oneshot SWIMMING WITH SHARKS // priv




He had thought about it and Jaw had made his decision. The cats in the stars had spoken and he would follow thier wishes at least for the time being. So he walked through the swamp for the last time much to his own liking. Jaw had never liked to live out here into all of this dirt and filth. He had solely followed his father but now he was free to do as he pleased. It would take a while and he enjoyed the silent moment to himself until the land opend itself up a tiny bit and there he found them. There was no hesitation at all as he approached them from behind, his teeths showing on the side that was damaged, exposing his monsterous face. No emotions was shown upon his face when the black smoke turned to face them and he could see that pathetic light of hope shinning in this broken and anxious eyes like they actually thought he had brought them out here for an redemption between the two. Fool. It was far to late for that to ever be possible. " H-Hey Jaw, uhm, I..."

It was annoying even listening to them, how they so patheticly struggled to even speak. Jaw decided to waste no time as he cut in and interupted them. " I'm leaving with Cicada. You won't see me again." He went straight to the point, not wasting anytime neither did he care how heartless he sounded. Jaw could see the shook and horror upon his younger brothers face when he revealed this decision to them. But not even then did he show any sign of caring for thier own littermate. Unblinking he turned his back at them ready to leave again. " That's all i come out here to say." Was the final words he had to share hoping he never would get to see his brothers face ever again. If they did it would most likely be on the battlefield if thier two clans ever come into a crossfire with each other and if they did....Jaw would do his part.

" me out here...just to t-tell me that?...." It was a shame he had a good hearing otherwise he wouldn't have heared that mumble and he could have gone on with his day although there always was this choice to ignore them. Jaw did not do that however as he stopt being kind enough to even cast a glance back to them and studied thier brothers heartbroken expression. " Yes. There's nothing more for me to say. " And that was the truth. Now when he was free from his fathers chains he no longer needed to see his brothers face everyday or to speak to them ever again. This was the best ever outcome for him.

Jaw stared as the tears started to run down the smokes face showing yet again weakness in front of him. Even now when they where almost grown up he was still like this. Pathetic.


Why had things turned out like this for?. Hadn't he gone through enough already?. Like his life not already had been difficult he now lived with this suffocating regret of having killed another cat. Blood was on his paws, and he was struggling to accept what he had done to process it and live with it. Next he had come back after the battle to discover his fathers lifeless body, the tom who had given him all of this scars through his whole life. Fang was unsure if he should grieve a man like that but he did because despite everything they had done he was still thier father. The one who had raised him. While struggling with his feelings and how to move on from all of this now his brother was telling him they where leaving without him. Fang had never lived without his father or brother before and it was heart crushing to hear such devastating news. He didn't wanted them to leave, to disappear out of his life and leave him here all alone. To leave him with all of this emotions he couldn't even comprehand. He was drowning and it was so painful.

Fang had started to cry before he even knew it, tears streaming down his cheeks like the crybaby he was. It wasn't fair. Whatever he did nothing seemed to go his way. He was never good enough. He had even killed a cat just because he hadn't wanted to displease his father but he had died. That horrible thing he had done all in vain. He had taken a life for nothing absolutely nothing. Fang broke down on the ground, sobbing like he always did because that seemed to be the only thing he was good at. " don't le-leave me....please." That was the only thing he could do, cry and plead for his brother the only thing he had left to not walk out on him. Take me with you.

" Leave you?. Who was the one who left who first?." Fang froze over this ice cold words coming from his brother, his crying briefly stoping as he glanced up to stare at them with wide-eyed terror. He knew very well what he was talking about here and it made his heart sink to the bottom. Just remembering that very day paralyzed him.


Jaw started to feel more impatient the longer he stood here forced to listen to his brother while watching his tearful face. It was really making him grow sick of shame to even have a coward like this to share blood with. Once upon a time he had wanted to protect this side of his brother. There had been a time he actually had cared for them so much he had been willing to do anything for them. He had even accidently killed thier own mother just to protect them. He had become a monster for them thinking Fang one day would have done the same for him. But when the day had come his eye had finally opend itself up to see his brother for what he really was. A coward.

" You abandoned me when i needed you and look what become of me?. I'm the cat with this monsterous face everyone whisper freak about behind my back. " There was anger in his chilling voice, an emotion he often suppressed but now when this memorie had reopend itself up it was difficult not to let it up to the surface.

" J-Jaw i-i am sorry i - " Fang tried but Jaw wouldnt have it. He growled at them as a warning. No more excuses. Jaws eye was opend for the kind of cat Fang was, one who cared more to save his own skin then helping his own brother out.The one who would even let his brother die for it. He was angry because he felt he had been fooled. Jaw had always thought it would be them against the world. What a naive dream that had been. In this world it was all about to be the shark or the fish. And anybody knew a shark didnt have friends. In this world you had to be cruel.

" We are done here. " Jaw saw no point in to contunie this pointless conversation. It would lead nowhere and he needed to catch up with Cicada. Fang cried as he turned his back on them to walk away. That was how they could have parted ways with one another. Two brothers whos bond had turned sour. But no. Fang was not willing to give up that easily. He was desperate to keep the only thing he had left in his life. Fang more then anything wanted a second chance to prove he could be better.

So he chased after them, Fang running past them to block thier way. " Please Jaw!, i..i can change, i..can become better!. Please!!." Jaw was unreachable to his brothers pleads and he pushed himself past them. It was all but empty words to him, empty promises. Fang would never change and he was no longer going to be chained to them. He wanted to be free.

But Fang was persisted, he keept on following them, pulling and begging. Meanwhile Jaw tried to push himself past them. They where clinging on to him like a leech!. They hadn't been that far away from the thunderpath to begin with. So when they closed in on it Jaw was trying to push his brother of from his leg that the black smoke had cling himself tightly to. Jaw was losing his patience, it was running thin and he was about to have it.

It was then he heared it. The approaching monster out on the road coming towards them. There it was. Jaw saw a solution to his problem. He didn't even think carefully through it as he struggled himself out from the grip and then he pushed them right out on the road to claim his freedom once and for all. Jaw watched with a staring eye. Fang had fallen down on the road, and as he picked his head up would stared back at thier brother with a disbelief terror like he knew his fate had been sealed. " Bro-"


That was the sound as the monster run right over the black smoke, and Jaw stood completely still with an expressionless face. Some of Fangs blood had sourted up on his face after the speed of light had hit them from the car. But he was unfazed by it. His eye lowerd itself to the ground to take a moment to stare on his brothers lifeless body. Was it...over?. It took a long moment for him to let it all sink in. What he had just done and what this meant. But after a while of self reflecting he started to understand. There was no parting words in the end. Jaw once he was done here simply turned to walk away.

He was finally free.