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An apprentice. To think he’d be trusted with such a thing, a cat with no combat or hunting experience fresh out the nursery whose life was now being placed in his paws. If he messed up and did not train her to hunt correctly she would not be able to manage on her own should things take a turn for the worse. If he messed up and did not give her the right idea of how to defend herself she could be killed. Should he fail to make her understand borders and boundaries she might roam into enemy clan territory, she might get lost, she might…

Smokethroat lifted his head from his nest with a grimace, it was early morning and his usual routine of heading out on his own for a quick hunt before patrols later was now disrupted by the realization that he would have to approach his new duty as soon as possible. Every day he slacked was a day Iciclepaw would get no experience, the sooner he started the better. But how to start…? To say he was dreading this was an understatement, the dark tom was at a loss of how to teach or even what should be his priority. He was a tom of combat, spoke with his teeth and claws and so naturally he felt more comfortable teaching her to fight but that seemed somewhat too much for the first day. She couldn’t hunt until she knew the lay of the land-Oh! The territory. They would walk the territory. After all, it was important to know where you called home proper and where certain prey was…it would be Iciclepaw’s first time out of the camp proper so obviously that is what he should start with.

I’m so bad at this, I wish I had someone I could ask on how I should do this.

As he clambered out of the den with a stretch he paused and spotted the familiar long-fur and earth smoked pelt of Willowroot near the freshkill pile. They had both been given an apprentice in the meeting, though Willowroot had two, and the other was a competent and intelligent cat whom he felt he could get along with easily enough and would not judge his failings too harshly. On swift dark paws he padded over, tail up and head nodding to the side, “Morning. Do you’ve plans today already…?”
His orange gaze moved from her to the apprentice den, now full with its new inhabitants, “I was thinking of…taking Iciclepaw out to see the territory for her first day. Care to join us?”
Ashpaw had been a pawful from kithood and Steeppaw had already tried her trouble with him before, he did not envy Willowroot her new duties.

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Steep-paw... the name was expected but its freshness didn't go unignored by the apprentice. The itch to begin learning was an ever-present buzz, adrenaline making the molly flighty and excitable. And so when Smokethroat approached her newly appointed mentor, she sprung to her feet and met up with the pair.

Perked ears listened in, face poorly masking her nosy intentions. She still didn't think so highly of the lead warrior, her promise not forgotten. His offer of a joint outing wasn't to be scoffed out however, as it would allow her to train with her sister. That would be fun! Iciclekit -paw, oh she kept forgetting, was more straightforward and serious than she was. Though she loved her sister, she couldn't help but prod at that rocky exterior.

In an attempt to remain respectful to the older mentors, the stocky cat sat patiently beside Willowroot. Once the murmers had mellowed into a silence, she interjected, "Territory tour? I'm down!"
Iciclepaw rolls over in her new nest, blinking sleepy and disinterested pale blue eyes her sibling's way. In the nursery, they'd been crammed in with one another, and her new spacious bed has seen her with the best sleep of her young life. She stretches luxuriously, tortoiseshell fur rippling along her spine, before rising and quietly following Steep-paw out of the den.

Yesterday had been a big day for Mudpelt and Icesparkle's youngest kits. All of them had mentors now, new duties to learn. Fernpaw would train under their father, Darkpaw under Reedrunner, Steep-paw with Ashpaw under Willowroot...

And Iciclepaw herself had been given over to the other lead warrior in the Clan, Smokethroat. A dour, serious tom, but she supposes she doesn't care who she's apprenticed to. Does it really matter? In the end, won't they all learn the same things?

She sits next to her black and white sister and says in a calm, low voice, "I'm ready to go when everyone else is." She's never been outside of the camp before, so she has to admit the prospect of seeing the rest of RiverClan's territory is an interesting one.


A S H P A W.

A territory tour? A territory tour together??

This is the best news ever. Ashpaw scrambles to catch up to the others, bounce-bounce-bouncing and scampering over to rest of the gathered cats. "Yes, yes, yes! I want to come too!"

In her excitement Ashpaw attempts the friendliest most awesomest "hello" she knows how to do: she aims to tackle Steeppaw and Iciclepaw in turn, taking a flying leap and bowling Steeppaw over and yelling "Hi!" before rolling off and launching herself at Icicle, keeping her momentum the whole way through. (If unsuccessful she'll tackle the ground instead.) She'll finally roll to a stop next to Willowroot, where she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with an ant.

And not just any ant!

Ashpaw gasps. This seems an appropriate time to reuse that word she learned from Buckgait. "Oh shit! Rock is coming too," she says.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "

  • here's ashpaw ... absolute child ... can't decide whether i should apologize for this

  • - 3 month old orange tabby with green eyes
    - apprenticed to lead warrior willowroot
    - happy-go-lucky, mischievous, hardworking
    - very friendly, but defensive of riverclan!
    - "speech"
  • - made friends with an ant. named it Rock
    - started her apprenticeship training