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Jun 14, 2022
There's a squirrel in his jaws, a bushy-tailed thing, clasped between fangs like a delicate prize. Wrath strides proudly into camp, his thick fur tussled by the breeze, his tufted ears standing tall as hellish eyes glow with fiery delight. The rainbow collar that wraps the former kittypet's throat shows no indication of slowing him down, no. He had trained for this, to hunt, to live free among the trees. This was his home, and he was it's hunter. With a toothy grin, the monstrous tabby makes his way to the fresh-kill pile to drop his catch, turning with a curl of his tail to survey the clearing.

"A bloody brilliant day for hunting, if I do say so myself." He comments with a purr, more-so to himself than to anyone else. "Simply delightful. Say, has anyone spotted any bees nests? I could use a bit of honey, I think. Got a bit of a sweet tooth. Cravings can be such annoying things but I would-" His words fade to quiet mumblings, something about sharing it with the kits, if one were close enough to decipher his rambles. The maine coon gives a twitch of his feathery tail, rolls his shoulders with a stretch, and falls quiet.​

"I'd tell you if I knew of any. You know I'd love to see you get stung, bear." Tugger grumbles at the brute, though his usually thorny tone is dulled by something else, some emotion that is never really seen on the ginger king's face. Could that be... affection? Brotherly sentiment? Some sort of platonic love? He is never one to openly say as much, but it was clear from their interactions that Wrath was a cat that Tugger had made his own - a brother in all ways that counted, even to a cat as obsessed with legacy as the flat-faced tom.

A smile plays on the king's maw, such a rare gesture, as Wrath continues to babble on about kittens and sharing and the like. Tugger flicks an ear in acknowledgement, waiting for his friend to shut up so he can share his news. "Guess what I saw today."
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After Wrath's ramblings die down, Big Guy informs him that he in fact has seen a bee's nest. The catch? Probably too far of a walk to satisfy his sweet tooth. "I've seen plenty of 'em. Quite a few in my barn you see. You'd have to do some leapin', some climbin', on all the vaults and poles to get to em but uh... it's possible!" Big Guy was also not the most intelligent, he could not tell the difference between wasps and bees. He was referring to a wasp nest, a insect hideaway that would bear no honey or anything sweet.

Tugger appears to be trying to inform of Wrath something off-topic. Big Guy cannot help but be curious, so an ear pivots in the flat-faced tom's direction to listen in.

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    ── ( ᴛᴀɢs. )  Yarrow had never understood the love of all things sweet. Honey, though soothing on the tongue, was thick and strange down the throat. Certainly not worth the effort it took to extract it, in her mind, which is why Wrath's comment draws her so. She supposes he has earned a moment of nonsensical craving– his catch is a grand one, enough to fill a few bellies, and this is a kindness. Not all choose to share what they catch. Fewer still do it so magnanimously as Wrath. Or, perhaps, her perspective is still unbalanced by the life she had led before this group came to be. The cats here could be perfectly kind.

    "I assume you are not sharing the location of a hive," she says to Tugger, brow arched. "And that you will not chase down the barn."

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  • ──── yarrow, eventually yarrowtongue.  cis female,  she - her pronouns.
    ──── approximately five years old,  though age unknown. ages the first.
    ──── sexuality unknown, presumed to be wholly disinterested in others.
    ──── lilac silver ticked tabby with curly fur  and deep,  muted olive eyes.
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╰☆☆ Though the silver tabby is only interested in Wrath's squirrel at first, tufted ears swivel at the mention of honey. He swipes a lustful tongue about his lips at the idea he might be close to the sweet golden syrup. So difficult to get, but so worth it. One of the few things in life Haze deems worth the effort.

He gives Big Guy a look through luminous yellow eyes. "You know where a nest is?? We have to go!" He practically leaps out of his fur, tail swishing. Yarrow seems uninterested in the prospects of the sticky treat, but everyone else appears to be game to try and extract some. Haze isn't afraid of a few bee stings; he's more worried about having to exert himself climbing some Twoleg contraption to get to the nest.

Where Tugger went, Fritter was not too far behind, similar to a lost puppy. She arrives on the scene no later than Haze after spotting Tuggers familiar coat, it was hard to miss such a striking shade of yellow. She stands besides him with slightly widened eyes, flicking her gaze back and forth as cats began to pipe up. "Qu'est-ce que c'est? 'Hive'?" she leans down to speak in to Tuggers ear, softly, feeling quite stupid that she had to ask but the word was thrown back and forth and quipped with an excited tone, so it must be good, yes?
She realizes she could use context clues and her face flushed, sheepishly scuffing the ground with her paws. "Honey is good... yes. But not worth the hurt." she speaks quietly, a twinge of embarrassment in her tone. Scarlets sidehanded comments had been getting to her and she wants to shut up forever. Her fur prickles at the thought of sounding weird and she breathes out, trying to release that thought.
☾ "speech" ☽​

Squall is late to the conversation, but not late enough to miss out on his brother's reaction over the possible collection of honey.

"I don't think I've seen you get up that fast for anything," he teases him, an amused purr following his words. Despite his teasing, the prospect of getting honey is intriguing enough to capture the silver tabby's attention as well. He doesn't remember the last time he had such a treat, and with everything going on, a treat felt needed. Something to lift everyone's spirits. He turns to Big Guy, looking at him with a slight tilt of his head.

"Where did you say this honey is?" he asks, before hearing Fritter's concerned words. Squall turns to the chocolate tabby next. "If there's plenty of honey to go around, then, I think it's worth it." he tells her with an assuring nod. If only a few of them got the honey, then there wouldn't be as many injuries. Besides, a bee-sting couldn't possibly hurt for that long, could it?
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