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Jul 24, 2022
To say that Ember’s death hadn’t affected her was an understatement. She has never been in any fights, trained to track and hunt by her parents and be an obedient girl who would nod and carry out her duties. To see a cats stomach be ripped open to easily, she shudders at just the thought. It’s worse that it was Ember. Ember had greeted her with so much kindness, had complimented her catch, her energy was contagious. She finds herself sick to her stomach once more, shaking her head as she returns to camp from her little scouting adventure.

Her eyes lay upon Blinding Star. A thousand questions roll through her mind before she focuses on one of em, but decided not to ask as she treads her way over. “Hey,” she meows, a level of calm in her voice that even surprised her after what she had witnessed not too long ago. “Did you want to take a walk with me? Get out of camp?” she nods, secure in her words. She pays no attention to the fact that he is blind, she treats it no differently. She’ll wait patiently with a focused face.
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( ✧ ) There's that voice again.

He wasn't the best at remembering them, or at least, he didn't care to do so. The few he had committed to his memory were merely because they talked so damn much, and not because he wanted to (Ember was a shining example of this). This voice is one he recognizes, and yet, he doesn't find himself growing irritated. It'd been a recent encounter, then. That voice that had spoken to him then.

He rolls on his side, towards that same voice, though it was notably more calm than it had been earlier. He reguards her with something akin to interest, though she loses him pretty quickly. "Not particularly," he replies, voice lacking any usual annoyance, but rather matter-of-fact. "I'd probably trip and fall into a den of badgers, or something," he dryly adds. How pathetic was it that he was worried about something as minute as walking now.
She flicks an ear at his response, nose wrinkling up in amusement. She feels comfortable showing off different emotion in the presence of him, he could not see, could not comment on how it was an odd look on her.”So are you just gonna stay in camp the whole time?” she meows, lilting tone light as she treads on eggshells.

She flicks the end of her tail, staring down at him with a neutral expression. “That’s no way to live, you know. You gotta get out there,” she avoids the part of the spiel her mother used to give her about ‘making herself useful’, it would do no help here. “I’m sure you’d hear the badgers from far away before you fall in.” she shrugs to no one in particular, throwing up her shoulders and blinking idly. “Not too far out of the camp. We’ll go to where you’re comfortable with, but life goes on without you, don’t let it drag you back. Come out on the other side kicking.” with her little pep talk done and her inward monologue satisfied, she’d wait for his response.
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( ✧ ) ”So are you just gonna stay in camp the whole time? His nostrils flare in a flat breath. "S'what I've been doing so far. Why stop now?" he replies flatly. In a situation like this, he'd love to prop up on his back and grace her with an unimpressed look. He doesn't trust himself enough to look the way he should, though. Would rather lie on his side than risk a failed moment at the judgment.

"Didn't find the time to train for badger-listening before, not hole-listening, nor root-listening..." the list of nature's great plethora of pitfalls could go on and on... but he won't do that to the poor girl. A few moments pass, and unfortunately, he doesn't hear any paw steps of retreat. He strains his ears, nothing. Damn.

He sighs, heavy and dramatic, before making a show of rising to his paws, stretching out like an old tom. "If I walk with you, you're not allowed to bother me for the next three sunrises," he relents.

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