down into a hunters crouch, looking more like a lopsided duck than the mastered posture her mentor had. The marmalade girl was trying though!

As Figpaw creeps forward her eyes dilate in interest, Tallulahwing had lived on a farm? She's heard stories of such places, bright red twoleg structures and mighty animals with stones for paws. Apparently WindClan had something like that on their territory, shame she'd likely never get to see it... "You lived on a farm? I heard those places stink!" Figpaw exclaimed while managing to keep her voice in a whisper.

Nearing a fence that blocked them from their view, Figpaw peaks through one of the narrow cracks with a singular eye while shutting the other. She is practically blinded by the flash of red and blue, but she faintly made out bulky twolegs and a monster sitting underneath the blaring lights. The sight of the monster alone is enough to back her stumble back onto her rear, shaking in terror. They were a plenty safe distance away, but Figpaw had never liked the mere idea of monsters and thunderpaths. Seeing one was even more unpleasant and nervewracking than she could've imagined!