swift as a coursing river | smolder

As the sun began to make its ascension into the sky, Flycatcher was up and awake, and ready to begin his training with his new apprentice. The idea of mentors and apprentices was still one he felt a whole range of feelings towards, but he otherwise excited to begin and help shape Smolderpaw ready for his future as a cat of ThunderClan. The blue tabby padded over to the den the younger cats had been using for their own and called out for his apprentice. "Smolderpaw!" He called in, not realising just how loud his voice was going to echo inside. "Wake up and grab yourself something to eat. Once you're ready, join me by the edge of camp. Our training begins today!"

With an apologetic glance at an NPC apprentice he disturbed, Flycatcher turned and walked away, taking a seat at the edge of camp where he awaited Smolderpaw to eventually join him.